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I’m thinking I may have to send Glen Ostergaard a bill for a new wardrobe on my part.

I’ve been teaching BODYPUMP a grand total of one week now, but in preparation I attended several classes before mine, and of course the filming of BODYPUMP 72 last week (write up coming I promise!!) Now the last few days I’ve noticed my clothes have been tighter around my chest, arms and shoulders but never thought too much about it. I actually said to my better half on the weekend that I thought one of my favourite UFC t-shirts must’ve shrunk in the wash as it was pulled really tight across my chest… secretly I was blaming her for doing something different to our clothes!

Well turns out it’s been me who’s been doing something different. A lot more BODYPUMP! Yes, newsflash – maybe my old routine of doing Pump just once per week really wasn’t sufficient. This was definitely solidified in my mind when I put a shirt on for work this morning and I can’t actually flex my bicep it’s now so tight around my arms; this was compounded when one of my colleagues who was in my Pump class last week told me how much bigger I’m looking.

The reality was recently I’ve been doing so much combat (this week will be ten classes as an example) that the amount of Pump classes I’ve been doing has dropped off. But great thing about teaching Pump twice a week is that it will force me to do Pump at least twice a week! (I know the workout isn’t about me – but lets face it instructing or not you’re still lifting weights!) And it would seem that simple change of going from one Pump a week to two is making a big change to my physique….

So Mr Ostergaard if you could just send through your forwarding address for my new clothing bill that would be fantastic πŸ˜‰


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