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BODYCOMBAT and fat loss

Posted on: October 29, 2010

I thought I’d pull the pics below out of the archives (from March last year) for two reasons; 1) because I’m currently trimming back down a bit for summer here and 2) as a follow up to my BODYPUMP and muscle growth post a couple weeks ago.

If you didn’t see this post back then, the two pics below were taken exactly one month apart. Basically all I did for that month was tidy up my diet (quite a lot) and a s@#t load of BODYCOMBAT (I think at the time it was 5 classes per week).

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

In that month using BODYCOMBAT alone I lost about 11lbs (5kgs) of bodyfat. I thought this was an opportune time to remind myself of these results as we’re exactly one month away from summer here in NZ! My point at the time was this and it still stands now: “Don’t let anyone ever tell ya group fitness doesn’t work my friends!”

The massive GFX event is exactly a week away (where I’ll be seeing BODYCOMBAT 46 and 47 at the same time, as well as BODYPUMP 76 and 77 and BODYATTACK 71 and 72!) – the event culminates in a huge Halloween style party where everyone is dressed up in costume – and as my costume is pretty revealing I’ll be ramping up my training and diet in this last week – I’ll be sure to post some pics of the costumes as they are sure to be hysterical. I’ll definitely be writing a whole heap about these releases – although as always I won’t be able to reveal any music or chorey from the filming classes – the posts will be more about my opinion of the releases themselves. So heaps to write about check back soon!


8 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT and fat loss"

Man! now I feel I must go to the gym and maybe become anorexic! – LOL – good job brother! you’re a role model and inspiration to all of us!

Haha thanks Alex! I’m not sure about that but I figured it’s a timely reminder since it’s starting to heat up here

Appreciate your support 🙂


I WANT ABS LIKE THAT! what are you eating? or not eating? lol

haha Ben the diet I was following is here – I’m getting similar results right now not being that strict though (still having carbs in the morning – just cutting them out at night).

Go hard brother!

The anatomy chart! It hurts my eyes!!

PS Im just jealous xx

It wasn’t built on pasta bake if that’s what you’re hoping Rach! Haha 😀

super glen. Tak trzymaj. It hold so :):)

Thanks Semman 🙂

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