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Weekend in Auckland

Posted on: July 6, 2009

One of the great things about living outside of Auckland is when I do make a trip up it’s always a bit of a special event and I always try to pack in as much as possible. I did live in Auckland for about 10 years before leaving around 2 years ago – and now I’ve left and look back I can say one thing; it’s definitely a fun place to visit! (whether I’d actually want to live there again is a whole other story!)

So myself and the better half (she’s also an instructor) decided to head up and make a bit of a weekend of it. Apart from eating out at way too many restaurants and drinking far too much we did manage to attend a few classes – including Dan and Rach’s BODYCOMBAT class and Lisa Osbourne’s BODYATTACK class (actually Rach taught the class alone as Dan wasn’t there – she did mention something about him getting bitten but hopefully she was joking!). The FANTASTIC thing about attending those classes around now (now meaning a few weeks out from the filmings) is that you get to see all the new stuff in advance. So yes, I’ve now sampled BODYCOMBAT 42 and BODYATTACK 67 (how jealous are you?!) These are actually prereleases as they haven’t even been filmed yet!

So, what can I tell you about them? Well, unfortunately nothing… sorry guys! Out of respect for the programme directors I’m going to keep all their details under wraps (hey bit of a BODYCOMBAT pun there hehe). Truth is that was seriously like my 5th ever BODYATTACK class so even if I wanted to tell you what was new about it I couldn’t! I will say the music ROCKED! Lisa team taught the class with Mid Thomas and a very fit looking guy (I think he was from Aussie – sorry I missed his name) – but perhaps the three of them will be presenting on the DVD. It was kinda funny at one point as I think Lisa was trying out a new move – and then a few reps into it she said “nah that’s just stupid let’s do this instead!” and completely changed it… one of the perks of being a PD huh?!

As for BODYCOMBAT 42? Well I will say a couple things (these are just personal opinion) – I loved tracks 1-4. There’s a completely new move in there which definitely took a bit of getting used to. The music for these tracks was awesome. We see a return to a format of track 5 that we haven’t seen for a few releases… and the muay thai is a fricken marathon! There, how’s that for really telling you very little!

In all seriousness both these releases look to be a tonne of fun (actually there are some similarities between the two too) – and in reality a lot could change before the filming itself which is still a few weeks away. I guess if you do wanna know more – be sure to come along on July 30th to see them both! If you are coming I’ll definitely see you there!

6 Responses to "Weekend in Auckland"

Hi Glen,

I used to live in Auckland for 25 odd years myself, before my Cantabrian wife dragged me down here kicking and screaming *LOL*. I like to visit occasionally (my family all live there), but wouldn’t live there again.
thanks for the update – I’m guessing (just taking a random punt here) that T5 will be a split room track… but we arent getting BC41 until end of August apparently….

here in Indonesia, we’re not even finished ‘drowning’ ourselves with combat 40 and you tested combat 42???? *fainting*

Glenn, you make us all jealous. Good job! We haven’t even released 40 here in Canada. One more week, one more week.

Hey Glenn,
Last week I enjoyed 5 times BC40. And especially track 7 (speed) gives me a lot of adrinaline. I’m looking forward to your Posts about BC 42. Thanx!
Renate, Enschede, The Netherlands

Hey Glen….. I AM JEALOUS!! You can’t believe how much! Here in Germany, we are going to relaunch BC 40 in August… yes were are always the last ones in the world 😦

Stay with the fight! Greetz Steffi

@Nick – yep I agree with not wanting to live there – the traffic alone is crazy!

@selaluime @Gabe – yep – that’s definitely one if the perks of living in NZ!

@Renate – 5 times in a week? You legend!

@Steffi – don’t worry about being the last – I’ll keep you updated! 🙂

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