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BODYPUMP 75 tracklist

Posted on: July 17, 2010

Tracklist for BODYPUMP 75 below. Have linked to the original where an LM cover has been used. For more info on BP75 see my filming post – the shoulder track is EPIC!!!!! 😀

BODYPUMP 75 Track List

1. Fever – OneZeroOne
2. Watcha Say (B-Tastic Remix) – Henry Blank
3. Shut It Down – Pitbull featuring Akon
4. Wherever You Will Go (Handz Up Edit) – Jan Wayne
5. Bad Influence – P!nk
6. Cowboy Casanova – Carrie Underwood
7. I Will Be Here – DJ Lotus
8. Ravers In The UK (Hypasonic Remix) – Manian
9. More – Usher
10. Whataya Want From Me – Adam Lambert

26 Responses to "BODYPUMP 75 tracklist"

Awesome tracks 🙂

Looking forward to both combat and pump 🙂

The person of the poster. . . Is a man or a woman?? :S

Linked to the wrong version of the squat track – corrected now 🙂

Sounds good – please please please let the covers for us here in Aus be good – especially P!nk!! C’mon 5 September……

Awesome Track number 3,, With PITBULL :DD (Is the best)
Track 4 is good.. but Just Love Track number 5,, (P!nk) xDD
and I also like de Track 8 !! (Ravers in the UK) …
I still don´t know the sex of the person in that poster but Bp 75 looks reaaallyy niiiceeee 🙂
Why dont you post Body attack 70,, Are you an instructor, no?
(Sorry if I made lenguage mistakes)

I am too scared to listen to the real versions, so I will b waiting ever so patiently for the ‘cover’ launch here!

Oh my, a Jam/Pump overlap – I didn’t think I’d see that coming! I’m listening to it right now, it’s a wicked awesome song ‘I Will Be Here’, though Tiesto is freaking awesome and I wonder how the cover will turn out like…

@Juan – I can imagine the songs from the Attack 70 tracklist would be more difficult to find on YouTube, hence why a separate post for them hasn’t been written (never mind that would be hard to do while travelling!)

Cover sounded good to me at the filming!

Just on a train back from visiting the Champagne region of France, God bless my blackberry!

Hope all is well Rains! x

Man, 75 sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to teach this one…thanks Glen!

@nzglen – That’s great! Looking forward to hearing it at workshop 😀 Am doing well, but missing you!

I Love This Mix
Mainly P!nk

Nice 1.. Looks like another pretty good release.. Cheers………

Um; is that lunge track in the release really 6.5 minutes long…ouch.

The release is really good on a whole didn’t know how the back track was going to work till it really just sped up all of a sudden; still it seemed like a long intro before the inevitable clean and press it was like 1.22 into the track before I could imagine doing a clean and press.

The bicep track sounds slow which I don’t mind; the fast singles I struggle with my torso and arms are long so I feel by the time I get to the bottom of a single most in the class are already back up top again 😛

The shoulder track sounds good; though shoulders kills me and considering this is meant to be killer I’m not sure I’ll love it 😛 Sounds very fast and intense haha always up for a challenge though.

Trackback from my post. Nice work on getting these out so early.

The music is EPIC – start to finish. I’ll admit I didn’t much like 74 – did the release the required number of times – deleted the tracks from my ipod – never to be seen again – except maybe shoulders and the lunge track IF someone I don’t like comes to class LOL. But in all seriousness this is brilliant! I can’t wait to teach this!!!!!

I was able to try BP75 out, with Glen & other awesome national trainers over the weekend. It’s an AMAZING play list & a killer workout for sure. Toughest shoulder track we’ve had in ages! Can’t wait to get my own copy & for our release week. Thanks for posting the track lists ahead of time!!

Would someone care to write a track-by-track review of the release?

We released today, its coming! 🙂

I did BP75 for the first time tonight in Australia we had our first release with cover music there was a notice before the start of track 1 advising that No original music existed in the release.

1. Warm-Up – fairly stock standard; seemed like an awful lot focused on the back yet next to none on the arms. The rest was fairly straight forward and no difference from the other releases; the cover was incredibly good though couldn’t tell the difference.

2. Squats – I had heard alot of people say it was easy but I struggled through it that could be because I heard from others who did the class last night that squats were easy I just assumed and went up. Its not too fast which is good but its a slow burn; I liked it; good track again. Cover music was the same as what was posted here by Glen very decent cover if its a cover of the clip above ^^ couldn’t tell the difference.

3. Chest – Quite a good track definately felt this one; lack of bottom halves though but liked the addition of pushups with the legs up on the step platform; though the pushups didn’t last that long. I could tell this one was a cover but it was still very good and not distracting.

4. Back – Quite an odd timing track lots of dead rows and dead lifts and the track goes on for what feels like a long time but its also very good; nothing really challenging.
Couldn’t tell it was a cover

5. Triceps – Again nothing really new here standard bar work followed by some kick-backs. The cover here was horrid a Pink song sung by a guy but it was not anywhere near as distracting as Biceps.

6. Biceps – quite a tough track singles, bottom halves, slow up and downs but the music cover is disgustingly bad can hardly understand what is being sung and it very off-putting I would’ve preferred this to be skipped and an old track be thrown in it was beyond bad.

7. Lunges – Really enjoyed the lunge track but hate the addition of squats I would have really preffered some stepping lunges or power lunges at the end of the lunges (do both legs followed by power or stepping lunges) Cover was great I don’t know the song though so?

8. Shoulders – OMG OUCH! Every thing you heard is true; ouch, ouch, ouch this was ridiculous it hurt alot LOL but good times. It combines everything plus some new moves starts with upright rows before moving into Overhead press then side raises, front raises followed by lots of singles then I can’t remember what they were called something like Peck Deck something you had to lift the weights to the side the rotate them so they point upwards then press them together like on a chest fly twice before rotating back down and then back to the start position. After all this it gets followed by pushups. Beyond tough. Cover was fine don’t know the song so had no comparisions I don’t think covers really matter all that much on dance tracks its the pop tracks that can be really distracting.

9 and 10. Abs and Stretch down were just standard nothing special here, covers were fine.

Loving this after an absence from pump due to sooooooooooooore legs… I could hardly walk. Since omitting bread, pasta, pasta and rice from my diet, the pain has gone!!

So back to pump and LOVING this mix… loving the ‘Ravers in the UK’ track (even though ours are covers)…

Yuk. Have you people never heard of a style of music called “rock”??? Its always the same old R&B/rap/club stuff – it’s a gym session, not a club night! All we need now is some flashing lights…

I don’t think this link goes through to the right remix of the lunge song.

I think track 7 is mean, its got the badest techno, and i love the bass that it gives off asweell.
i also like the usher track, Ganstarr Much hahaha

Love this release of Pump. The shoulder track is awesome.

Usher- More

This is more correct than your link NZglen 😉

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