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The misheard “Numa numa” lyrics

Posted on: September 8, 2009

I posted this to facebook but if you didn’t see it there take a look – it’s the “misheard” lyrics to Dragostea Din Tei. We can all have an absolute ball with these! I’ve got another BC41 release tomorrow – can’t wait to do my “run from slutty date” impression! Have a look & see what I mean 😀

14 Responses to "The misheard “Numa numa” lyrics"

The only thing I can say to this is HAHAHHAHA!!!

Haha I know it’s so so so funny!

I posted it to facebook earlier and have had 18 comments on there already. It’s the funniest thing ever!

Oh Jeez Glen how am I ever going to keep a straight face when I hear this song coming up (not that I manage a straight face in combat anyway but it would help if I don’t double over from laughing the whole track) I’m wiping tears of my face here… ragu sledding indeed. (now how to do a ragu sledding impression.. mhh there’s a challenge!)

I know Sara it’s so funny the guy that created that vid is a genius!

What the heck is a ragu anyway??? Don’t think we have that down here!

HAHAHAHA, I have Romanian friends, so I got the ‘right’ interpretation first, but I did have some notions of my own. This certainly tops it..

But here’s what it really means!


just a little off topic here but what the hey. Ragu is a sort of meaty sauce you can eat on bread or with pasta or something. You asked!

Oh lord will I be able to keep a straight face when this comes on …..probably not ……

Love it! For your entertainment here is another from BC33:


Ragu is spaghetti sauce.

OMG!!!! it’s damn funny!!! LOL….

“Ragu sledding yay” is my favorite part:) NICE.

LOL…. I never really pay attention to the lyrics of a track – especially when they are in a foreign language like Numa Numa is. I’m not too fussed on that track to be honest.

On another note, our instructor played Avril Lavigne ‘Best Damn Thing’ last night – and there has been some controversy over those lyrics, so I actually listened to them for the first time (my technique probably suffered as a result), and I didn’t find them offensive or anything…

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