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BODYSTEP 80 filming

Posted on: January 30, 2010

I don’t usually blog on step – and I didn’t do this class – but since it was the 20 year anniversary of BODYSTEP I of course had to watch (if you can imagine someone having some kind of seizure on a step then that’s how I look doing step!) I’m really sorry I don’t know the names of all the presenting team, but it included Mark Nu’u, Lisa Osborne, Sarah Robinson, Vanessa Labort and Ruthie T! You’ll see from the outfits they were very 80’s (as was the music!) A picture tells 1000 words so I’ll let them do the talking.

Next posts I’ll write about BODYPUMP 74 and BODYCOMBAT 44 – now on those classes I do have a lot to say! 🙂

BODYSTEP 80 presenting team (most of the girls anyway!)

BODYSTEP 80 presenting team (most of the girls anyway!)

BODYSTEP 80 celebration pic after class

BODYSTEP 80 celebration pic after class

5 Responses to "BODYSTEP 80 filming"

I did the Step filming, it was awesome fun! (I enjoyed having Ginny in front of me to watch, I totally suck at Step O_O) I’ve done a few other Step releases before, and this release totally captured me from the first track right through to the end.

And I *still* find it amazing that you and Stace managed to turn up wearing the Step colours! You totally matched the presenting team onstage (and yet neither of you did Step o_0)

Oh, and the other presenter’s name was Amanda from the United States ;-), don’t know her last name though

It did look like a heck of a lot of fun!!!

So funny how we matched the presenters exactly.

And my God you were kicking butt out there – you said you don’t do much step but I couldn’t tell… you were completely on form!

Agree Glen – Raina you certainly looked like you knew what you were doing – now Glen and I doing Step that would have been a sight but like you say least we would have matched.

Even though I really am not a Step fan I agree it looked fun start to finish – however I’m not quite converted to a Step fan just yet.

The presenters looked great and full of energy too (well most of them) the girls really rocked it!!

People…please help!! In 2 weeks we are releasing BodyStep 80 @ my gym and we would sooooo like to wear the same outfit they are wearing. Unfortunetly (??) i can’t seem to find it anywhere…does anyone have an idea???? I’ve tried putting together something like it, but it doesn’t have the Les Mils logo on it ofcourse….HELP!!!

Charissa (from Holland!)

I think the shorts are lulumon

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