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October 2009 Les Mills filming times

Posted on: October 22, 2009

Hi guys, here’s the latest filming dates for the Q1 2010 releases (2009 Q4 were filmed in July/August). I’m going to try to make both filmings days (last few times pump and combat have been on the same day and they’re split this time – plus I have to go to attack too of course!) Bear in mind these could change (though most likely won’t). If you are planning on coming let me know and I’ll see ya there!!

Thursday 29th October 2009

  • 3:15pm BODYSTEP 79
  • 4:40pm BODYPUMP 73
  • 6:30pm BODYJAM 52
  • 8:00pm BODYBALANCE 48

Monday 2nd November 2009

  • 2:30pm RPM 46
  • 5:20pm BODYVIVE 14
  • 6:40pm BODYATTACK 68
  • 8:00pm BODYCOMBAT 43

Again if you’re really organised the next batch after this look to be on Thursday 28th January 2010 and Monday 1st February 2010 – so you’ve got a bit of time to plan that international travel! 🙂

16 Responses to "October 2009 Les Mills filming times"

I’ll be there from the U.S.! Made it to filmings last October…had so much fun, gotta do it again!

Thanks Glen, will have to start booking my annual leave. Pump and Combat on different days this time, may be a long holiday this time around.

haha yeah Errol I was thinking the same thing… bit easier for me being closer – you’ll have to make a looong weekend of it!

Cassi – you’ll be at this round? AWESOME!

Yup! We get in on the 25th so we can have a few goes at everything before filming!

Hi Glen,

Thanks for the update. We will attend the filmings of Body Pump and Body Combat. So…see you there! Look for two crazy dutchies, haha

cool…. what time will the combat filming be? am or pm??… thinking of a long weekend up in the ‘big smoke’

Awesome Kim will see you there!

Hey Nick! LM don’t usually specify the times until the week before – instructors normally get an email and they post the times up in the gym itself (as obviously the timetable gets totally changed!)

I’ll post specifics as soon as I have them – but even so you could probably just block out the whole day as the filmings almost always run over time!

Be cool to see you there bud! 🙂

Still very jealous…… grrrrr!!! 😉

Seriously though, haven’t even heard any of the more juicy bits of gossip ’bout BP72… like the track list for instance….and you are already taping 73 ooohhhhhh… woe me …..(is it working? is it working?)

thanks Glen – what i meant is are the filmings usually finished by 5-6-7pm?.. just a rough idea, so I can ckeck return flight times 🙂

Nick – depending on how late filmings run, you can have filmings ending at about 10pm

Thanks Marshmallow – unfortunately my finances will need to improve before I can make the trip to Les Mills Mecca…. 😦

Hi Glen,

You will see my instructor Yannick in the filming video of BP 73 #

François from Paris

Francois – I just attended a rehearsal of BP73 and Yannick presented; he was AWESOME! He was fantastic, he made everyone laugh because he kept singing in between tracks 😀

Sooooooooo jealous!!!

oh great, Marshmallow! That must be funny.

I will tell him when he come back to France.

HAve you filmed this rehearsal?

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