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2009-3 Les Mills posters

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Crikey busy day today. First looks like we’ve got the complete BODYPUMP 71 tracklist below – and also the latest batch of Les Mills’ Sizzlers wetting our appetite for the latest releases. Now we can also see what the latest batch of posters are going to look like. I think they’re awesome! The water theme seems to work a lot better than the ribbon theme of the last batch. I’ll post higher resolution versions of these when I get them, in the meantime be interested in your thoughts!


11 Responses to "2009-3 Les Mills posters"

WOW!! i really like this batch! however i think the ribbon series was something new and fun! but this wet look its AMAZING!

The ribbon ones were much more artistic and beautiful. 🙂

I agree Andreas – perfectly suited to Balance or Vive. I just didn’t think they quite worked for combat, attack and pump – a little too arty. The water theme seems to work well for all 8 programmes tho don’t ya think?

Nah, the water theme is just stupid… imo… Are they supposed to imply you sweat rivers? lol

Haha – never thought about it like that! 😀

Seeing lesmills posters always a boost to kick start a workout time!!!

Wow, is that Tanya on the BC?
The water splash theme are just awesome, and u r right Glen, it does work well with all progs. The ribbon ones are just a tad tacky, esp for RPM … still pretty to look tho’

Hmm, I heart the Body Jam poster … it looks wicked fun! Too bad our club didn’t buy the license …

Yeah, like these ones better than the last set (though Don looked awfully good in the BP one)
Love the water theme, can’t wait for the new releases! (just released BP70 last week in NL so still have “a bit” of waiting to do…. have to keep checking in here for further news) Thanks for that overview, quite the inspiration!

I think the water works for all of the programmes apart from Pump and RPM – I certainly wouldn’t want any of that water around my weights or my bike, yeesh! That being said, I personally think the ribbon ones from last time were really striking and like Andreas said, artistic and beautiful 🙂

yeah – I think the ribbon ones were better… but in saying that, I wouldn’t mind being drenched in water sometimes after a hard BC class!!

why do they have to have the same theme anyway??

The graphics are nicely done, maybe bit less water. They need to use hot girls…so they can do close ups …. few of these women shouldn’t be in these posters.”12″ look awkward, “46” doesn’t do it for me… girl in 66 and 41 are my favs.

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