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2010-1 Les Mills video sizzlers

Posted on: March 5, 2010

You guys may have seen these already on but if not here ya go… enjoy! 🙂

7 Responses to "2010-1 Les Mills video sizzlers"

The guy who promotes the pump looks like a younger Robert Carlyle!!

The cover of ‘I gotta feeling’ is a lot better than I thought it’d be… bring on PUMP 73!! Woot! (I’m booked in for the launch)

PS forgot to add – glad that there is going to be longer cool down periods because our instructors complained there wasn’t enough. hahah Dan’s a hoot in his sizzler!

Glen looks like Robert Carlyle? I guess he does a bit actually!!

Yep both I gotta feeling and Evacuate the Dancefloor are great covers… DOA not so much. 🙂


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Dan should do all the sizzlers.. he’s so funny…

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