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What does your iPod tell about you?

Posted on: February 17, 2010

I have my BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP playlists set up on my iPod in such a way that I can very quickly make a playlist up for a class. I’ve got all the warmups for Combat in one playlist “Combat 1” – all the track 2s as “Combat 2” etc so that before a class I can just go into the Combat 1 folder and hold down the warmup I want, then go into combat 2 for the track 2 on so on. It means I don’t have to remember which release a specific track is from as when I go to choose a muay thai track I just go to “Combat 7” and every muay thai from BODYCOMBAT 14-43 is there. I have the same for pump – makes choosing tracks very very quick!

While making my playlist for this evenings class I took note of the “Play Count” – it would seem I have some tracks I absolutely thrash – some I play fairly often, and others that I’ve not used once since the initial release period was up! Take a look at the “Combat 8” screen shot below. You can definitely tell my favourites! (Bear in mind when you look at that list that I moduled on BC37 and have taught at four different gyms – I never do the same playlist twice – also this list isn’t quite complete as one of the gyms has an inbuilt system so I don’t use an iPod at all)

The "Combat 8" playlist on my iPod touch

The "Combat 8" playlist on my iPod touch

Track 1 winner of most played was Amazed/Tick tick Boom. Track 2 United Vibe was on top. Track 3 Come With Me (BC39 version). Track 4 Zombie. Track 5 I’m ashamed to say was Hairspray (hey I get a lot of requests for it!). Track 6 was fairly even but Burn It To The Ground was just ahead. My muay thai list was even more telling. Hardcore Angel was streaks ahead, Ravers Paradise and So What! dominated that list, closely followed by Party Non Stop, We Rock, Excalibur 2000 and Let The Beat Control Your Body. And track 8 you can see above.

If you’re an instructor what would your iPod say about your most used tracks???

12 Responses to "What does your iPod tell about you?"

If I could work out how to do that on my iPod I’d tell you but I’m having a blonde day and can’t work out how to do it – however that being said it would probably say I use a hip track with a frog pose in (bb45) a little too often – hmmmm I wonder why that could be???

LMAO@Hairspray! I must confess, I’m one of the culprits always requesting it!! πŸ˜› Might have to start setting up my iPod in this manner..! Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

Hahahahaa…. when that Hairspray track came out I hated it, but it has probably been the most requested BC track ever at LM here… I quite like it now actually
I don’t have an ipod, but did have an MP3 player and that had everything from Iron Maiden, U2, Bloc Party & Scooter on it – as well as a few BC tracks that I could get from Lime wire.
Must admit I am surprised by your T8.. I’d put BC34, 35, 36, 39 & BC25 ahead of BC29… but it’s personal choice really
Both LM gyms here have a fully set up music system where the instructors just select their tracks on the computer….

I’m not sure why 29 is so high… haven’t played it for some time! Must’ve really thrashed it at one stage! I can’t stand track 8 from 35 – actually I like the song – it’s just the start of it really grates on me.

As you say it’s all personal preference too πŸ™‚

Loving the new track 8 – fantastic!

It’s impossible to say which track is the most played, cause my ipod shuffles all the music while beeing at work… and I just own the releases from BC 38-42… so I do not have that much choice 😦

But Track 8 / BC 41 is one of the most requested tracks at the moment πŸ˜‰

Ha, I reckon if I looked at my iPod the tracks I got assessed on for combat / pump / balance would be right up near the top……unfortunately that means Hairspray is up there for me too!

I do have to admit that “That’s Right” from BC35 would be right down the bottom though……..

hi Glen,

Thanks, great for sharing! Looks like you have a great track 8 list, similar to mine! I think you should consider playing BC25-BC28 more for track 8 as the music really skyrockets! For Muay Thai, only did we recently realized that you’d until BC25 should consider the 6th gate (BC22), hardcore paradise (BC23), i don’t need nobody (BC20) and even don’t stop (BC18)…the first 3s, I bet they are way better and tougher than hardcore angel (my personal favorite too, but i love those that really challenge us and put your “fire” out!!!)…for me the warm track should start off nice and with the right tempo/beat, love BC31, BC32, BC29, BC27 warmup other than BC37/BC40/BC42 warmup tracks…

For me, the not so good tracks should be “thrashed out” in the not used folder (just in case there is a request)…other than, we should play the favorite hot tracks..yes, every class should come with a different play list, my take is a similar playlist should only be played 2x per month…not can get on your “boring nerves” even they are good tracks…i’ve heard some instructors can play a similar track or playlist for 4-5 times per months…and repeat over the next month and so…that’s crazy…maybe the instructor just wants to be easy and to me, that sucks really!

You guys launched BC43 already? Saw the Overload track played 6 times in your ipod? πŸ™‚

For me, BC33 and BC32 releases are comparatively the “worst” releases ever..they have some good tracks but the moves are not so that you would say “kia” all the time……ain’t a fan except for BC32’s warmup track, dream to me and don’t stop me now…once in a while should be ok..for me..:)

Another thing (kinda excited about this)…once you grow “old and ripe” with your hot tracks…as an instructor, you should play a mix of old and new from different releases, to make the gold golden….:)..i know it’s a challenge but it’s always great to do that…some instructors have a tendency to play a whole track list of certain releases and mix it with 1 or 2 tracks of other releases..which in my personal opinion if you really want to make your class enjoyable and entertaining…may not be a good way to do it..i know it’s easier to remember a certain release of’s interesting though to do it other way…

it’s amazing how all over the world people prefer certain songs like the hairspray one and of course SO WHAT as track# 7, i live in Argentina and i’ve been to different gyms with different instructors… but SO WHAT is a song everyone loves… we would say it is “pasion de multitudes”

It’s kind of funny – you’re most played tracks are very similar to the tracks that my instructor uses. Except she likes to use “Apache Rocks the Bottom/Somebody Told Me” (which is my favourite number 1!) for our warm up, and she’s taken quite a liking to “Sweetheart” as our Speed Training (every now and then she brings out “Shooting Star” from BC30 – another great track, I think). But your other frequently used tracks are the most prominant in my mind that my instructor uses. She thrashes “Cry for You” and “What Hurts the Most” – not that I mind, because those track 8’s are AWESOME.
And for every mix, she brings out Zombie. Something about the fact that it really helps with the set up of the jump kick. Not that I mind, because Zombie is a great track too πŸ™‚

Glen, I have my BP tracks arranged the same way, but they’re labeled “muscle groups.” Same concept. When I go to make a playlist for a class, I click on “Warm Up,” and then just move on through the groups until I’m done. I do it through iTunes, though, and then sync my iPod AND iPhone as a backup. I’m paranoid.

I honestly never thought about watching my play count, but I’m usually aware of what I use more/less often. Now I’m going to have to go look!

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