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Blog hits ONE MILLION visitors!

Posted on: March 28, 2010

One million visitors!!!

One million visitors!!!

Unbelievably, last night this blog had its 1,000,000th visitor… ONE MILLIONTH?! That’s crazy!!!

Just goes to show how many fitness fanatics there are out there! Thank you so much for your support – I truly appreciate it and will do my best to keep this as updated and as cutting edge as I can. And, there’s tonnes to write about coming up too!

The filmings of BODYCOMBAT 45 and BODYPUMP 75 are barely three weeks away (dates here) so I’ll be able to post as much of the goss about those as I can (without getting into too much trouble of course – you guys know how it is now!). Plus… shortly after that we’ll have the workshops here in NZ for BODYCOMBAT 44 and BODYPUMP 74, plus all the other 2010-Q2 releases so I’ll have all those tracklists and release info on those pretty soon too πŸ™‚

Thank you so much to everyone that has added me on facebook and twitter too… if you haven’t added me on fb yetΒ please do as I’m able to post updates there a little quicker than I am here… it’s absolutely awesome that we’ve been able to build a fantastic little community of instructors and participants alike. I’ve met many of you in real life from networking on facebook and built some lifelong friendships… just amazing!! Plus, I’m travelling a lot this year, later on this year will be in Dubai, London, Paris, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and Singapore (plus many other places) and can’t wait to meet you all and even team teach some classes on my travels!

A big thank you also to everyone that’s joined the group BODYCOMBAT Fanatics… over 4,000 members and counting and another amazingly supportive network of BC junkies πŸ™‚

Last but not least a massive THANK YOU to you for reading my ramblings. When I first started this it was averaging less than 30 visitors per day… now it’s over 100 times that and increasing every week. I appreciate it, and I won’t let you down and will try to keep it as updated as I can…

In short: You. Guys. Rock!


12 Responses to "Blog hits ONE MILLION visitors!"

Make sure you let me know when you hit London Glen…I have an awesome class of Combat fanatics who would love it if you came and taught with us.

Also, my Module instructor is on the DVD for BC45. Can’t wait to see it.

Congrats on the 1,000,000 visitors – what an achievement!

Thanks Steve will do!

I’ll take as many pics as I can at BC45 too!

Arrive in London early july, will give you tonnes of notice… Can’t wait!

Well done! I check your blog as soon as I get a notification that you’ve made a new one..

I do talk about your blog in my combat and pump class… and 99% of my instructors know of you.

WOW.. congratulations!!

Just as Malaysia is ONLY launching BC43 this month, it’s hard to imagine they are filiming 45 already!! WOW..

And 43 is my instructor training release.. a bit scared!!

Superb, amazing, awesome! Keep it up Captain Glen! You’re doing a great job in steering the Black Pearl ship…I am rest assured that you will continue to beat the speed of the Flying Dutchman! πŸ™‚ Cheers!

Congrats Glen.
I used to check all the ‘other’ fitness websites, but now I focus on your blog and facebook (… ok I’m a FB addict now LOL)
Your blog tends to focus on stuff people WANT to talk about as opposed to just RANTING about your opinions… plus if I want to hear the latest ‘goss’ on the upcoming BC releases, this is the first place I head to!
Someday I hope to make it to LM Auckland for a filming.. am planning a few days holiday up there in Late June / July – you don’t happen to know when the next filmings will be?

keep up the good work!

Cheers, Nick

Congrats on the bloggity milestone! πŸ˜€

Have fun at the filming, I’ll miss you.

Thats awesome Glen, congratulations!

That just goes to show how well you write and how nice a person you are – here’s to the next million, and cant wait to catch up at filming! I might even do Combat filming – I KNOW! x

Right back atcha, Glen. πŸ˜‰

congratz from germany πŸ™‚
“less than 30 visitors per day” <– That's what i needed πŸ™‚
I started my blog in Dezember 2009 (inspired by yours) but it's growing up! Starting with an average of 10 visitors up to nearly 40 in this month!

Your work is really inspiring and I want to thank you for beeing at the front line (in NZ) πŸ™‚
Stay with the fight!

Long time lurker, first time commenter here.

Just want to say a HUGE congratulations, well done! I stumbled across your blog by accident while trying to look for a particular Body Combat track one day and from that day on, I’ve been reading your blog on a regular basis. Keep it up!

awww thanks Guys!!!

Really appreciate your support – it means the world!


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