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Posted on: December 21, 2009

Apologies for my lack of posting lately – been incredibly busy finishing up for the year, plus teaching over ten classes per week (on top of my day job) and trying to get my head around bloody BODYATTACK which we launched for the first time ever at my primary gym this week (more on that in another post). However, I’m officially on vacation now (yay!) which gives me time to write my traditional “year in BODYCOMBAT” post (I say traditional as I did write it this time last year – does doing something two years in a row actually make it a tradition?? – well it does now!)

I’d not read my 2008 in BODYCOMBAT post in some time but reading through it does make me realise what a difference a year makes. In my opinion 2009 was a vastly superior year in BC! Why do I say that? Well, for me personally the releases in 2009 (BC39-42) didn’t have one single track that I hated. I’ll be honest – there were some real stinkers in 2008 – “That’s Right” and “Jump” both from BC35 instantly spring to mind, however for me the only track from 2009 I haven’t really liked much was Speed from BC40.

So, following last year’s format, what can we say about BODYCOMBAT in 2009. Well there’s a few obvious points:

  • The return of the evasive side kick! After over a year’s absence the ESK made its comeback in BC41
  • A definite change in ginga technique (no lifting of the front foot, less rotation through the body)
  • The new move “the sweep” in BC42
  • The new “push kick” in BC41 and 42
  • Both extremely long and extremely short tracks
  • The continued use of the new move from 2008 (the esquiva) in BC40 and 42.
  • The return of the jump knee (as an option!) in BC42
  • And, as compared to 2008 a definite increase in the level of complexity

So, highlights/lowlights for me? Well, believe it or not the muay thai tracks definitely represent the absolute best and conversely possibly the least memorable parts of the last four releases. Hardcore Angel is DEFINITELY one of my favourite muay thai tracks ever, and Excalibur 2000 is up there too. On the flip side, since I started mixing (normally 2-3 weeks from release date) from BC40 and 41 I’ve not done Speed or Desolation Row once. It’s not that I hate them per se, it’s more that there’s so many more infinitely better tracks to use and I’ve not ever had a request for them since.

Definitely as far as leg conditioning tracks go Warrior’s Dance is right up there, and the peeps love it – I’m still using it every week since the release.

So overall I think 2009 has been a massively successful year for combat. It’s definitely going from strength to strength here and is as popular as ever (I’m personally running out of hours in the day and may have to look to instruct full time!)  There’s been a huge amount of tracks that will definitely be used for years and years to come. In fact I was going to list them but there’s so many it’s probably just easier to list those that possibly won’t as there’s so few of them (in fact apart from the 2 muay thai tracks I’ve mentioned the only other tracks I’ve not mixed back in are So What and It’s All Coming Back To Me Now both from BC39 – that’s an amazing success rate really!)

How about you guys? Take a look at the track list for the last 4 releases to jog your memory… what were your high points on low points combat in 2009?

12 Responses to "2009 in BODYCOMBAT"

Hey Glen,

I find that BC 41 is the best release IMO in 2009.

The new release 42 lacks of stamina in the beginning.
I was a little bit disappointed. But the end is very challenging.
The Muay Thai track is AWSOME. It should be in the best of if you’re gonna do some mixes.


Whilst I agree that the second track in BC42 is a little bit lacking I love the warm up and track 3. Track 2 and 4 in BC41 do rock though – just that warm up – crikey it’s long!

Muay thai does rock 🙂

Glen, Oh I love every bit of your post!!! It’s like me pouding away the same thing the same words the same expression!!! Ha ha! Like you say..we’re from the same great mind family! 🙂

Oh Yeah, I must admit 2009’s BC releases are way much better than 2008 and 2007, the tracks are better (less “annoying” tracks), great energy and new moves…

For 2007, great change for BC with evasive side kicks coming in, love it actually! I didn’t know how to do it but I learnt, reseached and tried it, I became quite good at it..yeah, without hurting myself…:) BC31 was the best release for me…the low lite for that year was a lot of MT tracks and others were not up to the mark…the intro tracks in BC32 and BC34 were good!

For 2008, way much better improvement, starting with Amazed…all the intro tracks and also cool down tracks were really good! yeah, except for the track 1b by Rogue Traders…kind of ‘silly and annoying’ (kelly clarkson’s song were better)…Excellent release in BC37!!
Muay Thai tracks were so much better!!

For 2009, what can we say! New moves and the music is getting better!!! Except for some “not so good tracks” in BC41 and Rogue Traders again and yeah So What in BC39 are a bit slow and boring…all are superb tracks…I think speed (the MT track in BC40) started great and the music may a bit off in the middle, but I like the repeated elbows especially if you know how to add on the “jump” elbows towards the end…it’s good but not outstanding really! 🙂
BC40, BC42, BC39 were outstanding really, BC41 has track 2, track 4 and track 8 solid tracks that right at the top of my favorite list…

Hopefully BC will continue to do better next year…I dunno whether you guys have been following FIGHT DO (Radical Fitness)….the moves and music were superbly excellent..yeah, it’s more complicated because it’s always more than 2-3 different moves put together!! The kata were so much better honestly!

Check out Fightdo at my youtube channel and you will see some amazing videos! 🙂

Cheers guys! May the force be with you!

High Points! 😀
Body Combat 39 = ‘Calling All Lovers’ (even though I know you hate the Rogue Traders!), ‘Hardcore Angel’ and I LOVE ‘Cry For You’ (possibly my second favourite track 8 after ‘What Hurts the Most’)

Body Comat 40 = ‘Sweetheart’ (LOVE IT!) and ‘Burn It To The Ground’ (one of the best track 6s ever, I reckon).

Body Combat 41 = ‘Dragostea Din Tei’ (despite it’s length,
I loved it) ‘Music is Pumpin’ (probably my favourite Track 2 ever) and Track 4 was great (yay for the ESK!)

Body Combat 42 = ‘Numb’ (I didn’t think Linkin Park would work well, but this track is close to one of my favourite upper body warm-ups), ‘Poison’ is AWESOME, ‘Warrior’s Dance’ is a great track; I love both the moves and the song and ‘Excalibur 2000′ is great as well – all those knees!!!’

Low Points! D:
Body Combat 39 = ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and ‘So What’ – I disliked both of these! The song didn’t work for track 5 and ‘So What’ was too slow.

Body Combat 40 = ‘Tutti Frutti’ and ‘Speed’ were kind of fails in my opinion (is that harsh of me to say? 😐 ).

Body Combat 41 = Track 5, 6 and 7! ‘Ballroom Blitz’ was short, I didn’t like ‘Let me Entertain You’ (very similar to ‘Shut up and Drive’) and ‘Desolation Road’ was another Muay Thai fail akin to ‘Speed’.

Body Combat 42 = ‘I Was Made for Loving You’ I don’t enjoy that much; very long and very competitive, I didn’t enjoy the ‘Sweep’ in ‘Use Me’ and ‘The Anthem’ was ridiculously short; I almost feel like saying “was there a trak 5 in BC42?”, but I don’t mind the choreography.

Another thing I disliked was the use of Kelly Clarkson twice in a row and the fact that they tried to use old songs that have been remixed for Track 5; they could only get away with it once, I feel!

And wow, what a long comment! Sorry!

*Repetitive, not competitive!

Highlights of 2008/09:

– Definitely BC42! Love every single track tho T5 is really too short.
– Fantastic cooldowns except No One (BC35)
– Esquiva
– Plyo-push + push kick combo

Downers 2008/09:
– Didn’t like BC35
– No real ‘stand-out’ T5s
– Desolation Row really didn’t feel like a MT track with all them jab-crosses

But here’s to more innovations and an awesome 2010!

I agree with almost everything you’ve said guys I really do!

Funny that we agree there’s no real stand out track 5s. For me track 5 is always a tough track to pick when mixing – I do really really like ‘The Anthem’ but yes it’s so so short! Too short…

I struggle finding track 5s I really love. There’s many I LIKE – but it’s never my favourite track of the class. Shame really!

Thanks for your comments – you all rock! 😀

The highlight for me this year got to be the whole of release 42!!! Perfect music, perfect chorey, can’t find anything to say about it! I love it! Also, the new moves: Sweep and push kick.

Low point for me got to be the lack of ESK (Jumped ESK), it is one of my favorite moves… I hope we get it back soon because I miss it!

That’s all that comes up at the moment…

what is your day-job, Glen? How can you possibly have enough energy to teach that many classes and work? You are superhuman! Amazing!

Hi Corinne, haha thanks! I’m in marketing so just a desk job thankfully!

Ha ha Glen, let me give it a try on the best BC tracks fr 2007 to 2009. I will list the top 2 only. 🙂 🙂 (you all may have other opinions on them)

Track 1: BC31 & 32; BC35 & 37; 40 & 42
Track 2: BC31 & 34; BC35 & 37; 41 & 38 (40 is also great)
Track 3: BC31 & 32; BC36 & 37 (35 is also great); BC40 & 42 (39 is also great)
Track 4: BC31 & 34; BC36, 37 & 38; BC39, 40 & 41
Track 5: BC32 & 34; BC37 & 38; BC42
Track 6: BC31 & 32; BC37 & 38; BC40 & 42
Track 7: BC31 & 34; BC36 & 37; BC39 & 42
Track 8: BC31 & 34; BC37 & 35 (38 is also great); All BCs 39 to 42!!
Track 10: All BCs 31 to 34; BC36 & 37 (38 is also great); BC40 & 42

Ha ha ho ho! 🙂

hmmmm 2009 in Body Combat… shall I chosse the steak or the chicken? LOL!

Highlights for me
BC40 most of it was simply awesome – the best warmup ever, great T2, best T3 ever, best T6 ever and a cool down song I actually like!

Other notables
BC41 T4 – awesome, T2 awesome, T5 Good fun.
BC39 T4 great, Muay Thai one of the best ever, T8 one of my fav’s.
BC42 T3 great, T4 great, Muay Thai awesome

Like you there have been no standout T5’s… I like BC42 T5, but wouldn’t put it in my top 5

Lowlights – Johhny B Goode, Tutti Fruitti – I don’t think this style / type of music is suited to combat. Same goes for Kelly Clarkson, but I’m simply just not a fan of her music…

BC40 T4 – is a weird track, it simply doesn’t flow that well and that annoying ‘clap your hands’ Tubthumping remix is dreadful!

Numa Numa in BC41 – annoying song, and what makes it worse is it’s in Body Attack too!

BC39 – Meatloaf?!?!?! that cooldown has a weird kata sequece that even our instructors didn’t really like

Over all it was a good year for Combat!

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