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BODYCOMBAT 42 local release II

Posted on: December 5, 2009

Two releases down one to go! Had the second BC42 local release this week (was at a different gym). Much like the first one it absolutely went off!

T’is the season for out there themes; my first BC42 release was themed as a ‘Hawaiian Luau’ – this one ‘Christmas’ so costumes were just a little on the crazy side! If you’ve added me on facebook you may have seen these already (if you haven’t please do as I do tend to get the updates there a little quicker).

Anyway a picture tells a 1000 words so I won’t write much else – I’m still working on my BODYCOMBAT 42 review and my BODYPUMP 72 review – I apologise for the delay on those… I better hurry or we’ll be launching BC43 before I’m done! Check back soon – in the meantime here’s some pics 😀

Mel and I before the madness - the hat didn't stay on long - check out the tinsel!

Mid jump knee at the end of the muay thai

Track 5 - split room; over so quick!

6 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 42 local release II"

Awesome! 😀 (and I LOVE the tinsel on your shoes, classic :-D)

hehe I had it on my gloves too! Was a fun release!

Nice photos Glen 🙂
Red Santa Claus pants would be nice too lol

Uh oh, I’d better practice my jump knees……that’s some impressive height there!

Thanks Rob! I put the pic down to a talented camera woman!

I see your Santa hat didn’t last long LOL… I wore one to last years Christmas combat class & I think it lasted until half way through T2!

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