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BODYPUMP 72 tracklist

Posted on: October 19, 2009

Here ya go guys 🙂 Some of the tracks below are Les Mills covers so I’ve linked to the original (except for Beat It where the version used was closer to the Fallout Boy version) Enjoy! 😀

Warmup: If (Freemasons 2009 Re-Dub) – Freemasons Feat. Hazel Fernandes
Squats: I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson
Chest: Always Be Here – Dane Rumble
Back: Perfect Day – Cascada
Triceps: Sugar – Flo Rida Feat. Wayne
Biceps: Know Your Enemy – Ricochet TV
Lunges: Gone – Lasgo
Shoulders: Beat It – Xeroxx
Abs: Love Sex Magic – Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake
Cooldown: Careless Whisper – Badlands

40 Responses to "BODYPUMP 72 tracklist"

Wicked! Cant wait to get it!

Thanks Glen for posting this tracklist
The shoulders track with tribute to Michael J should rock!!!

Looks super this tracklist specialy the biceps, cover from Green Day??????

Yep Mario – that was awesome too!!

NO PINK!!! I’m so happy!
Looks good actually and a fine warm up song for the first time in a while – Excellent.

Thanks for posting Glen

Yes, and no Pink!!!
With the return of Cascada

We must waiting till november to do this release

Brilliant thanks Glen!!! Gonna start listening straight away. Ehm.. Careless whisper though?? Mhhh. (will put aside prejudice untill I actually hear the track but nót my favorite tune in the world 😉

oh, Great!

Thanks Glen you are The best!

😀 Greetings from Norway

Used to love all of this pre-info about new releases. But right now it just feels real scary. I’ve just started out as a bodypump-instructor and haven’t got my license yet. Have to film myself first 🙂 the scary part lies in not getting my license, not having time to film this release before the next one is here. Got any advice for me about the filming part?
Maybe I’m especially nervous since I’m not instructing anything but BP.

Gotta say, though, that this looks like a faboulus release, musically at least 🙂

We gonna start this release in mid November.
I can’t wait to try it

Thanks Glen!!, great!!!
Regards and a big hug from Chile

Do you know when is the filming video of BP 73 # in Auckland?
My instructor will be in this video.

François from Paris


Thank you for the post, can’t wait for 72 to arrive…

I’m dying of anticipation for the BA 67 tracklist… when will you post it??? Just Can’t wait…!

I’m too dying for the tracklist of BA 67 , like Kristian 🙂

Glen–YOU ROCK!!! The 70s keep getting better!! LOVE 71 and can’t wait for 72!! I love Pump–it’s changed my life and now I’m doing that for others as an instructor!! Looking forward to becoming a master trainer! One day I’ll be on that stage w/ you and Susan!! Look out baby, here I come!! Kia Kaha!!!

Hmmm… just to clarify I am not Glen O – though I freely admit he does rock! 🙂

You both do look alike a little 🙂

Hehe – never been told that before! 😀

Yeah.. I hatede the biceps track on release 71 but this will be my favorite!
For your info: the Love Sex Magic -track link has been taken away from youtube..

Greetings from cold Sweden


Love new music…Can’t wait to get 72… thanks for the prerview.

Love new music…Can’t wait to get 72… thanks for the preview.

holi!!!! estan tremendo los temas 🙂
aguante body pump

YEAH! It’s great there is no P!NK in the tracklist… 🙂

Good Lasgo Belgium music always very good (milk inc, jessy, Ian van dahl, Kate Ryan, Sylver ect) and Cascada Germany. Europe has the best trance dance music

Yes strike no PINK!!!!!!

Yeah, no Pink! That is so good…
Will she be back for 73 #?

how long till Robbie Williams – Bodies is on a release…

All we’ve ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it
God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection…

I’m annoyed not one instructor at my gym has given 72 a play and I go 3-4 times a week; there is only 6 classes a week. GRR! I like mixing it up with older tracks and newer tracks but I’d like to do release 72 all the way through just once.

Very interesting track listing. BP70 was excellent en I had to get used to BP71 before experiencing it as great. Some surprising choices now on BP72: agian Flo Rida, twice in a row! Lasgo is typical lunges, can imagine the choreography in a sec. Don’t know the Badlands version of Careless Whisper (there is no apparance of it on YouTube, only George Micheal’s). Biceps and shoulders are very promising. Here in the Netherlands we start performing this set only in January. Can’t wait!

Loved it! Went to class today and experienced Euphoria!!!

Wow, it’s coming to Vietnam, great!

I love how LM uses NZ tracks like Dane Rumble’s ‘Always Be Here’. LM is also a good way to promote NZ music and talent to the world! My BP instructor in Perth loves this song!

Was Kelly Clarkson offering a discount with “I dont hook up” ?? Both in the latest combat and pump. Ugh… (the pump track is a killer)

Does anyone know the track list for BP 73 i think. It has a phenomenal warm up song, and i really want to know what its called

Hi Alex, the song is called Release Me by Agnes

only the warm up is 😦 the rest of BP 72 is great……specially chest and lunges 🙂

Definitely a tough one. I must say, though, I absolutely despise the Ricochet remake of Know Your Enemy. It kills my ears.

AWWEESSSUUMM RELEASE! the music is amazing!.. moves r gr8 too very effective it seems

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