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2010 starts with a bang!

Posted on: January 18, 2010

Hey guys!

Welcome to twenty ten! I know being mid January I’m a bit late off the mark but in reality this week officially marks the “proper” start of 2010 for me… my new group fitness timetable kicks off this week which marks my first week of my own BODYATTACK classes on the schedule, along with the usual mix of daily BODYPUMP and (of course!) BODYCOMBAT classes… I now teach at least one class every single day of the week so I best not get sick or injured! (knock wood haha) There’s a lot going on this year which I’ll be sure to keep you fully informed of. First of all next week is the filmings of BODYPUMP  74 and BODYCOMBAT 44 which I can’t wait for! I’ll be sure to tell you as much as I can about without getting into too much trouble! 😉

2009 was a fairly busy year for me instructor module wise – I completed the modules for BODYPUMP in the first half of the year and BODYATTACK in the second. While I have no plans to add to my programme repertoire this year Les Mills New Zealand is kicking off Advanced Instructor Modules and I’ll definitely head along to the BODYCOMAT and BODYPUMP AIMs to sharpen my skills. I’ll also be attending the LM Group Fitness Managers module next month too… so a lot happening! Keep checking back and I’ll try to keep this as up to date as I can.

Finally, with the filming of BODYCOMBAT 44 only next week I thought I’d leave you with a wee track to listen to below. I’m not going to say any more about it (just yet!) but have a listen and let me know your thoughts! (maybe have a read of the BODYCOMBAT 43 sizzler and use your imagination…) Once again thanks again for your support through 2009 – and a big cheers to a massive twenty ten for us all! 😀 Glen

6 Responses to "2010 starts with a bang!"

Thanks Glen for this post. And the music is awsome. 🙂

Thanks François!

Gee! I can’t believe it.

The last week I was listening “He’s a pirate” of Dj Tiesto ( in my IPod and thought, this could be a great BC track. And now I discover “The Black Pearl” track in your blog and everything sounds like this will be track 6 for BC 43. Definitely I am excited.

Excellent 2010 news!!

Yeah – I would like to see the chorry to go with the track, because by itself the music is ‘ok’….
One of our instructors said she might ‘preview’ a couple of tracks from BC43 this week, so I am looking forward to that… maybe one day I will get to Auckland for a filming of BC… I’d just like to do a class with Dan & Rach – they go all around the world showcasing Combat but they’ve not been south to Christchurch!

This year I am determined to lose the extra few kgs that won’t budge and I want to be able to increase my weights in Pump without fatiguing…

I look forward to your regular updates 🙂


2009 ended with a bang really for BC…started off great with BC39…BC40 was fantastic…and BC42…speeechless….thanks a lot to you Glen and all instructors and fans out there…Heard that BC43 is going to be massive and tougher than BC42 since it does not have a recovery track….BC44 seems to be awesome too except for the muay thai track that you and I know BEST …that MT track normally defines somewhat the whole release in a way!

anyway thanks to you Glen! Yeah same to the lady behind this man’s success! 🙂

Well my wish came true last night…. Our Monday night instructor previewed 3 tracks from BC43 – one word AWESOME!!!

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