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BODYCOMBAT 42 local release

Posted on: November 24, 2009

Hey team, launched the latest batch of releases at my primary gym (FitCo in Tauranga) this weekend just gone – just one week after workshop! Was a fantastic day – since we’re coming in summer here in NZ we themed the whole day as a Hawaiian Luau (I know it’s a far cry from the suggested muay thai theme!) which went brilliantly – everyone got dressed up into cheesy Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and had a ball! If you’ve added me on facebook take a look there too as there’s a heap more pics and videos as well.

If you haven’t launched or done BODYCOMBAT 42 yet prepare for a big day – I actually taught the release in its entirety on my own for the first time last night and it’s a tough release alright! I was literally drenched in sweat and gasping for air after that bloody 8 minute muay thai! I know it well enough to give it a full review now so will write that in the coming days (as well as one on BODYPUMP 72). Until then here’s a few pics from the day – check out the grass skirts!

Roberto and I looking staunch before the class - check out the dolphin!

Roberto and I looking staunch before the class - check out the dolphin!

The sweep!

BODYPUMP 72 release immediately after

Lunge track (my favourite of the release!)

I highly recommend a Luau theme - everyone got dressed up!

8 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 42 local release"

BC42 sounds awesome and the Luau theme too. I can’t wait for it!!

Glen, GREAT, SUPERB!! looks super amazing-len-li-cious! keep it coming..waiting for the review!

Haha thanks Reggie. Review coming soon…

Ray – it’s a solid release definitely!

Have heard a lot about BC42, can’t wait! Just over a week til launch at my gym! 🙂 BC42 followed by BC72 straight after!! Is this doable??? Any feedback would be much appreciated…!

Yep definitely doable! I do find pump after combat harder than the other way round – but they’re a great combo. Maybe have a muesli or protein bar nearby to throw down in between

Enjoy! They’re both great releases! 🙂

yeah, I do find BP then BC harder than BC + BP
I make sure I have an energetic bar for the combo

Nice photos of the launch, Glen 🙂

[…] down one to go! Had the second BC42 local release this week (was at a different gym). Much like the first one it absolutely went […]

I am the Group Fitness Manager with Paradise Fitness Center on Guam. We just became a member of the Les Mills tribe in January and just very recently launched BodyCombat 42.

I wish I came across your website BEFORE our launch. Your idea of a luau theme sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see more pics on your Facebook profile. You’re giving me great ideas on how to launch future releases! I just read your post on Ipods and that is extremely helpful to me as well. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and experiences!

Hafa Adai from Guam!

Nette Roberto

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