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BC41-lowresAre you ready for a total-body Martial Arts experience? Because that’s what BODYCOMBAT® 41 is all about – the theme is Backyard Brawl and you’ll be chiselled into the ultimate fighting machine! The extended Warm Up prepares you for the workout ahead and includes the Jab, Cross, Bob Combo. Sing along to Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You during the lower body workout before the first fight is ignited in Track 2 with the Treble Elbow/Double Knee Combo. Track 3 is all about the contrast between speed and power. Watch out for the onslaught that is Track 4 which features new move the Double-Handed Plyo Push. This track combines two songs – Enter Sandman and P.O.D’s Boom and gives you the feeling of two totally different workouts. It’s an opportunity to show what you’ve got, ready or not! Flush your legs and spike your heart rate in Track 5 with three rounds of boxing – Running is the feature here. Tae Kwon Do is in the house in Track 6 – you’ve got four opponents with the secret being to strike like a cobra. The rawness of the most lethal Martial Art – Muay Thai – is explored in Track 7 before you hit the fatigue wall in Track 8. You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it – you just have to punch through it! Flo Rida feat. Kesha will spin you Right Round in Track 9 while your abs are blasted with the Circle Situp. New stretch, the Downward Dog, is introduced in Track 10 and really gets into the hamstrings and the backs of the legs. Beyoncé’s Halo is the perfect Cooldown Track after the Backyard Brawl that is BODYCOMBAT® 41.


BP71-lowresBODYPUMP® 71 is all about teaching from the heart, not from the head. The exercises are easy to coach, giving you the freedom to focus on connecting your participants to the magic of the workout and the music. The release focuses on two kinds of training — strength work in tracks 3, 5, 6 and 8, and cardio dynamite in tracks 2, 4 and 7. Warm-up to the captivating, warm voice of James Sampson, a singer and BODYPUMP™ instructor living in Denmark. Magnetized is his original song. The Squat Track is a killer! Sing along to the Summer of 69 cover but be prepared for huge blocks of Singles and Bottom Halves. Most of the work is done in a wide stance, which allows you to go lower. Oh yeah! Pace yourself in the Chest Track. In Right Round, Flo Rida and Kesha will inspire you to go all the way down in four identical sets of work without recovery. A set of Push-ups at the end will finish you off. Push yourself in the hugely energetic and athletic Back Track! Four Clean and Presses in a row are followed by Triple Rows. Eskimo Joe will take you through the Triceps Track with Black Fingernails, Red Wine. Be prepared for a Bottom Halves challenge! The Biceps Track is straight-forward, allowing you to just relax and really feel the music. Then find out how low you can go in the Lunge Track, where cardio meets butt. Unleash your strength in the Shoulders Track. Go harder and heavier as we attack the shoulders from three different directions – back, side and front.


BA66-lowresYou’ll be charged from start to finish with BODYATTACK® 66 – it’s a fusion of magic, movements and music to take you toward two high-energy peaks. Just Dance is a great Warm Up track with a huge amount of energy and lift off! You’ll have loads of fun with the Fly on the Wall theme of Track 3 where intensity is lifted in the Superman’s and maintained with the Shuffle Combinations. The new Side Step and Squat Combo in Track 4 will help peak your heart rate before you’re challenged with 100 push-ups in Track 5. Don’t worry though – there are plenty of options to help you through! The Running Track, Track 6, is all about technique, energy and as the song When You Leave suggests, some “Ha ha!” In Track 7 you have a chance to relax and have some fun in the rhythm combo. Look forward to the sports training which builds power and strength, especially in the Step Runs and Ice Skaters. Track 8 is five minutes of energy, adrenalin and passion to really build your fitness. I Kissed A Girl motivates you to reach your maximum peak before the rocking and appropriately named Take It To The Limit really pushes you to your second peak. Reset, breathe and condition your legs in Track 10 with the Repeaters and Lunges before spinning your legs right round with the Scoop in the core conditioning track.

RPM 44

rpm44-lowresRPM™ 44 is hot, fast and is guaranteed to leave you gasping for air! There are two important things to note in RPM™ 44 – when you find the beat of the music in the racing and aero-racing positions, slide hips slightly forward in the scale as this will allow you to go faster. When the resistance gets heavier, do the opposite and sit back in the saddle. RPM™ 44 is balanced slightly differently to previous releases – Tracks 4 and 6 are a little more intense so to balance it out, Tracks 5 and 7 are a little more fun. Seal’s The Right Life eases you into the workout as you gradually build up speed before picking up the heart rate with three pace speed phases and two climbs in Track 2! You’ll be sliding back into the seat to tackle the Seated Climbs in Track 3 and you won’t be able to resist singing along to Show Me Heaven during the Standing Climb. There are four hills to climb so you’ll peak your heart-rate four times! Watch for the three sprints in Track 4 and remember to slide forward on the saddle when you race on the beat. Matchbox Twenty’s How Far We’ve Come will help you through the five blocks of work in Track 5. In Track 6 there are three accelerations to find the beat of the music – this track is tough so beware! Scooter vs. Status Quo in Track 7 – this track is awesome and the music will motivate you through the steepest of the mountains.


BJ50-lowresBODYJAM® 50 takes the authentic feeling of dance, adds the cardio intensity of Les Mills, then throws it in a blender, adds a generous serving of style, and serves it up on a pizza layered in funk ready for you and your class to devour. Before you start teaching this release, think about which Advanced options to add in early, and which ones you can hold back for later. Then drop them like a ‘magic bomb’ and watch your class go off! Fedde le Grand remixes Saturday to make the funkiest warm-up track ever. It’ll get the house feel into the room with the first beat. Then keep the same footwork but make it swift and sasstastic with JT and Ciara’s monster hit Love, Sex, Magic. Your class will Side Mambo, Fast Mambo and Mambo everywhere to three remixes of the same beat… The mambo Extravaganza is HOT like Fiyah! This routine creates an awesome group energy in the room. Then come with us on a Cardio Funk journey back to the early 1990’s for some Hammer-time! There are Kick Ball changes and Kris Crosses galore, and the Shabam Shabam is even cooler than its name. New Zealand’s very own J Williams takes the routine home with his banger of a track, Set It Off. Get into the style, break out to the sound! Cardio Funk Shabam Shabam taking over NOW! T-Pain and Jamie Foxx drop the heart rate for just a second, and then you are back on the dance floor combining Tribal and House to the sickest sounds ever! Sneaky Sound System’s club hit Pictures sets up the first half, then keep that bounce in your body to the hugest remix from Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. Finish this all off to the intense Tribal diva sound of Finally.


BS77-lowresJoin the BODYSTEP® team to raise breast cancer awareness in your club with BODYSTEP® 77. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our cancer survivors and those who fought hard and lost the battle. This release is a mix of explosive cardio, endurance work and dance flava – you’ll get a taste of the flava in Track 2 with Swinger Arms and Cha Cha Chas to Alesha Dixon’s Boy Does Nothing. Lift the energy in the Turn Steps in Track 3! There is a new move – Walk the Plank.You’ll get a taste of hardcore bootcamp-style training in Track 4 with new move the Half Burpee. It will leave you gasping for breath! But don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it looks. Go low with The Skater in Track 5 to engage the gluteals. You’ll travel in three directions in the Drop Squat Combo, before releasing the energy in the Single Across the Tops in Track 6. Jessica Mauboy’s Burn sums up Track 7 well because the Lunge and Squat Combo is going to make your legs and butt – you guessed it – burn! Have some fun with the Funky Twister Dance and the Cha Cha Cha Combo in Track 8 before getting your dance moves on to De-Grees’ version of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. You’ll love the swinging jive flavour in Track 9. Watch out for the new move – the Hop Kick Combo. Go hard in Track 10 – this is five minutes of pure energy, power and endurance. It’s all about contrast – work up high with the Taps and get down low with the Squats.


BB46-lowresBODYBALANCE® is dramatic and challenging. Push your limits, because you never know exactly what you are capable of until you try. The options are there if you need them! Focus on your breathing in the warm-up track, then challenge yourself to lift off in the Knee to High Block Combination. You will feel like you are surfing in Track 2, feeling the flow of Yoga poses. Also featuring a one minute Down Dog, feel this quintessential yoga pose! Magnificent takes you through Track 3. There’s a new move – the Extended Warrior 2 with Prayer hands and lots of powerful drama. Find your balance to Shine in Track 4. This is a very challenging track, but there are lots of options available. Why? Because it feels amazing to sink into each hip opening pose accompanied by this gorgeous Annie Lennox classic. Take your abdominal strength to a whole new level in Track 6, before working on your strength, support and stability to Broken Strings in Track 7. You will really build strength in the Plank Pose Pullbacks. For something new try pushing off your back foot and bringing your weight forward in the Lunge Twist in Track 8. It feels great! Leona Lewis draws you into a beautiful, very deep hamstring stretch with Run. Then relax into Deuters Kindred Spirit, as you become aware of steadying the outside edge of your body and focusing specifically on your breathing.


BV12-lowresUnleash your inner rock star in BODYVIVE™ 12! With music from Lou Bega, Aretha Franklin and Foreigner you’ll definitely have lots of fun while you’re working out! Strike It Up takes you off the gym floor and into the nightclub – ‘90s styles! This nice long warm up will get you into the swing of things and raise the heart rate, ready for the strong leg workout that is Track 2. Your legs are loaded by getting low through the entire track, which will ensure you work your butt and thighs. Feel stylish and sassy in Lou Bega’s Gentlemen before the intensity lifts with Hamstring Curls and Cross Crawls in Track 4. Reach your cardio peak in Track 5 with You Really Got Me – this is your chance to really rock out and show what you’ve got. Seal’s Fly Like An Eagle is perfect for Track 6 where you perform the moves with fluidity and grace – much like you’re flying like an eagle. Track 7 sees the introduction of new move the Arabesque which will really challenge your balance and helps to strengthen the legs. Get ready to use the most challenging move first in Track 8 – it’s a hard track and there’s a new position for the Bicep Curls that works both the front and the back of the bicep. There’s a super simple setup for the Hamstring Curls and Side Leg Lifts in Track 9 before a deceptively intense abdominal track – watch out! New move the Single Leg Scoop really bites. Britney’s back in the Abdominals Track. Circus will motivate you to “show what you can do” with the new Reverse Curl. But wait, there’s more! Finish it all off with a hover with your feet on the bench – it’s harder but brings more benefits… New move the Side Line Arabesque and Scissor in Track 11 is great for back flexibility, strength and total core conditioning and what better song to end the rock-release than rock anthem I Want To Know What Love Is? Rock out with BODYVIVE™ 12!

BP71This is the tracklist that looks to make up BODYPUMP 71 (thanks so much for your help Andreas!)

Bear in mind the links may not be the exact mixes used.

For more info on the release/filming itself see here – and keep an eye on this page as I’ll update it with a link to the warm up track as soon as I can.

In the meantime enjoy!


Warm up: Magnetized (Original Mix) – James Sampson

Squats: Summer of 69 (Picco, Jens O & Maddin Original Mix)– Mega-mania

Chest: Right Round – Flo Rida

Back: When love becomes a lie (Cascada Remix) – Liz Kay

Triceps: Black Fingernails, Red Wine – Eskimo Joe

Biceps: What I’ve Done – Hiroshi Free

Lunges: Doesn’t Matter – Mamad Voltek

Shoulders: Operation Blade 09 – Public Domain

Abs: Circus – Britney Spears

Cooldown: Sober – Pink

One of the great things about living outside of Auckland is when I do make a trip up it’s always a bit of a special event and I always try to pack in as much as possible. I did live in Auckland for about 10 years before leaving around 2 years ago – and now I’ve left and look back I can say one thing; it’s definitely a fun place to visit! (whether I’d actually want to live there again is a whole other story!)

So myself and the better half (she’s also an instructor) decided to head up and make a bit of a weekend of it. Apart from eating out at way too many restaurants and drinking far too much we did manage to attend a few classes – including Dan and Rach’s BODYCOMBAT class and Lisa Osbourne’s BODYATTACK class (actually Rach taught the class alone as Dan wasn’t there – she did mention something about him getting bitten but hopefully she was joking!). The FANTASTIC thing about attending those classes around now (now meaning a few weeks out from the filmings) is that you get to see all the new stuff in advance. So yes, I’ve now sampled BODYCOMBAT 42 and BODYATTACK 67 (how jealous are you?!) These are actually prereleases as they haven’t even been filmed yet!

So, what can I tell you about them? Well, unfortunately nothing… sorry guys! Out of respect for the programme directors I’m going to keep all their details under wraps (hey bit of a BODYCOMBAT pun there hehe). Truth is that was seriously like my 5th ever BODYATTACK class so even if I wanted to tell you what was new about it I couldn’t! I will say the music ROCKED! Lisa team taught the class with Mid Thomas and a very fit looking guy (I think he was from Aussie – sorry I missed his name) – but perhaps the three of them will be presenting on the DVD. It was kinda funny at one point as I think Lisa was trying out a new move – and then a few reps into it she said “nah that’s just stupid let’s do this instead!” and completely changed it… one of the perks of being a PD huh?!

As for BODYCOMBAT 42? Well I will say a couple things (these are just personal opinion) – I loved tracks 1-4. There’s a completely new move in there which definitely took a bit of getting used to. The music for these tracks was awesome. We see a return to a format of track 5 that we haven’t seen for a few releases… and the muay thai is a fricken marathon! There, how’s that for really telling you very little!

In all seriousness both these releases look to be a tonne of fun (actually there are some similarities between the two too) – and in reality a lot could change before the filming itself which is still a few weeks away. I guess if you do wanna know more – be sure to come along on July 30th to see them both! If you are coming I’ll definitely see you there!

BC41-lowresWell thanks to my great friend Andreas here’s the tracklisting for BC41. Now, couple of points – HEAPS of these songs are really strange covers and I’ve not been able to locate them on youtube so I’ve just linked to the original the best I can.

For more info on the release itself here. Interested in your thoughts!

1a: Dragostea Din Tei (DJ Ross Radio Mix) – O-Zone
1b: My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
02: Music Is Pumpin – Radical Rhythm
03: Slow & Steady Rush – Random Attack
4a: Enter Sandman – Spock
4b: Boom – P.O.D.
05: Ballroom Blitz – Dave & The Extras
06: Let Me Entertain You – Bodytronixx
07: Desolation Row – Krakaw Kreativ Kollektiv
08: What Do You Want From Me (squad-e remix) – Cascada
Right Round – Flo Rider Feat. Ke$ha
10: Halo – Beyonce

Last night before my BODYCOMBAT class I did as I always do and mapped out my playlist; in all of my classes since Friday I’ve done Beat It from BC37 and Bad from BC36 as a bit of a tribute to MJ’s passing (don’t worry I teach at 3 different gyms so I’m not continually subjecting the same people to the same tracks over and over – just myself! 🙂 ) Now Beat It is a reasonably short track 2 – under 3 and a half minutes (compare that to say The United Vibe from BC35 at over 7 minutes and you can maybe see where I’m going with this…) I’m normally quite aware of the track times and try to accommodate this in my planning – if I choose as shorter track 2 I’ll try to choose say a longer track 3 or 4 etc. – however last night I obviously planned very poorly and even with a short drinks break and time to demo the jump kick to the newbies I turned around at the end of the class and realised the whole thing was over in 51 minutes.

Now “technically” there’s nothing wrong with taking a 51 minute class (BC33 for example was only 47 minutes long itself so Les Mills obviously has no problem with the class time being shorter providing you follow the official format of 10 tracks) however – the truth is I personally do have a bit of a problem with it. I recall when I first started doing BODYCOMBAT (ironically around the time of BC33) I became hooked very quickly and actually used to head along to gyms that I wasn’t a member of and pay casual rates to do a class. It used to really p**s me off when the class was over in, say 47 minutes. I made the effort to get off my butt to go to the gym and paid to do a 55-60 minute class and I used to leave feeling a little ripped off.

So, for that reason I almost always try to plan my playlist so that the class is about 55 minutes long – this means once you intro the class, take a drinks break and demo say the esquiva or jump kick the class perfectly fits a 60 minute slot. BC40 is perfect for this as it’s 55 minutes long. But – once you start mixing you do need to be careful. Here’s “theoretically” what could happen if you don’t plan correctly:

Shortest BODYCOMBAT mix:

01: Summermelody / Does the Fish Have Chips? (BC34)   6:11
02: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (BC34)   3:16
03: Revolution (BC2)  4:19
04: Tribal Dance 2.4 (BC27)   4:26
05: Girlfriend (BC33)   3:37
06: Leave Me Alone (BC32)   3:20
07: Run To The Hills (BC33)   3:01
08: Footloose (BC1)   3:46
09: Gonna Fly Now (BC36)   2:52
10: Hero (BC31)   3:38

Total: 38:26

Longest BODYCOMBAT mix:

01: The Immortals (BC4) / Electric Avenue (BC12)  10:12
02: The United Vibe (BC35)   7:11
03: Sweetheart (BC40)   6:41
04: Jump (BC35)   7:03
05: How Far We’ve Come (BC37)   6:33
06: Stamp (BC37)   6:47
07: Party Non Stop (BC36)   6:51
08: Cry For You (BC39)   6:47
09: Somebody To Love (BC21)   6:03
10: Now We Are Free (BC20)   7:04

Total: 1:11:12

Difference between longest and shortest mix: 32 min 48 sec!

Looking at the above you could have an entire class over in 38 minutes and still follow the 10 track format! Amazing huh?! (big thanks to Tapio too for compiling that info)

Now, you can plan your playlists instinctively which will work (base each track on an average of 5-6 minutes and bingo you’ve got an hour) – however, as I discovered last night this isn’t full proof so there’s a website I found which is pretty handy; The Time Calculator. Just type in the track times straight out of your iPod (or off the CD case if you don’t/can’t use an iPod at your gym) and it neatly gives you a running total. Simple as that!

Be interested in your thoughts!

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