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2010-4 Les Mills posters

Posted on: October 30, 2010



These have also hit the net/facebook so should be fine to post here. Very similar in style to last quarter’s .

Loving what appears to be a moustache on Chris’s face on the RPM poster??! πŸ˜‰



24 Responses to "2010-4 Les Mills posters"

I think you’ve missed the RPM poster 😦

Yeah sorry have added πŸ™‚

oops forgot to post the RPM poster (duh!) – have added

Whoa! Did you notice Rachael’s calves on the Body Combat poster?? That woman is a freakin’ Terminator!!!!

Haha that’s actually Angela Hunter – but yes she’s a machine as well!!

i think Carrie Kepple looks amazing in the Attack and Step poster… not too shabby to say that she was my RPM trainer…! go Carrie!

Carrie’s awesome!

So, when are you going to be in a poster, Glen? Where do we sign the petition? =D

Might be a while Rein… A LONG while!! πŸ™‚

I’m completely not happy with the Borat moustache 😦 hahaha

Its a good look for you Chris! Very nice!!!

Hey, Glen.
I’m kinda new here, but I’ve known Les Mills for a while, and… this time we have Sh’bam. I was wondering if it doesn’t get any poster… do u know something ’bout that? I’m curious!

Not seen any SH’BAM posters Felipe – I’m assuming they’ll have one? Will post it here as soon as I find it πŸ™‚

I think Sh’Bam 2 is still a pilot release, so the first release they might have a poster for will be Sh’Bam 3, which hasn’t been filmed yet. (my theory).

I’m Really disappointed with the slogan on the Body Jam poster, as at training it is drilled into us that Body Jam isn’t about the benefits of getting fit, its about the fun of dancing…so yeah, i think they could have chosen a more Body Jam unique slogan for the poster…

Interesting point Tim. Does anyone else think it’s a little odd the poster for BODYATTACK says “Get STRONGER faster”?? Surely if there was one programme that builds fitness quickly it’s BA!

Tres odd!

Timk and Glen, I totally agree with u both.
If it would for Gandalf to chose what to write, I think he’d put “Get SHAKY faster” (like the song… haha)
And on the BA poster, it would be much better “Get FITTER…” πŸ™‚

Is it possible to put a higher resolution of the posters on your site?
BTW, Great Site

Will see what I can do mike πŸ™‚

I really dislike the slogans, especially the word “faster,” this just feeds into people’s unrealistic expectations.

Lots o jump knees for bc46?

I wish! No unfortunately 😦

Haha, thats a very misleading cover then hahaha :P.. but looking forward to the training.. will train on the 20th!!

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