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Doesn’t matter how fit you are… doing something new hurts!!

Posted on: September 23, 2009

Hey guys, here’s another repost from about a year ago which I thought I’d out out of the archives in case you missed it the first time. Reading through it this morning I found myself nodding away – it’s still so true! I recently launched Pump for the first time ever at a gym here locally – and I made sure to tell everyone on their first few classes to stay VERY light for this exact reason. Despite my warnings I still had a lady tell me yesterday she couldn’t even sit on the toilet for 2 days after her first class! Well, at least I could reassure her it does get easier…. well, kinda! Interested in your thoughts! Post follows:

I consider myself pretty fit. I exercise every single day, at least one combat class per day, as well as 2 or 3 weight workouts per week – and it’s only about once every two or three weeks I’ll actually take a day off. My heart rate monitor has a function that tests your fitness level (assigning you an OwnIndex – a measurement that predicts your maximal oxygen uptake [VO2max]) and mine was in the “elite” range so yes all this combat is keeping me pretty fit.

However, the weekend just gone was a long weekend here in NZ (Labour Day) and I went away for a bit of a break, and as a result I couldn’t get to any classes for two days. No biggie, I figured I’d keep my fitness up by doing some running. So I went on two runs on Sunday totalling about 12k (7k on a treadmill in the morning and a 5k bush run in the afternoon), and one yesterday which was about 7k or 8k. Only thing is today I got up for my 6am combat class and could barely walk! I actually had to apologise to the class beforehand for my lackluster technique as my quads are so sore I could/can barely kick at all!

Funnily enough once the class started and I got a bit of blood pumping through them they weren’t so bad. The exact same thing happened to me when I first started BODYPUMP. I was so sore after my first Pump class that I was hobbling around afterwards for over a week!

But, it did get me thinking about maybe adding a bit of variety into my exercise regime. Right now the only variety I have is doing different releases in each combat class 🙂

I’m definitely going to keep up the running now I’ve started, especially now we’re coming into summer here, running outside is a definite option… besides, I want my body to get used to it so I don’t have to go through all this pain again! The moral of the story seems to be that no matter how fit you are, starting a different form of exercise hurts! Anyone else experience something similar or I am the only one who goes through this?


5 Responses to "Doesn’t matter how fit you are… doing something new hurts!!"

Heyo Glen!

Ha ha ho ho! I am not really laughing at your honesty in sharing this but I am actually laughing at myself too for going through the same “ordeal”…thanks for putting this up…!

I actually tried to give my all in all my BC classes (my instructor here actually always played different tracks in all his 4 classes per week with some solid old (Nathaniel and Gabriel’s time) tracks and some during the early BC20s releases) and always had my whole shirt drenched walking with a few ounces left in the tank…)… I used to try RPM first before going for BC…oh…it took a few tracks before my dragging and heavy legs started to “obey” or dance to the BC rhythm!!!…I think it’s easier to try RPM after BC..of which I did…it’s easier for the body to adjust..that’s how my body push…:)

I always feel sore in my legs, hips ….the following day…so, what I did was to do some massages at night after BC classes….just like you have physiotherapy for an athlete after a run…

Well, I believe everybody has their “body screaming out loud” story…and this time..Glen…I bet it’s hard to keep the body screaming SHUT UP (your motto ha ha)..but to listen it more…and work through different regime…I guess…yes…some therapy may help as your body starts to AGE….:)

cheers, love this story of yours!

Haha, I can totally relate. I’m used to exercising six days a week and taking 1-3 classes a day, but on Monday I tried TRX for the first time… Had a BodyStep class fifteen minutes later and could barely lift my leg, so imagine what I was going through the morning after! I’m still unbelievably sore in places I never knew existed.

You’re a legend Reggie I love your comments and your enthusiasm!

OMG Sofia I’ve been hearing heaps about TRX – it sounds totally kick ass!

tee hee! Tell me about it 😉 we went hiking in the hills in Luxemburg a while ago (remember NL is dead flat, not a hill in sight) and boy after the first day my calves hurt so bad I couldn’t believe it! And then I had another 5 days to go! Wooooohhhhh…..

Yeah – sometimes when I have the energy and feel stupid enough I do a double class at Les Mills. Last night my wife went out with a friend and said she would pick me up at the gym 8pm.
I did my usual 5:30pm combat class, then decided I had over an hour to kill, so I stayed for 6:30pm Pump… OUCH.
I was dripping in sweat (which for me is completely normal after a hard BC class) and during the BP warmup, my top literally stuck to my body like it was glued on! LOL!
I managed to get through the BP class ok and even did a couple of push-ups on my toes!
But my legs / quads are sore now… and tonight is my ‘normal’ BP class at 6:45pm!

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