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If you happen to be in town…

Posted on: August 24, 2009

Hey guys!

Don’t normally promote stuff like this but think this could be the one exception; This Saturday (August 29) a new gym in town is launching Les Mills Group Fitness for the first time ever! So if you happen to be near Tauranga (quick drive down from Auckland) or feel like a road trip come party with us! The gym (FitCo) has spent hundreds of thousands building a brand new state of the art group fitness studio, complete with sprung floor and party lights! It’s awesome!

All the details of the launch are available here – there’s even dozens of cans of protein powder as spot prizes and guest presenter Olly Fata will be there rarking it up. Check out the facebook link for more info. The gym is starting with combat, pump, balance and RPM and will be adding more classes and programmes in the coming weeks. Would love to see you there!

If by chance you can’t make it I’ve posted the latest timetable below – all the classes in the first week are free… so, you’ve really got no excuses, right?! Okay, okay, if an actual flight would be required to get here then yes you’re forgiven… just this once! 😉

FitCo Tauranga Group Fitness Timetable

FitCo Tauranga Group Fitness Timetable

6 Responses to "If you happen to be in town…"

Have a blast, Glen! 😀

Tempting but afraid I can’t make it 😉 Have fun!!!

(oh pssst… husband and me are tentatively planning a trip to NZ/ Aus in 2011, though still a long time away I am soooooo hyped! Will try to let it “accidentaly” coincide with filmings if at all possible yeeeeehaaa)

Thanks guys!!! Sara would be great to see you – even if it is in 2011! I’ll keep you posted with future filming dates anyway 🙂

wow Glen,

Game for it! You’re there as the BC instructor and also BP’s.

You’re the hero…..

The BC parties there in Auckland and you’re being there….makes me thinking of visiting you and BC fans there…some day…

May the force be with you, Glen!

Ah…..dooo……..(sound of Bruce Lee)


Thanks Reggie. Look forward to meeting you one day when you’re in town! 😀

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