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BODYCOMBAT 43 review

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Again, better late than never here’s my review of BODYCOMBAT 43. I normally try to get the review out soon after our release, had a lot on in the last few weeks so bit slow off the mark this quarter! I’ve now taught it 12 times in 2 weeks  at 4 different gyms so know it pretty well! All up BODYCOMBAT 43 is a fantastic release –  Let me put it this way – tonight is the first night I’m going to start mixing and the only cardio tracks I plan to mix out are 5 and 7. That’s saying A LOT! To my mind those are the weakest tracks of the release – the rest are stunning! Read on for a track by track break down and as per usual would love your thoughts!

01. Freedom (Sunset Project Mix) – Beatbreaker / Starstrukk – 3OH!3

Well what can you say about a warm up – really it’s mostly dependant on the music and length. I loved the warm up from BC42, and the 43 warm up is okay… there’s a couple of things that I like quite a lot; The push kicks on the “push it baby push it baby” to match the lyrics are a nice touch (we’ve not had push kicks in the warm up before – [okay – apparently my brain farted here!!] but it’s good they are here as they’re in track 4 and track 7 in this release so having them in the w/u gives plenty of opportunity to correctly cue them)  BUT, by the same token it would have been nice to have roundhouse set-ups on the “just set me up” lyrics to match them also – there’s 6 round houses there so maybe the first 2 could’ve been roundhouse set-ups to fit with the music (or maybe 6 round house sets then 4 round house kicks rather than 9 side kicks that immediately follow)

The upper body warm up is okay too (though I do prefer the lower body musically). Something personally that I think D&R would be wise to take on board is trying to utilise moves that are in the release within the warm up itself. The push kicks above are a great example of this; as I said they’re in 2 tracks in this release so great they are in the warm up where we use nothing but initial and follow up cues and have a tonne of time to teach them well. So following that theme the backfists in the warmup could’ve been replaced by another move as there’s no backfists in this release apart from here. Maybe the stiff jab could’ve worked??

Finally – and this is just a little thing, I really prefer warmups where the music starts softly and builds. Again 42 was a great example of this – “Numb” started with that nice calm piano melody (The One and Only from 39 and Writing on the Wall from 38 also built gradually and work perfectly in this way too). The warmup in 43 just suddenly screams in with a super high pitched “WE ALL NEED LOVE!!!” which can be a bit of a shock to the participants. As an instructor you begin by intro-ing yourself, then intro the class itself – then hit play… when the warmup just screams in at max volume as 43 does I find I have to turn the warm up down then creep it up in track 2. Didn’t have to do that in 42… again – really minor thing and personal preference but worth mentioning all the same.

So, in short; solid warm up. Not my favourite, but not too long (like BC41!) – 7 minutes is perfect in my mind, and chorey and musically it does the trick!

02. Love Drunk – Boys Like Girls

Again, solid track 2. Like the music (a lot actually!) – a fun track which structurally reminds me a lot of Beat It from 37 – the initial combo builds with 3 moves, then adds two more then adds a roundhouse exactly like Beat It, repeats on left – shuffles side to side (albeit this track has side kicks instead of double knees but I’m sure you know what I mean here!) then finishes with full combo on each side (coincidentally Beat It and Love Drunk are almost exactly the same length too). Loads of time to have fun with the lyrics – I always get the class yelling “OKAY!” and kiaing on the roundhouse in the final combos. I also use Judy’s ‘rollercoaster’ line as I think it’s really clever “heart rate goes up, down, and around with 2 hooks”. I presenting this track at the Advanced Instructor Module so will always have a fond place in my heart I’d imagine! Great track 2 and will stand the test of time in my opinion!

03. Send Me An Angel (Weaver Remix) – Slinkee Minx

Awesome track 3. Love it! One of the 3 stand out tracks of this release. Powerful music (well about as powerful as dance music can get!) and I love the contrast between speed and power – you can really launch into those power jab/crosses. Combos built perfectly – tonnes of time to cue the difference between the speed and power changes in the speedball intro – hooks perfectly fit the music when the intensity drops – first two full combos are to calmer music so you can teach them correctly before screaming into full flight on the second two sets. Final four sets you can just unleash the class… Only word for it is AWESOME!

04. Fight For Your Right (DJ Anady vs Sander Remix) – Boogie Bros

This track has REALLY grown on me along with the “shoot” (which is a good thing as without saying too much we may have to get used to this move! 😉 ) BC43 is only 53 minutes long which is probably a good thing as it gives you time to coach this move, and coach the sword combo before track 6 and still fit in a 55 minute class slot. If you teach the shoot correctly this definitely is no recovery track (I usually tell the class there’s 3 cardio peaks so they need to really slam themselves in tracks 3, 5 and 7/8 – however in this release that’s really not the case!) – ensure everyone stays low on the shoot’s ‘pull back’ and they will be gasping for air by the end of this track that’s for sure! Again, musically I didn’t like this track too much the first couple times I did it but again it’s grown on me (<– there’s that term again!) a lot!

05. Without A Fight – Mindwarp

Weakest track of the release (by a mile). I don’t know about you guys but for me, track 5 is pretty much always the ‘low point’ of the class in recent releases. I like “The Anthem” from BC42 actually, but looking back Tutti Frutti, Johnny B Goode, Ballroom Blitz, The Best Damn Thing (ick!), Don’t Ya Wanna Feel – all the weakest tracks of the release. And it’s a shame, as we do have lower intensity tracks either side of track 5 and it would be awesome if this was the power peak it could be (am I alone in my feelings here or do others agree?). Theme for this track is a lot of running – A LOT of running (I’ve joked before that I feel like I’m in a BODYATTACK class during this track!) Apart from the running we have a combo build of 4 body rips, upper – cross and that’s it! (oh, did I mention the running??! 😉 ) I’m mixing this track out today and not sure when we’ll see it back.

06. Black Pearl (Dave Darrell Radio Edit) – Scotty

Well, in post I wrote after the filming of this release I used the word E-P-I-C to describe this track… no better way to describe it. This track is FANTASTIC! Everyone loves it without exception. The music, the moves – seriously gives me goosebumps every time! Timing on the first set of double uppers took a bit to nail (okay – I admit I still sometimes bring them in early!). There have been sword moves in previous releases (the original Excalibur is the most well known example) and to be honest I hate(d) doing them. Just felt cheesy and silly – but in this track not the case at all. Love it. Highlight of the release… if you’ve not done it prepare to be blown away! Only other comment I have is that because the chorey is so simple I truly hope we don’t get sick of this track prematurely. As I said I’ve taught this release a tonne of times over the last two weeks and not sick of it yet – but with this track literally being 24 sets of the same combo (with 2 sets of 16 back kicks to break it up) I hope it doesn’t grow old too quickly…. Otherwise awesome awesome awesome!

07. Kick Start My Heart – The Snake

Well, no release is perfect and this is the other weak point in the class for me. I’m going to be writing another post about Les Mills cover tracks shortly (as from the next quarter it looks like we’re all going 100% non-PPCA licensed music which means a tonne more covers – read here for more info in the meantime) – and this track is a cover of the original Motley Crue track and- well, as covers go, it’s not the best. Which is a shame as we had the original in BC22!

Chorey is okay – the stiff jab is kinda cool and is executed properly will definitely give you a great workout… but, the music really dampens my enthusiasm for the track. The muay thai is normally my favourite track of the class and the track where my heart rate peaks (normally pushing 180+ beats per minute) but it’s quite hard to reach that level of intensity in this one I’ve found. Personally give me Hardcore Angel, Let the Beat Control your body, Party non-stop, Excalibur 2000, Ravers Paradise etc any day of the week.

08. Overload – VooDoo & Sereno

Well I mentioned earlier there are 3 stand out tracks in this release and this is the third. FANTASTIC track 8 and a climatic end to the cardio part of the class. Chorey is a bit tricky to get at first – six sets of the combo in some places – 4 in others – but not too hard to learn. The 128 jabs comes in as a surprise the first couple times you teach it and the look on the participants faces is priceless. It may be a blessing in disguise that the muay thai isn’t completely taxing as this track will certainly polish you off! Quite a long track 8 – close to 7 minutes (only 3 seconds shorter than the longest track 8 ever Cry For You) however a good 50+ seconds of it is the running around the room portion so it does feel shorter than Cry For You (not sure why the run around the room part is so long – normally it’s only around 30 seconds and I have found myself hitting the forward button a couple of times early as everyone’s ready to rip into the conditioning and the music’s still going!) Superb end to the class!

09. Do It Again – Cassie Davies

Won’t write too much about the conditioning or cooldown; Short sharp conditioning track! The tripod pressup is a great workout all around as you bring in a whole host of stabilising muscles when you lift the arm. Not too much else to say – not the hardest conditioning track in the world but a great workout all the same.

10. Sounds Of Freedom – Within Temptation

Quite a long cooldown with pretty much only 4 stretches (per side) in this entire 5 minute track. This means we’re holding each stretch for a good 30-40 seconds which is much longer than we usually hold them for. Whilst I love the idea of holding the stretches longer (I’ve often thought we don’t quite hold them long enough to get maximum benefit in either combat or pump) the music is a bit too sombre for me to really love this cooldown. I don’t think cooldowns should be uplifting (it is a cooldown after all) but this tracks a little on the dark side for me personally. Other than that the longer stretches are cool – not sure why we come from lying down in track 9, to sitting back up for 30-40 seconds only to lie down again (that time could be an additional lying gluteal stretch for example) but the cooldown works. Music is personal preference and I’m sure there’s many that love this track. Decent enough end to the workout.

Over all BC43 is an awesome release. Enough innovation to be interesting, three absolute stand out tracks and two more that are really great too. And, just a little thing but unlike some of the recent releases we don’t have any of the super long or super short tracks in this release – they all pretty much fall into a 4-6 minute timeframe which makes mixing easier (as opposed to the 2 minute or conversely 8-10 minute tracks we’ve had in other recent releases).

As always, if you have done it I’d love to hear whether you agree or disagree with my views, and if you haven’t then get really excited and prepare to be blown away! 😀

39 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 43 review"

I only got to this part: “(we’ve not had push kicks in the warm up before – but it’s good they are here as they’re in track 4 and track 7 in this release so having them in the w/u gives plenty of opportunity to correctly cue them)” before I stopped reading.

Did you do really do 41+42 warmups? They both had push kicks… :p

Really?? Man brain fart!!!

Will adjust!!

Good review (other than my first comment :D). I’m loving BC43, first launch is in a week!

Oh and T9 is one of the shortest T9s (re the track lengths)… Only 2 or 3 seconds longer than the current shortest T9. 😉

Yeah – oops! I started writing this review early this morning and possibly should have reread what I wrote! Nicely picked up 🙂

Good call on the track 9 – I usually only look at the cardio tracks lengths but you’re right this one is as short as Gonna Fly Now.

Might have to run my reviews past your first in future Andreas! You always call me on any factual inaccuracies! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve done 43 in full (apart from workshop) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE track 3!

I’ll have to learn how to wolf whistle in a week for T1b. Although, if I teach that track, I’ll have to find a way to not keel over laughing halfway through it 😛

Track 5 I can do a bit with, it crosses over into my world of gaming ^^ But I’ll have to agree with you when you say it’s not the greatest track in the world. As well as T7, which is a real shame.

Love the shoot, don’t like T4 so much. But I do hope they keep the move. So much better than lunging!

Great review of the release, as always 🙂

Agree on all counts Glen. Just as you think they cannot top the current release, they just do! Did BC43 three times over a 36 hour period and I was mashed but thoroughly enjoyed every second.
Stand out for me (and everyone I spoke to after) has to be Track 6, defo my fave track 6 ever!!! Love the shoot too, get ready for jelly legs people 😉 KIA!!! Keep it real & stay with the fight…

Great Review as always Glen…
Somehow I seem to enjoy a track more if I like the music that goes with it…. and as I am a ‘rocker’ and play in a rock covers band, I have a tendancy to favour the ‘rock’ tracks over the dance / hip hop / techno tracks. But I do have a soft spot for Scooter! LOL!
I love the music in T5, and although it might not be the greatest T5 ever, it’s still a good workout, same with the Muay Thai… I love the music, therefore I love that track… sure it’s not the most challenging of Muay Thai tracks, but you do need some energy for T8!
I probably wouldn’t like T5 or T7 if the chorry was done to the music of Kelly Clarkson, or Whitney Houston – so for me the actual music plays a big part in whether or not I will enjoy the track.
standout tracks for me in this release are T3 & T6 – funnily enough they are not ‘rock’ tracks – go figure?!?! Hahahaha…

Doing the launch today!!! Gonna take my camera and take some shots if allowed to. I’ve got my hooped earrings ready, my bandanna with a large scarf and black kohl for fake stubble and eye makeup. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Wish I had a plastic sword.

I’m NOT looking forward to the ‘shoot’ (yes I’ve had a squizzy) as my knee won’t allow it… so I’ll have to do that little squat jump instead (like in Johnny B Goode) ..any advice on what to do instead Glen?

Noticed there are fitmarc youtube vids of BC 43 up already…

Hey dude!
Here’s the trick for nailing the double uppercuts on tr6…
Just after you put the sword away, (with the wiggle) Hold up your left hand (like they do on the video)…
It uses that brief pause in the musical phrase which allows you to bring home the uppercuts on cue, every time!
Got this tip off the ol’ Dan himself. Even D&R were having trouble with it until they worked out the holding the hand up thing.
It works for me, Give it a try, & see how you go.
All that! and not a drop of Rum!

Send Me An Angel was a squat track in pump and was also a track 7 in rpm, loved it in both programs and based on this review will love it in combat as well!

@Pascal – I know I so wish I could wolf whistle for this track! Instead I end up saying “whoop whoo” which is no where near as cool! :S

@Martin – agree t6 is the standout. Truly an awesome track.

@Nick – wow, you love t5? See this is why I shouldn’t be quite so harsh when I start mixing. I’ll ALWAYS bring a track back if a member asks (of course) but there are some tracks I’ve not done once since the 2 week release period and maybe I should bring them back once in awhile in case my opinion isn’t universal. But you’re right I can’t imagine doing this track to the tune of Whitney! (though I could bust out some “always love yooooooooou!”) 😉

@Annie – enjoy the release! Love to see some pics – I love it when participants get into the theme… awesome!

@Ray – thanks for the tip! There’s a slight musical built for maybe a quarter of a second before the uppers come in and I usually catch them on time – (usually being more than not!)

@Mohamed – I’ve not done that pump track but it would be awesome. It’s a cool tune alright

Just launched today – OMG!!! Utterly knackered – instructors and participants alike! Don’t mind T5 – I used it today as a chance to get on the floor with the participants – push them to the back of the room and then race them to the front. Keeps them all up close at the front which is fun!!! I wonder how my participants will be tomorrow for the Pump launch!!!

Send me An Angel is a great squat track – looks nice on paper – but ouch!!! Early 40’s from memory……

I love this release, the only “weakness” to me is Track 7 …

I know you’re more involved with the chorey etc Glen but as a participant (who doesn’t really know any better 😉 ), I loved BC 43!! Absolutely loved Track 6 with the pirate sword swooshing (I found a sword and pirate cap in the op shop one hour before class!! Woot!) and the music was awesome!

I enjoyed it all actually…….. we did T5 and I enjoyed the run from the back to the front of the room – Tony made it into a race. We had to yell out ‘fight fight!!’ so it was enjoyable.

We were encouraged to be LOUD and yelled out in ‘Kickstart my heart’, having to do the wolf Whistles in ‘Starstruck’. So it’s very participant vocal involved and the moves are easy enough to remember, being so repetitive.

I couldn’t do the shoot because of my knee and noticed that other participants had a bit of a hard time getting used to the foot work on the way back from the lunge .. but it is a matter of getting used to it!

I didn’t find the cool down track to be ‘dark’ but more ‘atmospheric’ .. due to my knee I was limited on some of the I just improvised. Loved the longer cooldown as I noticed our cool down tracks before seem to be afterthoughts before the rush out the door…

Put the pics up on my facebook page . I need to get back on track with my weight loss – think I gained some of my loss back again.. agh.

Just took a look Annie – looks awesome! 🙂

Glad you liked the release – it is great!

@Gail – nice idea jumping onto the floor – will do that next time myself.

And… Andreas – I just checked my notes and there’s no push kicks in the warmup for 41 or 42? Maybe the do it on the DVD but it clearly states front kick in the notes (whereas in BC43 it states push kick in the notes)… maybe that’s where the confusion lies…

Great review (as always!) Have to agree with your comments about “weak” tracks, as I totally agree LOL! Standouts for me are definitely T3, T4 & T6 and I’m loving T9 because the music’s hot LOL We launch at end of March, as it coincides with our new look gym, so I’ll live vicariously thru you all for now 😉

hi Glen and ladies/gentlemen!

Awesome, awesome! Track 8, 6, 4 and 3 are excellent tracks…love the chorrey for these tracks…kinda funny that track 4s since BC36 have been consistently very good…love the “power of the rhythm”..track 4 somehow gives you the “edgy energy” the shoot honestly although initially it did not hit me until the moves blend so nicely with the beat of the music….Track 8 was superly uplifting and the moves combos are really amazing! Speechless, i must say when it comes to ????? non stop jabs.. ha ha…

yeah, i feel that the warmup is nice and cool (both the upper and lower body tracks) I love warmup tracks that start with a bit of energy and rhythm…I must say this track are in the better ranks like BC42, BC40 and BC37 warmup tracks…better than BC39 and BC38 ( ha ha, I don’t agree with Glen this time!! Bc39 and BC38 are a bit slow to me although i like them too!..can’t “feel” it until midway….).

Track 2 is a very nice music with the simplest of chorreys…love the simplicity and the cool shout…”OK!!!”…I must say I love the rocky noisy track 5..the moves are superb..especially the upper cut and big cross…feeling the power of the punch!! Way better than previous track5s..

Track 9 and 10 are just ok for me…not my favorites in terms of music and chorrey…kind of lost the “euphoric feeling” after these tracks…

Overall, BC43 is awesome, great chorreys – awesome tracks 8, 6, 4 and 3. BC42 is superly amazing….-awesome tracks 7, 6, 4, 8 and 10.

Just love the last 2 releases!
cheers guys!

Hi there Glen.. I have never left any comment before, but I have been following your blog and reviews of BC since 35..

And I must say thank you very much for this BC43 launch.. and the only reason being.. I HAVE ENROLLED for the instructor training end April in Kuala Lumpur here!! And I am so excited!!

Hence your review comes in very, very handy for me to mentally prepare for the training.. Wish me luck!

And I so awesomely love T6.. it’s like the track that I will play again and again when the time comes for me to have a permanent class of my own!!

Unleashing the warrior!! Oh hell yea babe!!


Hi! I love your reviews! We don’t launch for another 4 weeks, so I’m just learning the chorry now. So far I like it all a LOT, with the exception of 7. You and I totally agree on what great MT tracks we’ve had.

I’m liking the Warmup right now – but I had to laugh at your description of the “WE ALL NEED LOVE” blaring out….I got all visual and pictured all the participant’s eyes going super-wide!

Track 5 selections,interesting that we differ so much on these. I LOVE most of the ones you didn’t like, and add Hairspray to the list of “likes”. Some of the old ones from before like Wasabi are good, too. Tutti Fruiti – yea – I could pass on that one…but I like the music to this one, and I appreciate the simplicity and the hard work in between the running sets.

Can’t WAIT to do track 6 for the first time with the class. It is tremendous.

Thanks again for a great review!

Hi Glen,
Our instructor played T5 again last night and I really enjoyed it – mainly because I think it is a fun track and the music is cool…
he also played T8 – not one of my favourite T8’s, but a good track all the same
but like I said if T5 was done to say Boyzone or Westlife’s music then I wouldn’t enjoy the track as much. (note to Dan & Rach – please don’t use Boyzone or Westlife music in BC… LOL!)

Good on you Pluboy!!!

Hey where does one make suggestions for LM tracks. I love this song and think it would make a great ab track (it mentions ‘hit the floor’ and ‘bottoms up’ ) lol

@Annie – go to and click on the ‘suggest a song’ link on the left hand side. You do need to register on the site first….

I’ll have to wait for 2 more weeks 😦

1a: i totally agree with you. That scream-in just shocks everyone :-/
I really like 1b, cause it’s a real fun-track… have to try the wolf whistle with chorrey but it should work for me 😉

Track 3 is such a great “shoulder blaster” as marcus said on dvd… much much more than the “sweetheart” song of BC 40 which was the hardest so far 😉

Actually I like Track 5. It’s very uplifting and extremely pushes the party… I think 😉

Don’t need to say anything about Track 6, eh?

Overall it’s a fun release with every single song… there’s allways party on the floor 🙂

@Annie – it actually looks as though there’s a ‘Song Suggestions’ forum that’s been set up!

No posts yet, go on and be the first! 😀

@ Marshmallow – looks like that thread has been ‘removed’? It won’t show…

Hey Glen, good review. I agree with pretty much all of it. I have a somewhat unrelated comment to make… I noticed you have the word ‘combaters’ on your website. I see it in other places where people discuss BC as well. But there’s another, REAL word that can be used – ‘combatant!’ I wonder if people consciously avoid using it, or whether it just doesn’t occur to them…

@Dmitry – you know what – it’s a bloody good point! Just never occurred to me actually! I think just because we call ourselves pumpers, attackers, rpmers etc… but yes – combatants would make more sense!!! (though not sure I’m going to be able to break this habit so easily!) 😀

As a participant, I loved this release and after 3 weeks I still do. Track 6 & 8 are my favourite and these are where I go all out!
The shoot is a killer and will remain a killer, after 2 of them my butt is on fire so after 48! Holy crap.
Muay Thai track is a bit lame on its own but in the release it works well.
Definitely not looking forward to the instructors mixing it up coz I think the whole 43 is a ripper in its entirety.
So whats the goss on 44??

I totally agree with almost every aspect of this review.

I’m sorely disappointed with Tracks 5 & 7 – however 3 & 6 are AMAZING.

Keep up the good work bro.

@Robynne can’t spill the goss on 44 unfortunately (well I could but I’d be chased out of town by an angry Cohen! 😉 ) – did you read my filming post? That’s all I can say for now…

@Steve – thanks! Even taking into account 5 and 7 this is a great release – some brilliant tracks. Still using track 3 and 6 every class and I released a month ago!

Ok, had my quarterly on Friday afternoon and yeah, it’s a good ‘un – Phil Harrison and Ann See Yeoh took it and they were pretty good.

Am I losing the plot or has the post from the weekend about the positioning of Combat been deleted? I was going to comment about what a top bloke Hernan is but the original post is gone!

Haha not going mad, was asked very politely to remove… Apparently even though that data is online it shouldn’t be!

Hernan does rock. Rock rock rock!

Yes Glen, but was ever hopeful you’d let something slip. :p
so when do we have to wait until for 44? How about the tracklist? So what provisions are being made with the music in regards to the PPCA? Which incedently are the greediest toe rags!

I did write a post about the BC44 filmings did you read it? Unfortunately I can’t write too much for now or a frustrated programme director will start tweeting about how evil I am! (again!!) 😉

Track 6 in BC44 is interesting… it’s literally about balance. Here’s a tip – to practise slowing execute a side kick then hold your leg out for 45 seconds. You’ve pretty much got t6 nailed right there!

As for the PPCA – “greedy tow rags” sums it up nicely! Starting from next quarter (so BC45) all LM music will be completely PPCA license free. Yes this means a lot more covers unfortunately – but it also means our industry won’t be run into the ground! Australian instructors will be provided a list of tracks from the back catalogue that they can continue to play – it won’t be very large unfortunately – but of course will build over time.

I’ll right a post about all of this fairly shortly…. hope this helps in the meantime!

Thanks Glen. Yep did read your blog about the 44 filming.
I’ll practice ‘holding’ my side kicks! More burning butt & obliques, love it! gotta burn the easter eggs off plus the very extra baby weight off & just constant bingeing off. Hahaha.

I’m not really loving BC43. I’m looking forward to when our instructors start mixing it up. Although I do love track 6, most awesome track 6 ever. 🙂

This has been one of my least favourite releases in a while. Still doesn’t stop me going to as many classes as i can and giving it my all though. 😉

[…] back at my last review (43) I wrote “Let me put it this way – tonight is the first night I’m going to start mixing […]

Just read this though we’ve released this two months ago (yes, we’re quite behind in the US). I agree – generally really like this release. Hate hate hate the shoot. I’m not happy to hear that it’s coming back in the next release. Also agree about track 5 – not terrible, but not a favorite. Add to that, for some reason my instructors seem to love it – I take the class 3-4 times a week and this has been in EVERYONE’s mix solid for the last 3 weeks. I’m so over it. I almost always love the muay thai and I agree – Party non-stop is one of my all-time favs. I actually like this cool down a lot – the music appeals to me. And from a member perspective, I LOVE this warmup. One of my absolute favorites – both parts. I have downloaded “Freedom” and listen to it on my way to class to get psyched up. I can see what you are getting at from an instructor viewpoint – but I don’t have to worry about that! Which is another point, off topic. Our gym is certifying a lot of Combat instructors lately that I wish wouldn’t be teaching. Just because you love it, doesn’t mean you’re a good, motivational teacher. This is a class where I really need an instructor to motivate me – sell it and push me! I love Combat but I don’t think I’d be a great instructor – I’m too far in my own head to call cues, and frankly, I just want to enjoy it. I wish our gym would be more choosey about whom they let teach!

Rach certainly can’t get enough of Katy Perry. Gee the last Jam class I did of hers, the only entertainment she could off the class was to play “I kissed a girl” after every track, and I mean every track stop start stop start. Guess she’s developed a bit and can talk now through a whole class and not have to pretend shes a leso to get numbers.

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