NZ Glen : BodyCombat fanatic

BODYCOMBAT 42 video sizzler

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Just Rach this round – seriously how many Red Bulls had she downed before this??! 😉

9 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 42 video sizzler"

LOL, Glen, many many I guess…

Glen, thanks to you and PJ!

btw, kind of like some songs namely the track 1…(hopefully the mixes are superb with strong beats…or rhythm!!)…track 2 ( a fan of some scooter tracks..but not really this one)…track 3 (ok, hope the moves are poison enough)..heard from Rach and saw a glimpse of the new swing move….ha ha…..track 4 seems superb and i am waiting in suspense for track6, 7 and 8….did Rach say track 7 is EPIC…but Glen, you said it was NOT speedy enough??? ha ha…

Can’t wait…when are you guys doing this release? i mean the workshop and release dates?
Thanks again!

Yep. The girl’s lit up:)

Wowzer. I want what she’s had…OH!!! She’s on COMBAT! MEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Can’t wait. Honestly.

I’m never touching another Red Bull……

Never do! I honestly get lit up like that every Wednesday when it’s “Combat Day”. It’s crazy, but way fun.

Haha Rob – me either!!

Melissa – OMG I can imagine! Wednesday’s my day off so I’m the opposite 🙂

Reggie – I actually can barely remember the muay thai from 42 it was so long since the filming. Workshop is next weekend so will update then – all I can remember is that it is looooooooong!

Thanks ARIGATO!!! Glen!

I know you mentioned a bit and i did realize that the Muay Thai was going to be the longest ever…now the thing is it really as EPIC as Rach said? kinda hope so…it seems I synch better with you when it comes to the tracks and muay thai track….sometimes the bosses say it’s good but to us it’s another track to finish FAST…:)

Alright, I am sure you kinda kicking and punching to next week’s workshop…hope u share something after that! Really can’t wait!

Hey, Mr Branson, can I borrow your private jet?

Rache totally ROCKS!!!! Love love LOVE her!!!

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