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BODYCOMBAT 42 review

Posted on: December 9, 2009

Well better late than never – here’s my review of BODYCOMBAT 42. Have a read and definitely let me know your thoughts!

01. Numb (RainDropz! Mix) – Jan Wayne vs RainDropz! / I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson

Well – I really like this warm up. It’s just the right length (especially compared to the warm up from BC41 which had Dragostea Din Tei played through twice – I mean that was just too much numa numa!) and I love the upper body remix of Numb. Kelly Clarkson for the lower body warm up for two releases in a row – yeah, possibly could have made a better choice here, especially as it’s the squat track in BODYPUMP 72 – for those of us that teach or do pump as well (and there’s a lot of us) have pretty much more than got the message that she does not hook up. I’ve started mixing in my classes here and I’ve not yet mixed out the warmup as I like it so much – but in pump the squat track was the first track I mixed out for that reason.

I mentioned in the filming post that curiously the only side kicks in this entire release are in the warm up. There’s not a single side kick in any other track… which is a bit of a let down for me as I love them (I’ve done many many years of Tae Kwon Do and Karate and side kicks are a staple in both). Oddly again, there’s zero back kicks in BC42. Yet there were a tonne in BC41 (even a tonne in the warmup in 41!) but there’s not one in 42. Weird huh?! There’s a couple of mindless facts for ya! 😉

02. I Was Made For Loving You – Scooter

My only comment about this track is that it’s a tad too long. I’m not sure if LM can get away with speeding tracks up in their programmes but to my mind this may be a candidate for doing so… or even better perhaps splicing some of the music out (which I’m sure is a big no no). The chorey is just a little too slow. As I said I’ve started mixing in my classes here and this was one of the two tracks I mixed out first. Other than that I like the final combo, double karate punch – backfist – roundhouse.

03. Poison (Al Storm Remix) – Groove Coverage

Great track. Again it’s a long track (in fact it’s literally the longest track 3 ever!) but the movements are fast enough to get away with it. There’s two points in the music here that I absolutely love (well actually four points – but two points each side if that makes sense). The first is directly after the second set of 8 jab-cross/4 hooks combo – the second point which literally gives me goose bumps every single time I hear it is just as the full combo kicks in… love it love it love it!

04. Use Me – Hiroshi Free

This is a Les Mills cover version (a good one too – very true to the original) so yes we have sound effects back! (brings back memories from the combat early days for some I’m sure!) No they’re not over the top – just a mild swishing noise every time we do the new move in BC42; The Sweep.

Now I’m all for innovation but I kinda feel like this move is innovation for innovation’s sake. It doesn’t challenge the body in the way the last big innovation in combat does (namely the esquiva) and it’s not a hard move to do cardio wise… so personally I’d be quite happy not to see it again. There’s another entirely new move in BC43 as well which originates from mixed martial arts in the same way the sweep does, and to be honest I kinda feel the same way about that too. But, you kinda have to feel for Dan and Rach here because they’re damned if they don’t add innovation – and in some people’s eyes they’re damned if they do.

While on the subject of the sound effect – the swish – on the one hand it’s good as it helps the class with timing but for some strange reason LM included a swish for the instructors to precue the sweep/jab/cross combo to and it’s not in the place I’d normally cue the move. I’d normally cue it a few beats before the sound effect so the move has time to land with the participants before they have to do it themselves – but the music forces me to precue it immediately before the combo. Instructors do you know what I mean here?? Just a little thing but yeah – it does bug me.

So, in terms of the track itself, yep it’s another long one and it’s okay – just not my pick of the release. Again – I’m only mixing two tracks out of BC42 in my classes at the moment and this is the other one.

05. The Anthem – Good Charlotte

Well, tracks 2, 3 and 4 were all amongst the longest respective tracks ever so guess what – to counter it this track is short. Really short! Under 3 minutes even! It’s a split room track which is something we’ve not seen in combat for a few releases and I like it. The music’s uplifting – can’t really comment too much on the chorey as there’s not much of it (hehe) but it works. I’ve written about this before and I’ll say it here again – the only issue with these super short tracks (track 5 in BC42 and BC41 are super short) and conversely the super long tracks (track 3 and track 7 in BC42 are the longest tracks ever) is that we have to be really careful when we start mixing or it’s too easy to go well over (or well under) the prescribed class length. If every track in combat was 6 minutes then we’d not have to think at all – but when some are ten (BC41 track 1) and some are 2 minutes something we have to activate the ol’ brain a little more. All good though!

06. Warrior’s Dance – The Prodigy

One word; ouch. The initial quarter turns in this track are tricky; quarter turn to your left – stepping on your right foot… or for instructors quarter turns to our right stepping on our left! But, once the class has got that nailed the key to making this track work is to make ’em go LOW. I must say the word “lower” about ten times when teaching this… and the looks I get back (pure pain!) are priceless. Don’t worry – I’m hurting too!

The track also has the lunge-front kick combo last seen in No Good from BC38, and a tonne of esquivas (Portuguese for pain! – haha just kidding). The track works – I like it a lot. This is a cardio recovery so the heart rate will drop – but that’s a good thing as you’ll need the recovery for what’s coming….

Me showing the jump knee option at our release

07. Excalibur 2000 (2000 Radio Mix) – F.C.B.

Well, 8 minutes of muay thai (okay – that’s what we’re told but to be picky it’s actually 7 minutes 42 :P) This is a solid muay thai – for me personally it’s not quite as climatic as some of the others (yes I’m talking about Hardcore Angel again – I’m sorry but I just love that track so so much!) But this would definitely make my top 10 muay thai tracks and could almost scrape into top 5 (maybe not quite but very close). Features the plyo push-push kick combo seen in Enter Sandman from BC41. I’ve noticed a few people (instructors too) having trouble picking up the push kick and for me the easiest way to explain it is to “cycle” the foot away from the chest. The track also has streetbrawler punches, ascending/descending elbows and a tonne of knees… a tonne of knees. And yes – we can show the jump knee as an option here at the end of the track (the jump knee is my all time favourite move) – however – remember it’s just an option!

08. Miracle (SAD Remix) – Cascada

Short and sweet! Shorter than most power 3s but a great song and great chorey (and trust me if you’ve not done this release you’ll be happy it’s shorter after that darn muay thai!). Love the build up into the double uppers and double hooks… and you can just blast the roof off the gym in the final right-left jab combo. Great track.

09. Fire Burning – Sean Kingston

Should be called abs burning due to the triple crunch move that features in it. Sit ups, c-crunches, the hover and of course press ups at the end. Not the hardest conditioning track ever but not the easiest either.

10. Second Chance – Shinedown

Love this cooldown. I love the song and it’s a perfect end to a fantastic release. Bit of kata (I’m not a huge fan of kata in combat as you may know if you’ve read any of my other posts) but not too much to dominate the track which is great. Possibly my favourite combat cooldown ever simply due to the song.

And that’s about it! BC42 is a great release – overall it has some great tracks and not a single track I don’t like (obviously there are a tracks I prefer over others but seriously not a single bad track). Now, let the countdown begin to BODYCOMBAT 43 which trust me has some absolutely EPIC tracks!!

22 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 42 review"

which trust me has some absolutely EPIC tracks!!

Now I wonder who assisted you with that description of the BC43 tracks 😉

Nice review of BC42! It’s certainly one of my personal faves 😀

Gee I wonder!! 😉

Yep it’s a good release…. but 43 may just be better!

“Portuguese for pain” –> That’s too funny!! 😆

Thanks again for an awesome review, Glen! I’ve done 42 for a few weeks now and definitely have my favourite tracks. The release is just freaking awesome (agree with ya, no bad track, just some I like less than others!) and cant’ wait for 43!!

We’re still on 41 😦 I think we’re moving onto 42 in a couple of weeks. Going by the review i can’t wait. I need to move to NZ me thinks 🙂

Our Instructor launched 42 last night. Absoltely awesome. I love it.

Si the difference in releases time all over the world seems to be getting shorter. It only seems like a few months ago that here in NZ we’d be a full release ahead of the rest of the world – now it’s more like a couple weeks which is great…

I think this is a far better release than BC41… BC41 was good, but this release is almost as good as BC40
our instructors seemed to mix out T2, T4 pretty quickly though…
T3 is a killer on the arms!
I also think the Muay Thai will be in my top 10 (somewhere between The Pretender, The Trooper, Hardcore Angel…)
T6 seemed a little ‘weird’ to me and other participants didn’t seem to like the ginga around the room bit – the track seemed a bit slow too.
but overall a great release!

I agree with everything you’ve said!!! I love Numb but dislike Kelly. The Pump release was immediately after the Combat release and as soon as the squats came on me and my friend looked at each other and rolled our eyes; “Bloody Kelly”. I think Speed Training is great as well; I love Alice Cooper and doubted that “Poision” would be any good as a remix, but it ended up being great; the combo is long and killes the shoulders! I love Track 6 and Track 7 as well, but it’s definitely not as good as Hardcore Angel; it’s just the best! Thanks for the great reviews, as always!

LOVE this release! 😀 Can’t wait to teach it!

Am so happy to have a Linkin Park (tho it’s remixed) track. Agree that T4 seems a bit like innovation for innovation’s sake. Feels a bit “put together” IMHO and T5 got us going, “Huh…it’s over already?”. Can’t wait to bring on the pain in T6!

Overall…love the songs. Love the release.

Again, Master Glen! Superb review although you’ve done it earlier..this was fairly done as I feel you’ve had a good grasp after doing it for fairly over 3 weeks plus!

I love track 7, this Muay Thai is really AWESOME! It ranks tops on my Muay Thai tracks, great because it has many solid moves and the music has mixed superbly with the moves…I think the final 7 jump knees (OPTION..:) ) are the greatest final ending to me and the plyo push and push kick are the BEST ever…yeah it should be in Muay Thai tracks rather than in track 4 in BC41…!!!

Track 4 to me was another great track (very different from other favorite long track 4s) but the intro was superb with the mid blocks and rising blocks…reminds of Shake That!..yeah sweeping move was good. Track 3 and 6 were another good tracks (although some of you may not like it especially track 6 but I think it’s superly creative on the part of Dan and Rach with the turns and lunge kick…it’s superb really!

Track 1 with Numb is a totally different warm up altogether…I like it and it’s one of my favorite….yeah, i agree with the rest on Kelly’s song…Nice kata ending for the cool down song and track 8 was just nice for me….track 2 is BEST when you do the karate guard and say Hey Hey!!..other than that it can be boring if you play it too frequet…:)

Overall, great amazing release, scoring 10/10 just like BC40 release and BC37 releases…..oh I miss evasive side kick….:)

Cheers guys! may the force be with you all….

Thanks guys!!! 🙂

Woohoo! We’re launching this in Jan, really looking forward to it, so this update isn’t late for us at all haha!

DUDE. HOW do you get your jump knees up that high off the ground?!

Haha I have no idea… practise???


Happy Merry Christmas and Happy Combatting!

Warning: Do not combat people when you’re drunk or mad! 🙂

Have fun (Ferocity + Unwind + Non-stop Action) with BC42!

Hu hu ho ho ha ha he he he!
Warmest rgds

We launched on Thursday to some mixed reviews. Alot of comments were along the lines of the corree is starting to get complex and the new moves although good, added another element of uncertainty. The sweep…not gonna be a favourite I don’t think.
Epic wins (IMHO) –
Track 3 – for some reason I just like this.. alot.
Track 6.. legs legs legs and more awesome legs!
Track 7 – not epic at the moment but once the corree is more ingrained in the head.. its gonna go off.

Yep Jules I agree 100% – to be honest when I did the muay thai at the filming (which was months and months and months ago) I didn’t like it at all. Just fell flat. But it’s really grown on me. My last release was this Wednesday just gone and I taught the whole release again at that gym this morning and the members preferred it now they know it better.

So yep it’ll grow on ya! 🙂

42 launched on Monday, finally 🙂 This has to be one of my fav releases yet. Not entirely convinced about the sweep but am loving the rest. Never been so demolished after a class. 😀

Hi there
We had our launch of 42 today (in UK) and I really loved this release! Some great music and really love that its a high energy release. Definitely prefer it to 41 although just don’t feel there are quite enough kicks in there for it to be one of the best releases. Was a bit dissappointed to hear Kelly C again as well (we did launch of pump also today back to back)!
Love your blog – thanks for all the effort you put in, you do a great job!!

[…] 10. Second Chance – Shinedown And for a very detailed review of the moves in each track, go here for my fav BC’s reviewer’s […]

Finally had our release in Penang, Malaysia. Had been waiting for it for months since I saw the filming and read your blog.

I know you’re not really that excited abt the ‘Sweep’ but I love it!

Last month, we had a bunch of folks (from amongst us BC fanatics at our gym) participate in a BC instructor workshop and a bunch of them passed. Most of them are shadowing now.

So, we’re lucky that we have a few ‘personal tutors’ to show us the right way to do the ‘sweep’, the ‘push kick’ (not so new), etc…

I love your blog. Yours is the first I always come sniffing around for latest BC news. Keep up the excellent work, mate!

Thanks Eleen! Love your blog too!

Sounds like you’ve got a whole team of fanatics there! Love it!

Will keep ya posted about BC44 and 43 too 🙂

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