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BODYPUMP instructing 101

Posted on: July 27, 2009

I’d kinda forgotten how nerve wracking being a new instructor can be… that is until a few days ago. Last week one of the gyms I instruct BODYCOMBAT at offered me a regular BODYPUMP class starting this Wednesday. Now if you’ve been reading this blog for a little while you may recall I did the pump instructor training module a few months ago… and I really enjoyed it. But for whatever reason (too much combat maybe – laziness more likely!) I’ve not really done that much Pump since. Participated in a few classes – and team taught a couple classes here and there, but really that’s about all.

So, now I’m faced with the prospect of actually pulling my finger and compiling a playlist and learning it (to an instructing worthy level) in the next couple days. Which brings me back to my first point; I’d really forgotten how intimidating this whole instructing thing can be! First off, I only own BODYPUMP 67, 69 and 70 (yes for some reason I skipped 68 – no idea why didn’t actually notice I didn’t own it until the weekend) So, that doesn’t give me too many options for Wednesday! I moduled on 69 so I know most of that – thankfully it’s a pretty solid release so that will most likely be my bread and butter come my “first” class. But having a limited knowledge of releases is a fundamental challenge when you first start instructing – and it’s not something I’ve faced for a long time. When it comes to combat I’ve been doing to long enough that I’ve learnt most of every release since 25 (and in reality I’ve learnt many of the really fun older tracks too) – that’s 16 or more full releases to choose from when making a playlist for a class. With pump I’ve got 3. Never mind, in a couple weeks we’re launching 71 and I’ll have four! …don’t laugh that’s 33% more choice than I’ve got now! 😉

Here’s the other thing. Pump hurts! With combat I happily get in 8-10 classes per week with no issues whatsoever. And what I used to do when I first started combat was attend as many classes as I could so I could experience different releases with different instructors. Well that was all well and good with combat but problem is with Pump I’m honestly hobbling for a couple days after every class. I know there’s full time instructors who teach it every day – or even multiple times per day you legends – so it must get easier (at least that’s what I keep telling myself!) but man, for now 3 Pumps per week is about my limit! (and it would be completely bonkers to try to do 8-10 pumps per week even if I physically could!)

I guess where I’m going is I feel like I’m back at an instructing for dummies level for the first time in forever and it’s an “interesting” place to be. That’s the thing about the enormous variation between the 8 Les Mills programmes – they’re all so different that every time we start a new one we’re essentially starting from scratch; my skills in combat aren’t going to help me too much in pump, or step, or rpm, or balance (hmm I need to remember this theory as I was about to book into do an Attack module…) While I hobble around my apartment tonight learning a lunge track I’ll just need to keep reminding myself that all this variety is a good thing!


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Well as luck would have it just got offered a second Pump class today. So now I’ve got no excuses – time to start learning some back releases!! 🙂

I was going to say: just one of any class per week is rough. Two or more really allows you to get into a groove. I only have one Combat class a week, and even though I’ve been teaching Combat for 8+ years, I still panic every week before that class.

I’m going to be adding RPM back into my repertoire in the next few weeks. I haven’t taught it in a few years or so, so it’ll be like starting new. I have a long way to go before I’m back into instructor mode. I’m super nervous.

(8-10 combat classes a week?! Seriously??)

Hey Glen!!!! I think you’re gonna rooock at Body Pump class!!!

If I could I swear I would be at your class!!! \o/

Maybe some daaay… ;D

Hi Glen!!!!,,, greetings from Mexico

long time no posting, but i’m back =D. Hey that’s awesome that you have your regular pump class, is about time!!!, i mean, like you said, you did the module so it was weird that you haven’t your class already. But i think you don’t need to worry about it, you have so much passion for this that this is gonna be a piece of cake, like you said it is all about practice, practice and practice and i’m sooo shure that you gonna rock, like in Combat!

about your releases,,, my recommendations BP 64, 65 and 66, they are a “must have”.

but whit the ones you have… mmmmmm i guess:

1. 70
2. 69
3. 70
4. 67
5. 70
6. 69
7. 69
8. 67
9. 70
10. 70

take care master!!!! and remember “Be stronger than you ever imagined”

Hey guys!

@Erin – yeah I completely get what you’re saying. It also must be difficult having to go to all the trouble to learn a new release when you only teach it once a week for a few weeks then mix it out. I’ve just picked up a second Pump class so that should help me get into the swing of it a little more.

And yeah, I teach 8 combats per week at 4 different gyms (and usually either cover a class or two or participate in one or two just to see if I can learn off any other instructors). Good thing about it being a different gyms is I can use the same mix every class for a week and it’s still fresh to the members as they only see it once or twice. And good luck for RPM, heck you’re fluent in what, 6 programmes? You’ll kick butt!!

@Claudinha – awww thank you!! Well if you ever are in NZ say the word and I’ll hook you up a tonne of free passes 🙂

@Juan – long time no hear my friend!!! Thank you for your kind words! First class is tomorrow night so hopefully it goes well! Thank you for your recommendations too. Actually the mix I’m planning to do is fairly close to your suggestion; I probably won’t do the cooldown from 70 though – I do know it, but I’m not sure “if I were a boy” really fits me that well! 😉

Thanks heaps guys – I’ll let you know how it goes!

Hey Glen,
welcome to my world!! I am faced with exactly the same scenario only reversed 🙂 Last week I did seven pump classes and two combat (2 pump and 1 combat on Thursday and man was I sore!!) but it does get easier.
if you need any releases, Annette helped me out heaps when I was learning, and what better person to get stuff from then our Assessor 🙂
You will be fantastic, and if you put as much effort into your pump as you do your combat, you’re classes will be through the roof 🙂
Loads of luck xox

Thanks Helen!!! 7 pumps???!!!! OMFG! You are crazy!

Yeah Kiriwai has offered me some back releases too – I’ll pull finger and learn some back releases – right after I learn 71!

Glad you’re kicking it over there! I’ll be at the filming of 72 on Thursday – be sure to give ya all the goss


OMG I am so jealous!!! yes please with all the goss 🙂
take care and hope your first class tomorrow night goes off like a rocket 🙂

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