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BODYCOMBAT 44 & BODYPUMP 74 filmings tomorrow!

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Exciting week for me as I finally managed to get cover for my BODYATTACK class so will be able to make it to Auckland for the BODYCOMBAT 44 & BODYPUMP 74 filmings tomorrow… yay! (oh, and of course the BODYBALANCE 49 filming – my partner is a BODYBALANCE instructor and keeps reminding me of that!!) One of the downsides of the new-found popularity of this blog is that my good friends at Les Mills keep a fairly close eye on it… So unlike the days of old where I used to come back from the filmings and write all about them, these days I’m far more restricted in what I can say – unfortunately I can’t write anything specific about the chorey or the music – however, I can definitely write about my opinion of the releases so check back in a day or two for more info on that πŸ™‚

Most of you will know or have heard of PJ, the super long term combater who features front and centre in every BODYCOMBAT DVD. Well, unfortunately he can’t make this round of filmings (you will be sorely missed my friend!) due to having to head out of the country. PJ’s blog is first stop for many people when they want to see pics of the latest releases – in fact he does such a fantastic job that I haven’t even bothered to take a camera to the last few filmings – instead borrowing (with permission) pics from his site. Les Mills are also very strict on camera usage – absolutely none is allowed during the filming (which is completely understandable) however often times the presenters will pose for pics afterwards. So, this round I’m gonna take a camera and will try to get some pics of the presenting team after the class. I reiterate I’ll only do that if Les Mills allow it so fingers crossed that’s all good with them!

Finally, if you’re a reader of this blog (or you’ve added me on facebook – if you haven’t please do!) then please come up and say hi tomorrow! I know Les Mills Auckland can be an intimidating place but I LOVE meeting you guys. I have tonnes of respect for the internationals that come and because of that you’ll never see me fighting for the front row – I’m always mid way back… come say hi and introduce yourself! And of course any of you are welcome to come do some of my classes anytime – just let me know!

So check back in a couple days for as much of an update as I can give, and if you are in town I’ll see ya tomorrow!! x


6 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 44 & BODYPUMP 74 filmings tomorrow!"


and im only a stretch of water away T__T
have fun. looking forward to hearing the little bits and pieces we’re allowed to hear XD

Phooey! Jealous AS!!! Enjoy and can’t wait to read feedback πŸ™‚

How can it be a BC filming without PJ?!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in shock!!!!

I really really hope to get to a filming one fine day! It’s a damn long trip from Germany to NZ but i _need_ to do that!
Holidays in NZ… wohoooooooooooo!!!

Wish u fun fun fun fun and greetings to Dan, Rach and Hernan!
PJ will be there… in your hearts πŸ™‚

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