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2 weeks till GFX!

Posted on: October 22, 2010

In exactly two weeks the GFX kicks off – man time flies! For those of you that didn’t see the timetable here’s my plan over the GFX weekend:

Friday November 5 2010

  • BODYCOMBAT 47 filming
  • BODYATTACK 72 filming
  • BODYBALANCE 51 release
  • BODYPUMP 76 release

Saturday November 6 2010

  • BODYPUMP 77 filming
  • SH’BAM 3 filming (I was dared to do this – thanks Rach!)
  • BODYBALANCE 52 filming
  • BODYATTACK 71 release
  • BODYCOMBAT 46 release

Sunday November 7 2010

  • Early hours collapse into some sort of exercise induced coma!

So as you can see it’s going to be a crazy few days! I’ll be sure to write as much of a report on it all as I can – just give me a couple days to be able to lift my arms again!

If you are going and we’re not friends on facebook please be sure to add me as it would be awesome to meet all you GF junkies!

I’ve listed the presenters below which were recently announced on the Les Mills website – it’s an exciting time I’ll keep you all posted, otherwise see you there! 😀


  • Lisa Osborne (Program Director)
  • John Alexander Quist (Denmark)
  • Bevan Eyles (New Zealand)
  • Brent McLemore (United States)


  • Jackie Mills (Program Director)
  • Linda Chambers (United Arab Emirates)
  • Kurt Gesteland (United States)
  • Dan McDonogh (United States)


  • Dan and Rachel Cohen (Program Directors)
  • Ben Tang (Australia/Singapore)
  • Andres Vesga (Hong Kong)


  • Gandalf Archer (Program Director)
  • Fabienne Humblot (France)
  • Kimmo Jukuri (Finland)


  • Glen Ostergaard (Program Director)
  • Susan Renata (Head Trainer)
  • Rania Boucher (United Arab Emirates)
  • Nathan Brown (United Arab Emirates)
  • Thomas Cerbonesch (France)


  • Mark Nu’u (Program Director)
  • Lisa Osborne (Research and Development Director)
  • Joella Hopkins (United States)
  • Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)
  • Lizzy Troutman (United States)
  • Olivia Ward (New Zealand)


  • Susan Trainor (Program Director)
  • Maureen Baker (New Zealand)
  • Shelley Townsend (Australia)

RPM 50

  • Glen Ostergaard (Program Director)
  • Sarah Ostergaard (Assistant Program Director)
  • Dan McDonogh (United States)
  • Meg Nuttall (Australia)
  • Chris Richardson (New Zealand)


  • Rachael Cohen (Program Director)
  • Mysti Oglesby (United States)
  • Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)

8 Responses to "2 weeks till GFX!"

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Looks like one heck of an awesome weekend 🙂

SH’BAM…. Ha ha ha strut your stuff Glen. Does look fun. Wonder how the early adoption will go down with licensing costs etc compared to other group exercises programs already out there like Zumba. My local Club here has ditched Body Jam and gone for Zumba as it’s cheaper and very popular :S

Can’t wait to read reviews and see pics…..

stay safe

First I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your updates on what’s going on in the combat and pump world, keep them coming 🙂 and about the GFX event that’s coming in a couple of weeks, are they held every year? and do you happen to know when the event is next year? or maybe it’s too early to ask, maybe they haven’t announced the date yet at les mills 🙂 i would love to attend the GFX next time it’s held.

greetings from Sweden!

Hi Glen! Thank you so much for your tips! The list of presenters looks So Cool and So Awesome!! Hope to meet you @ BC 47 filming!!

Thanks Si I’ll let you know how SH’BAM goes! (will be hysterical for me I have 2 left feet!)

Laura I don’t know yet but possibly May or Nov 2012? It was 18 months between this one and the last one – I’ll keep you posted.

Emily great see you there!!!! 😀

I am looking forward to seeing you cut some sick moves on the Sh’Bam floor………..

Most likely they will make people sick!!

See ya then!!

okey, thanks!

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