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April 2010 Les Mills filming times

Posted on: February 18, 2010

Hey guys, we only just had the last ones but thought I’d post these as the more notice the better for those travelling :);

Thursday 22nd April  2010


Monday 26th April 2010

  • RPM 48
  • BODYJAM 54

As per if you’re coming let me know and I’ll see ya there!!


9 Responses to "April 2010 Les Mills filming times"

Blah. I was planning on coming, except my boss is having twins and is due around then so having the time off won’t be possible. Waaahh 😦

I’ll put in my request for annual leave now! 😀

(well… not ‘now’… it’s like… 1am… on a Sunday…)

Yup Im there! All of them apart from Combat and Vive :0)

Hmmmm, I could write my resignation letter today and then take the last week of my notice period as annual leave and head to NZ.

Well, I can dream anyway – can’t believe it’s almost 12 months since I was in LM Auckland City.

Why? why? why?… I’m only landing the 30th at Auckland… please postpone… one week would be enough !!!

Im gonna be travelling around this time and i am an instructor. Do you have to be a master trainer to go to the filmings?

[…] filmings of BODYCOMBAT 45 and BODYPUMP 75 are barely three weeks away (dates here) so I’ll be able to post as much of the goss about those as I can (without getting into too […]

We are coming for the filming in April. Having this dream for a couple of years, so now we will make the 22 hour trip (from The Netherlands) to be there!!! Yeeehaaaa

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