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BODYCOMBAT 45 tracklist

Posted on: July 17, 2010

Hey team, following on from my previous post (with all the tracklists) as these have now hit the net below is the BODYCOMBAT 45 track list with links. Couple of points, for Les Mills covers I’ve linked to the original track as best I can. Also try as I have I can’t quite find the remake of Proud Mary used for track 5 – it may be specifically made for BC45 I’m not sure. It’s faster than the original and so different I’ve not bothered linking. For more info on BC45 (for now) see my filming post. Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 45 Track List

1a. No Easy Way Out (Radio Edit) – DJ Fait
1b. Are You Gonna Go My Way (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) – Kato feat. Ian Dawn
2. Back To Innocence – Stephanie Smith
3. Because The Night (Breeze & Unknown Remix) – Cascada
4. Take A Look Around – Badlands Inc
5. Proud Mary – Dr John Henry
6. Russian Roulette (Blunatix Meets B-tastic Remix Edit) – Felix DJ
7. Goin’ Out Swingin’ – Turbo
8. See The Light (Styles & Breeze Mix) – Paradise
9. I Can Transform Ya – Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
10. Black Box – Stan Walker

42 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 45 tracklist"

Because the Night – again so soon?

I know… crazy.

It is good tho!

Love that track! 😀 Thanks for posting, G!

reusing because the night? yes its a speedier mix…i suppose we’ll have to see how this flies

australian workshops have been pushed back 2 weeks. im sure you could guess why 😦

Ppca? That sucks… I get back to nz just in time for ours…

the more pertaining question is…are we getting this mix as well as the covers? i get this niggling feeling we wont 😦
on the upside australia should be getting some more covers very soon…or so LMAP says 😛

Cool, this release sounds so much better than BC 44. I like it.

I LOVE that Poster.

Was 1b in an older release? STEP KICK CROSS X 4..SHUFFLE BACK etc etc ?

Lee the ‘Are you going my way’ guitar rift was used the BC26-2 “Guitar Damage”

I am as always, EXCITED!!!

You re super G!

Repeating Tracks. . . (-.-)

Thought so…I loooove the old releases…pity we won’t ever be doing them again…at least if LM slip in some of the old tracks as covers that will be some consolation…

hmph… No,, we need NEW Stuff, new tracks, new moves.. :DD participants get bored if we don´t release something original and attractive in the class,, at least.. that´s my point of view (-.-)

“Because the Night” was track 1b (warmup) on BC38. I’d rather think that we’re gonna have a good surprise with this track on power training 1. I can’t wait for BC45 release!

It’s cool when LM brings some tracks again. Too soon this time perhaps?

As a Body Combat enthusiast, I’m sure this is going to be A BIG release. 😉

This release is pretty awesome! Because the night, again so soon? It’s alright! I love that song! This release has like 5 songs from BodyJam 53 in it! ( the latest BJ [disco]) I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

…. I don’t want repeated songs…but we’ve 2 see what’s on:)

I still don’t know why LM have to re-use songs from other LM programs…. especially seeing on all the forums people have moaned and moaned about it (yes – I’ll admit to being a bit of a ‘moaner’) and again on your blog…..
Surely the powers that be at LMI read these forums and they probably read your blog too – so they would know what people think about it?

ok that’s my moan for the day out of the way LOL!

I was just reading some recent comments, and I’ve gotta add my 2 cents. :p

It’s cool when tracks are repeated many releases apart, like “Excalibur” BC11 (Q1 2002) and again on BC42 (Q4 2009).

Two of my favorite tracks ever are on both Body Combat and RPM (also my favorite programs): “How Far We’ve Come” (BC37, RPM44) and “Kick Start My Heart” (BC43, RPM39).

Below the surface of where we live on.Do live this planets origin beings.Waiting for the right moment to regain.And there is nothing we can do about it!They will chase, rape and eat us.Not necessarily in that order.Or is there something we can do?such as participating in a martial arts based class like BODYCOMBAT.

That’s what I meant Tatiane, the really old releases. There were some fantastic hardcore tracks that suit a class like Bodycombat, some are more suited to Bodyattack…

They reuse releases to probably save money… I would do the same. Buying those songs are really expensive and LM doesn’t want to spend more and more money on it. I mean, It makes sense.

I definately love this release! It is much better than BC 44 i must say, i wasn’t a huge fan of the release that just recently came out in Canada a much better improvement.

Well our instructor ‘previewed’ a few tracks last week & will probably do the same tonight… he is taking the new release , which is on at 2pm Saturday 14th August – Can’t wait!

Track 5 might easily be one of Tina Turner’s songs.

T5 is kind of like the Tina Turner version, but it is a guy singing it…

Did the whole release today – TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
liked all the tracks except T2 and the music for T5 (don’t really like songs used in BC that are older than me!)
Was tempted along with a couple of other regulars to do the BA choreography to T8 though… but thought it worked well in BC
Loved the lowerbody warmup along with T6 & T7
that’s all I can remember… it will come back to me when the instructors play it in the next 2-3 weeks

The remix of “Because the Night” was very good!!!
Fucking good!!!

Since Hannah mentioned that they are probably reusing releases to save money, one idea could be to make a ‘best-of’ release, where they could take the highest rated tracks from 1 to 10 (i.e. from an on-line poll or something) and combine them together as an entirely new body combat release! I wouldn’t mind all the tracks in a release being my favourite! 😉

@ Mike – sounds like a good idea, but what if one of the highest rated tracks was one you didn’t like & they put that on a ‘best of’ Combat CD??

@ Nick – True true, I thought about that. I meant it however more as a marketing thing rather than actually having the expectation of all the tracks being the ones I personally wanted. Kind of when bands release a “greatest hits” cd. Doesn’t mean I would have chosen those ones as their greatest hits.

This also welcomes newcomers to try it out, since it sends the message of “come on, give us a go, this is some of our best stuff all mixed up into one release (voted by participants)”

Did the release today in Dubai! Awesome!!

Our instructor launched 45 on monday. I wasn’t blown away but I’m hoping it’ll grow on me. I loved 44 instantly so was hoping 45 would have the same effect.

This was just released in Portugal (in the gym where I go to) and I love it.
My fav track is Because the Night! \o/

45 was just released last night at my gym in Ireland. Instructors went all out and everyone was buzzing with excitement but i was really disappointed!! I loved 44 straight away and loved it more each time but found 45 really repetitive. Hoping its a grower and i’ll love it in a few weeks!? Love the abs in core & conditioning and like track 8 although its no match for You’re Shining in 44. So disappointed:(

I loveeeeeeeee this release! Only the music of number 8 muay thai, could have been better. Number 4 is my favorite! I am a body combat addict, can’t wait for release 46, i have lisn’t to the music of it and it ROCKS!!!! Especially the braveheart track!
Greetings from Amsterdam!

Really enjoy 45, was easy to follow I just don’t think it’s tough enough!!!

Body Combat 45 is the bestttttttt release eeever!
I loved it!
The songs, and the moves are wonderful!
Thats perfect!

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