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BODYCOMBAT 41 local release III

Posted on: September 14, 2009

Thought I’d post some pics from the latest BODYCOMBAT 41 local release; this one was quite possibly the craziest! This time we stayed faithful to the theme of BC41 “Backyard Brawl“; Denim shorts, ripped tops, black paint all over our bodies and spray painted hair! Was insane! Certainly doing a release in denim is an “experience” haha. Anyway, pictures say 1000 words so I’ll let them do the talking – I’m sure you can tell how entertaining the release was! 😀

The calm before the storm... Mel & Me

The calm before the storm... Mel & Me



Evasive side kick

Evasive side kick


Front kick

Front kick

vs the push kick

vs the push kick

The team!

The team!

6 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 41 local release III"

hi Glen,

GREAT poise, pose and you name it, you get it!

Look AWE-SOME….HEY can you come over to Penang, Malaysia to do a backyard brawl…GRRRR….GAR….Ah…Doooo!!!

I bet you BLAZED THE STAGE with fire instead of glory…:)

Superb! Love the pics! Where are the final jump kicks!?

Thanks Reggie! Jump kicks in BC41? I guess the knee kick in track 4 is kinda a mini jump kick 🙂

There are actually a tonne more pics from this release on facebook – including a few of the mini jump kick.

Appreciate your kind words!! 🙂

YUP Glen, that’s it!! The final jump knee kick…emmm…when doing the jump knee kick for BC41 muay thai tracks…find a lot of things seemed to be missing…it’s the track as we have already figured it out earlier…:)

Love the jump e-kicks too! I think I was the weirdo guy doing the jump e-kicks in my class…nobody else did…:)


Hi Glen, you body looks great than before.
Gambaté (Keep On)!!!

Ah I understand now! Haha – yeah no pics of those maybe next time 🙂

Thanks Nixon! You too!!

This has got to be way up there in crappy releases. What with the ball room blitz! So far all time favourite at our gym is Combat 37! Great music, great beat, great choreography – the stuff in 41 has moves that are definately not combat moves, more like fairy dust.

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