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Posted on: November 3, 2009

I’m smashed. Last night was a monster. BODYATTACK 68 followed immediately by BODYCOMBAT 43 – don’t get me wrong, it was an incredible night, but, man… I’m smashed!!!

Before I kick off – you may or may not know that I’m a bit restricted in what I can write about so soon after the filming. I can’t reveal any of the choreography or music at this stage… sorry! I know you all wanna know – and I’d love to let the cat outta the bag but, lovely as my friends at Les Mills are – doing so would force them to remove a part of my anatomy and feed it back to me (and I am fairly fond of my bits!)

It kicked off with BODYATTACK 68. Now to be fair, I’m probably not the best person in the world to write about BODYATTACK. I’ve done 66 several times (okay more than several as I moduled on it) – I’ve done 67 a couple times, and now I’ve done 68 once. So that gives me a grand total of 3 releases as a reference! But, man, 68 is a blast! It was presented by Lisa and a team of four guys; Grant, Bevan, Nathan and newcomer Brent from the USA – and of course we had June on the options (though did Lisa introduce her as Judy??) Look out for the Agility Track which draws its inspiration from American Football – it’s a beast!!!


BC43 presentation team - pic courtesy of PJ (used with permission)

With BA in the bag the next came BODYCOMBAT 43. Presented by a team of six (yes SIX!); Dan, Rach, Hernan, Judy King, Oscar Peiro Fernandez and Marcus Müller. They were dressed in red and white Venum shorts and a LM top – and all looked fantastic! The theme for this release? Ying and yang. The guys actually had the ying/yang symbol shaved into the tops of their heads and coloured red! Combat is becoming more and more MMA (mixed martial arts) inspired if you ask me with both 42 and 43 having each a different new move that could easily have been pulled straight out of the UFC’s octagon.

Highlights of the release for me? Easy. Track 3 is great, track 8 is freaking fantastic, but track 6, well, in the words of Raina; it’s E-P-I-C!  Honestly I can’t say I’ve ever said a track 6 is my favourite track of a release before – but, definitely it’s the stand out track of BC43. It would be closely followed by track 8 however, this is a beast of a track with a 20 move combo that will smash you into a state of euphoria. We were situated towards the back of the class and all I could do at the end of this track was look to my mate Reymond and just smile – we had completely blown the roof off LM in that last cardio. Smashed is the only word to describe it.

Well without giving the game away there’s really not too much else I can say! Oh, the muay thai track has been used in combat before (there – that’ll get ya guessing!) – I’m really excited about 43 – honestly track 6 and track 8 alone are enough to get excited about! I’ve borrowed a pic from PJ (he’s been kind enough to give me permission before) but definitely head along to his blog to see more… and as always as soon as I get the all clear from LM I’ve give you more info (I warn you though that could be some time!) until then I hope this little teaser was enough to wet your appetite 😉

20 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 43 & BODYATTACK 68 filming"

You are so lucky to try those 2 smashing new releases.
It sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try the BA 68


I’m still smashed! And I somehow thought it was a good idea to do Balance, Combat and Jam tonight?? Oh dear…!

(and I am fairly fond of my bits!)


OH MY GOSH – sounds amazing. CANNOT WAIT!!! I love the MMA direction of Combat.

Wow wow wow….seems like you guys were enjoying every bit of the action!!! Do we have e-kick again?

Btw, how’s the intro track? Anything to give away? Is it a more fast paced track that started off with superb rhythm? Just like BC40 or BC37? BC38 to BC39 are very slow paced initially….

Another “old muay thai track” made NEW? From earlier BC1-BC20 releases I guess….:)..honestly some tracks from old BC releases are superb tracks…thanks to Nathan/Gab!

Hp to hear more..can’t wait for BC42 now!



BC42 is not even out yet in Malaysia.. to think they finished filming of BC43!!!


Oooohhhhhhhhh yeah soooo jealous! And so happy about your sneak preview. Thanks man 😉

ARGH! This gets me sooo anxious! Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

She did say Judy – I’m still confused is it June or Judy??

Thanks guys! Honestly track 6 and 8 were tracks that will definitely stand the test of time – awesome awesome awesome!

Stace – it sure sounded like Judy to me!!!

sounds cool!!!
I am loving the 8 min Muay Thai from BC42 – so unbelievably awesome!

[…] wrote this post almost 4 months ago (Ironically I’ve been able to publish a post on BODYCOMBAT 43 before I was able to post this one!) but was asked not to post it until after the first NZ workshop […]

Woot! Can’t wait for the new release!!!

[…] between the two filming days ends really. Here’s why; this is what I wrote about the BODYCOMBAT 43 filming: Highlights of the release for me? Easy. Track 3 is great, track 8 is freaking fantastic, but track […]

I’ve done most of BC43 now – we ‘officially’ release it on Feb 13, but I think this release just might top BC40 as my all time fav release… I’ve got a good feeling about this one!
T2 Really Good, T3 Great, T6 Awesome, T7 Super Awesome!

My gym will officially release BC43 tonight. Can’t wait for it! Since I met BC program in last July, I have scheduled BC classes as my must-to-do events every week. Glad to find your blog when I searched information about BC43. Just ask you as my friend in Facebook.

Body Combat 43 “left me Starstrukk” and “Overloaded” me with the “Sounds of Freedom” leaving me so “Love Drunk” i had to “Kick Start My Heart” and “Fight for My Right” to “Do It Again”.

She introduces her as “Juney” 🙂

[…] in post I wrote after the filming of this release I used the word E-P-I-C to describe this track… no better way to describe it. […]

Muito bom, a parte do shut é fantastica, a k mais gosto

To teraz coś po Polsku. Bardzo fajna strona i oby tak dalej 🙂 Super page 🙂

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