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BODYCOMBAT 44 video sizzler

Posted on: May 14, 2010

You’ve possibly seen this already but here ya go! Our workshop is this coming weekend (I know NZ is soo far behind this quarter!) so I’ll review the release soon. Enjoy 🙂

17 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 44 video sizzler"

I’ll load the others shortly too 🙂

haven’t seen it yet so thanks!!!

Looks interesting and I can hear that simultaneous moan all over nz and Australia…NOT THE SHOOT AGAIN!!!!

Awsome !!! can’t wait :))

44 is a great release ^^ did it at filex and my local workshop

the shoot…i LOVE the shoot! i think the t4 in this release shows how well it works the legs and the butt…ahhh i can feel it and all im doing is thinking about it XD

but to be honest…the shoot is the least of your worries i think 😉

the…uh…brazillian jiu jitsu will take some practise…as well as t6

cant wait to teach it 😀

Tx Glen!
@pascal, I hear ya buddy! LOL I think T6 is going to take some practice (never mind the choke hold…. O.o )

We just had our release this morning (15 May)
Thought it was a great release, but it didn’t ‘wow’ me straight away like BC43 did
Although I am not a fan of the ‘Shoot’ – I think T4 was a standout in this release, same with T6 – didn’t really like the balancing front kick / side kick hold, but it works well. T8 was a real killer… just when you think it is over, think again…. and again.. (not wanting to give too much away!)

No doubt our instructors will do it again throughout this week, so I’ll get an over all opinion once I’ve done it a few times!

Nick did you go to the instructor workshop?

I agree, 44 didn’t wow me at the filming either, hopefully it grows on us!

Nope – I’m not an instructor so I don’t think I am eligible to go to the instructor workshops?

I didn’t really like the music for T7 – thought it was all over the place with no structure (& I normally like the harder rock tracks) and didn’t like the ab track much, but I’m sure it will grow on me!

In Auckland anyone can attend the workshops, it was on today in christchurch that’s all.

I don’t get to see 44 till next weekend! Will let you know my thoughts as I’ve not done it for over 3 months

Hi Glen, I have just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts so far. I instruct down South, completed AIM 1 in Chch in April and did 44 last weekend.

I have a question for you, do you know when will the release be available to buy? I keep checking the site but they’ve only got Qtr 1, and 2,3 & 4 from last year. Getting impatient!! Is it because it hasn’t been released in other parts of the country yet?

Nick the day on Saturday was the Quarterly Release workshop. I’m not sure if you noticed but there were about eight instructors in the class with you! Before class we had to do a session on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Hairless Ninja! lol) then we joined everyone in Studio One for the release. Anyone can attend the classes, otherwise it’d be a pretty quiet class for the presenters!

Haha I thought nick mustve been at workshop haha, funny!

Corporate express haven’t updated their site yet, but you can call them and order them. I spoke to them yesterday and they said the site should be current, but its not clearly! Just give them a call on their 0800 off the site.

Thanks for your kind words too!

@ Mrs JFK – I did the class in Studio 1 with everyone else and all the instructors, but didn’t know that was the ‘workshop’- I thought the ‘workshop’ was something else that just the instructors did?? – like the session on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you mentioned…
We just call that New Release day in Chch and anyone can attend the classes… I’ve not heard of it being referred to as the ‘workshop’ before… but obviously I am wrong 🙂

I’ve done every new release since about BC30 from memory

Yep that’s the workshop, its essentially a new release for instructors, but anyone can attend. The bjj part is called the intensive. So yep, you did the workshop!

Ok Cool.. I now know what the ‘workshop’ is…. thanks! 🙂

@Nick – it’s confusing eh! They tell participants it’s “Release Day” – which it is – but to instructors it’s their workshop where they get to watch role model presenters. And steal their cues!

Glen – thanks I will try Corporate Express by phone.

Just had a taste of it today. I think I am going to LOVE some of it and hate other bits..

track 6 is gonna kill , particularly the balance part (even our instructor was having issues).

I did like track 4 though, it rocks!

Did the whole release again tonight, and it went off!!
my fav tracks are 4, 5, 6 & 8. that track 8 is the ‘never ending’ T8 (if you’ve not done it before you’ll know what I mean)
The warmup is ok, I don’t really like the music for T3, but good chorry, T2 was good – but didn’t WOW me and T7 chorry is brilliant, but the music is all over the place and it’s hard to find the beat.
I will have to practice the ‘walking aligator press ups’ – mine were more like a ‘drunken lobster crawl’! but my legs are aching as I type this (2hrs after the class) so something worked!
but all in all it’s a great release 🙂

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