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Trip to Sydney

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Been a bit of a jet-setter these last few weeks; this weekend just gone popped across to Sydney for UFC 110 (UFC is Ultimate Fighting for those that don’t know!) Now before you ask no I wasn’t fighting (those guys would remove my head 10 times over before I even got a single punch in!) but I was about as close as one could get – we had ringside tickets for the event. Literally sitting first row right behind the ringcard girls, was fantastic! (if you do wanna see pics from the event just take a look on facebook – add me if you haven’t already :))

However this post isn’t about the UFC (I could write an entire post on the event but that’s not really what this blog’s all about!) – I wanted to write a brief post on a BODYCOMBAT class I attended in Sydney, and had the pleasure of team teaching.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that as an instructor, possibly having me in one of your classes could be a little intimidating. No I’m not rating myself, I don’t consider myself to be anything overly special instructor wise; more so in the fact that yes I do write a blog and yes when I have attended a class that I feel for whatever reason is sub-par I do tend to write about it (I never name names – more write about any lessons I learnt personally from aspects I feel an instructor could improve on). Anyway, this was definitely NOT one of those classes…

If you ever get the chance to head over to one of Wendi & Ray’s 9:45am Saturday morning BODYCOMBAT classes at Fitness First St Leonards in Sydney – do it. I’ve trained at Fitness Firsts all over Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Surfers and Sydney) and yes, as a general rule they do have a very high standard of instructors – but Wendi & Ray’s class was in a category all its own. Electric is quite simply the only word for it! The class was jam packed with smiling faces, they were very vocal and by the end of the class every single person (us included!) had given nothing short of 100% and was a drenched sweaty mess (totally in a good way!) As a ‘foreign’ instructor you sometimes wonder how you’ll be received, but the class welcomed me with open arms, yelled, kiai’d all though every track and just went off! Pure “fitness magic”

A picture tells 1000 words so I’ll post a few below – and again if you wanna see more take a look on facebook. Wendi & Ray thanks so much for having me, was a pleasure and please tell your class how much I enjoyed it – you all rock!

Ray (left) and yours truly having a ball

Ray (left) and yours truly having a ball

Ray, myself and Wendi

Ray, myself and Wendi

Apologies for the lighting - needed a fast shutter speed to catch the kick!

Apologies for the lighting - needed a fast shutter speed to catch the kick!

The crew at Fitness First St Leonards - get along to this class if you can!

The crew at Fitness First St Leonards - get along to this class if you can!

5 Responses to "Trip to Sydney"

wow, great, awesome, Glen! You’re like a grown up harry potter like master combatter, getting invited and roller coasting through a magical class…wielding your excalibur sword or pirate’s sword??/! :)…cool pictures…yeah couldn’t agree more with you….love instructors who push you, giving their all and making the class a M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-CE..WITH KIA ALL THE WAY…they electrify the class and we become like bay-combat-watch babes all drenched..:)…great to hear that from you! hu hu!

Haha thanks Reggie! They launch BC43 this week too so no swords in that class either!

Love your work!

Love reading these updates, Glen 🙂 If I’m ever out there, will surely catch a class or three!! 😀

Definitely do! Hey but you gotta come visit me here first remember! 😛

Hey Glen!
You did good!
Lot’s of energy!
Lucky Stacey was in the class, there were a few girls who were going to kidnap you I reckon!

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