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July 2010 Les Mills filming times

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Hi guys, quick post with the Les Mills Masterclass filming dates for July/August for those of you travelling. Unfortunately I’ll be in the UK combating it up with a bunch of you (actually I think by then I’ll be in Singapore… first filming I’d have missed in 2+ years!), however, I have pulled in some “guest bloggers” to give us the low-down so we won’t be entirely in the dark (phew!!). FYI as of last quarter there’s no more BODYJAM+ (there is Shabam though! [BODYJAM- perhaps??] ;)) If you’re going have a blast, and take lots of pics for me! …after the filming is finished of course!

Thursday 29th July 2010


Monday 2nd August 2010

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10 Responses to "July 2010 Les Mills filming times"

Do You have a rough idea when filming dec/jan will be? When was it last year? Thinking of visiting from Sweden. 🙂

Hi Fredrik

I don’t have those dates yet but the are usually the last Thursday of the month (for the 2010 dates see )

My guess would be Jan 27 2011 and Monday 31st but that’s just a guess.

You could possibly ask Behanz for LMI? Email – hope this helps!

Thx for the answer.
Will do!
Take Care!

Hey Glen

They will be filming Vive 17 😉

Jan dates for filming are Thurs 27th and Tues 1st Feb – Carla told me it’s a public holiday on Mon 31st Jan, so no filming that day…

See you in Singapore soon!!!

Oops thanks Paul!

Thanks for the Jan dates too 🙂

Yep see ya in a few weeks!

Is the fiming events only for instructors to participate or can other people come too? 🙂

@Ceclia – Anyone can come, though if you’re not a member of the Auckland Central gym, participants who are not LMI instructors have to pay the full casual daily fee.

Great! So what do I have to do to get a “ticket”? 🙂

Hi Cecila – read the below 🙂

If you are not a member of Les Mills Auckland, you will need to get in touch with Carla Fitzsimons to organise passes

Les Mills Auckland casual pass will cost you a small daily charge of NZD10 – this is discounted from the normal casual rate. You will receive a unique individual dated pass that will grant you access to the club. Credit card payments can be made directly to Les Mills New Zealand via Carla. Best to email Carla a day or 2 before you leave for New Zealand with the following details:
* Dates you are wishing to use the club
* Full credit card details
…so we can have a pass ready and waiting at the clubs reception.

Just wanted to add to this that the Sh’Bam filming is on the 3rd of August at 2:30pm

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