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One year on…

Posted on: August 10, 2009

Well this month officially marks one year since I started this blog. My how time flies! I was reading through a few of the posts I’d written way back at the start and a couple of them definitely brought a smile to my face. Some of them I’d completely forgotten I’d written, and others I can’t actually believe I even wrote! Back then the blog literally had maybe one or two dozen people reading it per day (as opposed to up to 5,000 people per day now!) So I though it could be fun to pull a couple out of the archives and repost them now for a bit of a laugh. The one below’s a good example; although I still believe what I’ve written I’d possibly phase it in a more politically correct way now! πŸ™‚

Just while I have you here in NZ we’ve got the quarterly workshop for BODYCOMBAT 41 & BODYPUMP 71 this weekend (oh and BODYATTACK 66 – I’m actually really looking forward to that too) so I’ll be able to post my full review on those shortly for those of you that haven’t done them. As well as that we’ll be releasing those at all the local gyms here too so I’ll post loads of pics from that. And of course I’ve all the goss on BODYCOMBAT 42 and BODYPUMP 72 to write about too as soon as I get the all clear from LM – so look out for that. In the meantime here’s my post from August last year, be interested in your thoughts! πŸ˜€

Overtraining??? … Schmovatraining!

Every now and then someone accuses me of “overtraining” – in fact it happened again just yesterday… and to be honest the subject can get me a little riled up. Sure I exercise quite a bit – okay, maybe more than quite a bit! In the last 6 weeks I’ve only had one day off from the gym BUT before you jump on the overtraining bandwagon *sigh* let me say that the VAST majority of my training is cardio. In fact, I’m only doing weights 3-4 times per week (and that includes BODYPUMP classes).

Back in my bodybuilding days I used to have a favourite saying:

“Obsession is a word the weak use to describe the dedicated

It used to be my mantra – and made me smile whenever someone told me I was obsessed with bodybuilding. In fact, whenever someone used the word obsession or addiction I’d just smile a smug little smile and nod knowing the truth – that I was in fact just dedicated to my pursuit of muscle. Now in hindsight perhaps I was a little obsessed (haha – the irony), but now I’d like to take that earlier mantra and amend it slightly (as in no uncertain terms do I consider myself a bodybuilder anymore). My updated version would be:

“Overtraining is a word “normal” people use to describe the dedicated”

What a “normal” person is or isn’t I’ve got no fricken idea – but I have a clue that the average Joe (or Jody) doesn’t wake up in the morning looking forward to getting to the gym to bust their gut every single day – and love every second of it! Certainly if that were normal something like 2 thirds of the population wouldn’t be overweight or obese!

So what is my usual weekly training regime these days? Well, I do at least one BODYCOMBAT class every day, on 2-3 days per week I do two classes per day (occasionally 3 but that’s reasonably rare) and as mentioned above at least one BODYPUMP class and 3 weights sessions per week. Total exercise time per week averages 12-16 hours, BUT again the vast majority of that is cardio. And, in my person opinion it’s almost virtually impossible to overtrain aerobically. Short of running marathons every day I just don’t think you can do it. You push your cardiovascular system harder and it responds by increasing your VO2 max. It’s that’s simple. There’s really no recovery time needed – that makes it unlike bodybuilding where your muscles need 48-72 hours to recover from an intense weight session.

In my experience the biggest question you need to ask yourself when determining whether you’re overtraining is this: “Do I still look forward to my workouts?” If the answer is a “not really” or a “no” – then perhaps it’s time to take a break (this of course assumes there was actually a time when you DID look forward to your training – as again – I’m sure the average Joe doesn’t look forward to working out and he certainly ain’t overtraining!). Absolutely there are other symptoms to consider – fatigue, persistent soreness, irritability, increased incidence of illness to name a few – but, in my mind the number one symptom to look out for is loss of motivation. And in that regard I’m definitely 110% – I spring out of bed every morning looking forward to getting my ass to the gym – in fact it’s the highlight of my day…what would the world look like if everyone were this “abnormal”?


13 Responses to "One year on…"

Congrats with your anniversary!
May you have more years to come for your blogs because they are funny and interesting πŸ™‚

Kia Kaha!

Thanks Kenia!

I’d say I’ll be writing this for a wee while yet as I never seem to run outta things to say (not really sure if that’s a good thing! haha)

Thanks for your support! πŸ˜€

I don’t think anyone could accuse you of being “normal” ~ but I think that is a good thing!!

A dozen to nearly half a million – nothing “normal” about that, it’s outstanding!

Keep up the good work with the blogging Glen – I always check up what you’ve been upto…as for normal, well I used to say I choose to do something physical rather than spend five hours a night in front of the TV – shuts them up fairly quickly once its put in perspective! Besides we’re designed to be active.

@Stacy @FGW – I agree – who’d wanna look “normal”??! Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚

Happy Blogiversary! πŸ˜€

And as for normal… I haven’t met a normal person for a very long time. I like that πŸ˜‰

Thanks Raina! I know – we’re all a bunch of freaks! (haha in a good way for course!)

Hi Glen,

congratulations!!! happy!!! your blog is awesome, very informative about what happens in LM for people that we aren’t close to the action hehehe… just love it! you always have something to say! XD

Normal?! what is that?! i think we live for this thing!!! 10000000000 times I prefer FREAK than NORMAL… πŸ˜€ and the good thing is that tons of people around the world (LM fans) think the same way, after all that’s our job!

keep up the good work master!!!!


Only one year on and so many visitors already? Doesn’t that make you wonder where you’ll be next year? (blogwise)

Love your blog, check in here at least 3 times a week, this has become one of my main sources of LM info and gossip, love all the updates. Keep up the good work!

Can’t resist reacting to the “oldie” article you pulled out. Funnily enough I get some weird looks from people when they hear about my exercise regime (note that most of the times I will only tell them when they specifically ask for it) and I am only working out 5 days a week, admittedly I go to the gym twice on Fridays but that still counts as one day of working out right)

Hi Glen,

Talking of freaks… reading your blog made me realize I am not alone πŸ™‚
I am just about getting over an annoying injury that kept me away from my classes for a few weeks, but while I was recovering I went to the gym most days “just for the smell”:) Now that is NOT normal! I am so happy to be back now, though still not up to my usual 10-12 classes a week…
Anyway, congrats for the anniversary. I must say when I first discovered it a few months ago I had to read all the previous posts as well. I haven’t missed one since… In fact, you are on the top of my bookmarks! I found we have a lot in common although I am only a ‘dedicated’ participant. Keep up the great work, not long now till the big 500k!

Aww thanks for your support guys – you’re the best!!!

Well I’ll have a lot to write about after the weekend. Attending the workshop for Pump, balance, Combat & Attack (I’ll sleep well that night!) and of course will try to get in a few more classes while I’m up in the big smoke.

Really appreciate your support – what a bunch of freaks we all are!!! – and wouldn’t have it any other way!! πŸ˜€

[…] I recently caught up with Glen, which is not easy to do given his dedication to BodyCombat and BodyPump. Β He’s in the gym a lot, but don’t you dare accuse him of “over-training“… […]

Hi Glen,

Love your blog – can’t believe it has been a year!!
I think when BC38 or 39 was due to come out I was talking to one of our instructors about it, and she asked me how come I know so much about the next release… I just smiled and said “the Internet…” LOL

I don’t know how you find the time to do all that exercise… I assume you probably have a day job to pay the bills…etc… but it must be hard having a social life… (romance…etc…)
Who does all the housework and cooking at your place while you are going hardcore in the gym?? (and posting all this stuff on your blog!) LOL

I only with our 2 LM gyms here would have more BC classes and more BC instructors

But seriously, thanks for keeping us all informed and up to date with all that is happening in Body Combat



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