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Posted on: October 12, 2009

Hey team, just got back from a HUGE weekend in Auckland… arrived Friday morning and went straight to Les Mills Auckland for Dan & Rach’s combat class and was lucky to catch a trial of BODYCOMBAT 43! Yes, from start to finish in all its glory. So you may ask, what was it like?

Well let me start by saying that this was just a BC43 trial – the actual filming isn’t until next month so things could definitely change; Plus, it’s really really hard to gauge a release on just one class. We all know that our opinion of a release changes after we’ve done it 3 or 4 times so bear that in mind as well. However, in saying that I really liked what I saw. I obviously can’t give the game away (or LM will cut parts of my anatomy off and feed them back to me!) but I will say this; The release was tough! There’s no real recovery to speak of – although Dan referred to track 6 as a recovery in my mind it’s not! Unusually track 6 was the stand out track for me (I can’t say I’ve ever said that about a release before) – I absolutely LOVED it!

Also, I’ll be honest, I’ve not really fallen in love with a muay thai track since BC39. The track 7s in BC40-42 in my opinion weren’t quite up to “speed” (haha excuse the pun) – perhaps because the ones immediately before like Hardcore Angel, Party Non Stop and Raver’s Paradise set the bar so high. But, the muay thai in BC43 rocked. So definitely look forward to that! There’s a new MMA inspired move in track 4 that’s sure to get people talking too! I’ll be sure to write some more after the filming to wet your appetite for what’s to come so tune in in a few weeks for that 🙂

Catching D&R’s class was a bonus as the actual reason for my being in Auckland was for the BODYATTACK instructor training module. I certified in combat forever ago, and in BODYPUMP last month – so the next challenge was Attack. Unlike the combat and pump modules (which are 3 day) the attack module was only two – but my God – it’s Monday morning as I write this and man do I hurt! The Attack module is massively focused on fitness (I guess because you have to be really fit to teach the programme – there’s just no way around it) so the Attack challenge was a killer and we also had a fitness test (beep test). I’ve never done one of those before and had absolutely no idea what to expect (maybe in hindsight that was a good thing??) however, BODYCOMBAT peeps can hold your head high as they only cardio I do at the moment is combat and I won the fitness test! To my mind that’s a testament to the effectiveness of the LM group fitness programmes – sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more but it seems combat does keep you super fit! And, even though I’ve attended two other modules I really did learn a heap from this one, Georgina Clark was the trainer and she did a fantastic job of breaking it all down – even for an attack virgin like myself. The move from BODYCOMBAT tech to BODYATTACK tech will take some getting used to but practise makes perfect!

So yes I’m now cleared to start teaching BODYATTACK, yay! Look out world!

Now that Attack’s under my belt a lot of my friends on facebook have asked me what’s next? Well I think that could be my lot for a wee while yet… if you want to know why that is just ask anyone who’s ever seen me attempt BODYSTEP or even more hysterically BODYJAM! Not good!!! 😉


9 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 43 trial"

Welcome back Glen! Congrats to you on Attack! Seems like you’re on top of the word now…yeah, pop a champagne for us again….:)

Looks like BC43 is gonna be superb! I really hope the muay thai is gonna rocket through the sky!! What about track 1? I find more so recently the track 1 (intro track) has been very slow paced (slower than BC34-BC37)…can be a little off gas to me…I still love BC31 and BC32 tracks..they’re really energizing..

Hope that track 2 stays the same as BC40 and BC41…a real transformation from previous tracks 2 which are a bit boring…

I understand you can’t reveal much…why not talk about BC42 a bit next…..heard earlier from you that it is way much better than BC41…can’t wait…

Do you need a masseur now? ha ha..ask got to buy her favorite stuffs before you ask for one..she’s been there for you throughout…we too! 🙂

See ya!

Thanks Reggie!! Thought you’d like this little teaser! 🙂

I’m a big fan of the track 2 in 41 as well, and 40 was good too (taught that one tonight actually!)

To be honest I don’t recall too much about the warm up, all flew by too quick. Track 2 didn’t stand out too much either but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. I’ll be going to the filming in a few weeks and I’ll let you know more then.

Thanks again my friend!

Hey, congrats on passing attack……

Oooh yes, Track2 in BC41 is da bom!! Did BC39 today and man did that ROCK!! Congrats on your attack module – haven’t done attack in forever!! So on yer mate!! 😛

Nice one glen!…
super fit ‘n beyond eh!
You may just have the fittest group of people town after you get them hooked on combat, pump and now attack!!!

Thanks guys!! Appreciate your kind words!

HUGE CONGRATS. Attack does not mess around. Kicks my butt every single time.
So excited to see the sizzlers up for the next round. Can’t wait to see the videos!!!! They always make me laugh:)

Hey I just stumbled across your site…i LOVE Body Combat and cannot wait for release 43!! I teach Combat, Pump, Jam and Step here in England, might see you in Aukland one day at filming


WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from the south central quarterly in Arlington Texas and Body Combat 43 was amazing!!! The Pirates of the Caribbean remix track was my favorite. Anyone know where and how i could get the music?

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