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November 2010 filming times (GFX)

Posted on: September 6, 2010

This is the BIG ONE! November 2010 sees the GFX – if you don’t know what the GFX is it’s a Group Fitness Xtravaganza where all the DVD filming classes, workshops and special training sessions are combined into one huge weekend which finishes in a MASSIVE party! The last one (in May last year) was absolutely crazy and this one is looking to be even bigger!

I’ve listed the filming times below – but all the workshop times are listed in the graphic as well if you are interested (click to enlarge). We’ve already booked our accommodation (right across the road from Les Mills – parking will be an issue I’d say and you also don’t want to be walking too far after doing 6 or 7 classes in one day that’s for sure!)

If you were to come to one event at Les Mills NZ – THIS would be it. You’ll need to contact Les Mills NZ to book in. If you are thinking of coming do let me know – and remember to make sure you turn up super early for each event. The queues last year were literally down the street an hour before the opening, and if you do come all the way to NZ to be there I’d hate for you to miss out! It’s officially less than two months away now so the countdown is on! I’ll see you there!

Friday November 5 2010

  • 8:10am BODYCOMBAT 47
  • 9:30 am BODYVIVE 18
  • 10:50am BODYATTACK 72
  • 1:30pm RPM 50

Saturday November 6 2010

  • 8:10am BODYPUMP 77
  • 9:30am BODYSTEP 83
  • 10:50am SH’BAM 3
  • 12:50pm BODYBALANCE 52
  • 1:50pm BODYJAM 56

31 Responses to "November 2010 filming times (GFX)"

I WANNA GO! i think i would DIE!

Its definitely worth a look Ben!

Hmmm, seriously thinking of jumping the ditch for this one – with a couple of aussies and a pom!! 🙂 Went to the one in 07 and it was awesome!!!!! 🙂

Helen do it! Would be so awesome to catch up with you again!

I’m doing the party and thats it – race you under the table Glen!

I bet you do the classes Rach, you won’t be able to stop yourself!

OMG after 2 days of non stop exercising i’ll have 3 drinks and pass out in someones carseat! Haha x

would love to go to a BC filming… if I had known about this 4 weeks ago I could have booked a trip to Auckland instead of Wellington for my 40th!

Nick they’re every 3 months like clockwork – you probably could’ve figured out the dates! maybe next time…

yeah – Maths was never my strongest subject… LOL
Still with ‘the big shake’ we’ve just had in Chch, my mind is elsewhere at the moment…

Oh of course. Thoughts are with you, hope you guys are all safe

yeah – we are ok… our house is still standing in one piece… our suburb was not hit that bad – we have power, phone, water… quite lucky really!

Cool – so how do you go about securing a place in RPM? As in who to contact or whether there’s a form to fill out etc?

Bryan contact Gemma; to book into RPM and she’ll give you the details

hey glen,

then how about securing a place in other progs filming (other than RPM), who is the person to contact for booking/to get the pass?


Same person, fire an email through to gemma and she’ll send you the booking details 🙂


My name is Chen and I’m from Malaysia. I will be in New Zealand during the GFX period and would love to join the event.

May I know is the GFX open to all or is it only for fitness instructors? Would non-instructors be able to attend the workshops? I am not a fitness instructor.

Thank you for your reply, Glen.

Hi Chen

Yes the GFX is open to everyone – effectively because it’s held at the Les Mills gym anyone in the gym at the time can go. Probably your best bet is to contact Les Mills NZ for a pass (email Gemma Knight otherwise you could just come to the gym on the day and buy a day pass which would give you access to everything anyway. Hope this helps!


I’m coming from the US for the November filming! Can you give me any other great advice? I just found you on FB and sent a friend request.



Hi Jen!

Great to meet you! Just get to the gym early, and carry a very small bag you can fit under a bench or you’ll have to put it in a locker (and risk losing your spot… seriously!). See you there!

Kia Ora Glen, do u know if LM has released the January/Feb dates yet? I’ll be coming home around then and wanted to try make it to a filming. Also.. who do u contact in NZ to do module training? Been really hard to find that info aye.


Will I don’t have them yet but aim for the end of Jan. To do the module training you need a sponsor gym and they need to sort it out – you can’t actually rock up and just do it unfortunately. Do you have a gym that you’re training at?

Cheers bro, yup, am based in Thailand and have my local gym sponsoring me. I was going to do the module training here or in Malaysia, but thought id kill 2 birds with one stone when I came home to visit the family. Sweet, I will keep an eye out on your blog. BTW mean blog and should let you know that your somewhat famous here in Thailand bro lol…..Pretty cool if u ask me 🙂

[…] I was overseas for the last filming at the GFX in just over a month I get to see both BODYCOMBAT 46 & BODYCOMBAT 47 at the same time! I’ll keep you posted on […]

will ‘CORE’ be release din Australia?

Kia Ora Glen!

My name is Emily and I’m a Body Combat instructor newbie in the Netherlands.
Your blog is awesome!! Thanks for keeping us all up to date!
I hope to be in Auckland on 5 November during my first trip to New Zealand and I would very much love to join Body Combat 47 filming!!! Which accommodation do you recommend to stay so that’s short walk to the Les Mills gym? And Gemma is the one to contact for the booking, right?

Thanks for your reply! Hope to meet you in Auckland!

Hi Emily! Yep contact Gemma. A lot of the filming crew stay at Oaks Apartments on Hobson St, they give Les Mills people a better rate so make sure you tell them you’rew going to the GFX. Otherwise Heritage Hotel Auckland is really close too. See ya there!

Thanks Glen! I am booked at Auckland Oaks. Looks awesome. I emailed Gemma but never heard back so I emailed Carla now too. I don’t want to be turned away. Are there going to be any upskillings or education sessions offered at the GFX?

[…] exactly two weeks the GFX kicks off – man time flies! For those of you that didn’t see the timetable here’s my plan over the GFX […]

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