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Filming weekend

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Well I’m back from from a crazy couple days in Auckland attending the filmings for BODYCOMBAT 42, BODYPUMP 72 and BODYATTACK 67. I’ve already had a tonne of messages on facebook asking me for the goss (absolutely feel free to add me if you haven’t already), but… you’re all gonna have to wait a wee while as LM have asked me to be good boy and hold off posting any specific info (I know but they are the boss! 😉 ).

BC42 filming. Pic courtesy of PJ's blog. Thanks PJ!

BC42 filming. Pic courtesy of PJ's blog. Thanks PJ!

I will say this; BODYCOMBAT 42 has some incredibly long tracks that are guaranteed to rocket your heart rate like no release before. Being a Muay Thai based release track 7 especially is an absolute monster! There’s a brand new move and an emphasis on some serious leg conditioning in track 6. I didn’t wear a heart rate monitor but if I had I suspect I’d have been up over 900 calories for the class. So look out for that one – I’ve actually written a full post detailing all the specifics and I promise as soon as LM give me the all clear I’ll hit submit.

As for BODYPUMP 72 & BODYATTACK 67 – well I really enjoyed both – BA especially was a total blast! (in fact doing that class solidified my decision to do the BODYATTACK Instructor Training module later this year – gives me about 2 months to actually get good at it! 😉 ) Although being new to Attack I really don’t have too much to judge it by it’s a super high energy class with amazing music. I don’t think it would’ve been possible to just watch that class, the energy was off the chart!

I also had the pleasure of running through BODYCOMBAT 41 in Hernan’s class the day after and that was fantastic. We haven’t “officially” even launched 41 here in NZ yet so it was awesome to get to give that another blast before workshop (that’s the one thing about attending the filming classes – you get to do the release and then don’t see it again for 3 or 4 months!)

I’ll be sure to post more info as it comes to hand, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime rest assured there’s A LOT to be excited about!


10 Responses to "Filming weekend"

thanks Glen – we officially launch BC41 on August 22 – although I’ll be in the West Coast for the weekend so I’ll miss the launch… the music for the release seems ‘interesting’ – but will wait to see what it is like with the chorry first….

Actually Nick when I first heard the playlist I felt exactly the same way. I did 41 again on the weekend (except we didn’t do track 4 – which to be honest is the track with the most ‘interesting’ music I thought) and had a ball.

Enough your break and enjoy 41 when you get back! 🙂

yeah – one of our instructors who going to be launching the release has ‘previewed’ a few tracks
Warmup, T3, T4, T5, & T6
I actually thought the music for T4 was awesome – Metallica & POD – what more can an old rocker like me want!! LOL
T5 was ‘interesting’ T6 very similar to shut up and drive (also a T6) but with worse music! Warmup and T3 were ‘ok’ from memory….
Sometimes the instructors do a ‘dummy run’ of the new release in the Thursday class before the Saturday release, so if that’s the case I’ll catch it on Thursday 19th!

Actually I agree with you – I’m just not a big Metallica fan! The POD part is fun though. And about track 6 – well, comparing Robbie Williams to Rihanna?? Well, tough to decide who’s “better” haha.

The 19th is only 4 days behind us here so you’re still right up with the play. Look forward to your full review!

Hi Glen well thanks for posting even a glimmer of the gossip on the next releases. BC42 sounds like a blast, mmh better get some extra classes scheduled so I won’t fall over after doing that for the first time 😉

We’ll all have to be good boys and girls and await LM permission for the full post to appear (and keep watching your page with eagle eyes heheh) cheers for all the work you rock!!

Thanks Sara. Yep I did have a full post up for about an hour but took it down… best not to upset the powers that be right?!

Keep an eye out I’ll post it as soon as I get the all clear from the big guy. 🙂

Ahhhh, I’m just a tiny bit jealous of getting to do 41 with Hernan – got do to a few of his classes back in NZ in March and they were really, really good…..

Roll on the 41 workshops next month (in the UK).

Gday Glen,

How’s life over there it really was a great weekend filming and to be able to come to one of your classes, we have workshops this weekend and launching in a couple of weeks. So good to have your site to read over and remember.

anyway just remember “smiling is optional quitting’s not”


Tony from WA

Hey Tony! Great to meet you and Meagan! Yeah busy times here, got 5 new classes starting at a new gym that kicks off end of the month – so that will keep me even busier!

Hope you’re keeping well – look forward to catching up next time you’re here, or when I’m next in Perth!

Glen – at this rate you will have to give up the old day job and become a full time instructor! LOL

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