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BODYCOMBAT 41 filming

Posted on: June 22, 2009

I’ve held off publishing this post for the better part of two months now at the request of Les Mills. However, a lot of this info is starting to appear elsewhere on the net so I don’t think they’ll mind too much now, especially given that the filming of BC42 is just around the corner (next month even!). Bear in mind while reading it that this is all from memory and whilst I’m fairly sure what I’ve written is on then mark it was so long ago reading through it now I just have to take my own word for it (if that makes sense!). Anyway, enjoy 🙂

Well what a weekend! The BODYCOMBAT 41 filming formed part of the Les Mills’ GFX – a full weekend of workshops, releases and filmings! I did 9 classes over two days including BODYPUMP 70 and 71 and BODYCOMBAT 40 and 41 – so my head is a little overflowing with tracklists and choreography… so you’ll have to excuse me if this post isn’t quite as thorough as some of my previous filming posts… just too much running through my mind to list!

Couple of points. You’ll notice there’s no pics this time. There was a complete ban on all cameras at Les Mills during any class. They made this VERY clear and quite frankly I wasn’t about to test how serious they were. Plus I know they read this blog (hi guys!) hehe. Also the links below are obviously not the exact mixes used in the class, they’re just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Finally, before I start if you don’t wanna know this stuff please don’t read on – and please don’t moan to me about my providing the info. There’s a lot of people from all around the world who do appreciate this – I know before I could make the filmings I used to eagerly search the net for any info on upcoming releases and loved every piece of info I could get. Heck that’s why I started this blog in the first place – as one place people could come to find out more. We’re all one tribe and one team and I hope those that do read this get as excited as I do writing about it. As you may know there’s a tonne of blogs and even some official Les Mills sites that list this info as well so I’m not really giving the game away – if anything I’d like to think I’m wetting the enthusiasm of all the other BC fanatics out there by giving you a taste of what to expect… am I right? Anyway, I had to say that – now, on with the show…

BC41 filming - Image courtesy of PJ's blog

BC41 filming - Image courtesy of PJ's blog

The theme for this release is “Backyard Brawl” – as I mentioned we weren’t allowed to take photos because of the GFX, however PJ managed to get some so check out his blog for those. Presenters were just Dan and Rach for this release, both as per usual looked tanned, toned and ready to go! Due to the fact this was the GFX there was an INSANE amount of peeps at this filming. I mean it was just cwazy! A friend of mine dragged me (okay – maybe dragged isn’t the right word!) right up to the front and I’m kinda glad he did as there were fewer people in front that I could accidentally kick! (that was the plus side – the downside is that there were more people behind who could kick me! And I did feel a couple kicks fly very close to me many times… ah, all part of the fun!). The atmosphere was absolutely electric and I’m sure this will come across on the DVD.

BODYCOMBAT 41 is a bit of a landmark release in my mind for a few reasons. Firstly, as you’ll read the e-kick is back – if you’re not sure what an esk or e-kick is it’s an evasive side kick which made its appearance in combat for several releases and then just disappeared almost two years ago (last release that featured it was 34). It stems out of the ginga where you effectively step to one side while side kicking to the other (hence evading your opponent). Its presence in combat has always been controversial as there seems to be little middle ground; instructors and participants alike seem to either love it or hate it (there is even a facebook group calling for its return to combat!) Well, all that is moot now as like it or not IT’S BACK! You can read a lot more about that below. BC41 is also a fairly revolutionary release in my opinion as it features a new kick (well, more accurately it’s a modified front kick – keep reading for more on that) as well as some pretty interesting choices in music. And lets face it – you’re probably reading this to find out more about the music so let me cut to the chase!

Track 1a is a Nick Skitz remix of Numa Numa, I didn’t think I’d like this but it’s so cheesy it’s fun! 1b is Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You, this has the back kick in it which I can’t recall us having in a warmup for a little while. I really enjoyed this warmup – it’s very easy to learn and the music is so uplifting and fun you can’t help but smile. The chorey also perfectly fits the music, even now 2 months after the filming I can remember it whenever I hear the Kelly Clarkson song as it fits it so perfectly.

Dan demonstrating the evasive side kick

Dan demonstrating the evasive side kick

Track 2 to the best of my recollection was a remix of Operation Blade though there was so much going on I’m not 100% certain on this (whatever the track it was very similar – in terms of feel – think about We Will Survive from BC37).

Thanks to my great friends Andreas and Raina we now know track 3 is Slow & Steady Rush by Hixxy & Unknown, a remix of Faith Hill’s Breathe. Great track!!

A remix of Enter Sandman by Metallica was track 4a. Track 4b has a kinda watered down evasive side kick and although I didn’t recognise the track it had a very similar rift as Light’s Out from BC34 – update! Well I was close! Thanks to JW we now know 4b is Boom by P.O.D. (same group that did Light’s Out) – thanks heaps for this info guys, you rock!

While on the subject of the evasive sidekick I got talking to Dan in the changing room after a BC41 trial run and I mentioned to him it was great to see the e-kick back. He said they were introducing it slowly, and toned it down as in the past some instructors were jumping so high it was unobtainable for an average participant to achieve. As much as I hate to admit it he is right – the jumping evasive side kick as demo’d by Dan himself in Rock Me Amadeus (although it looked AMAZINGLY impressive) was kinda crazy in that he leaped a good 5 feet in the air! In BC41 the e-kick is done with a “hop” as opposed to a jump (if that makes sense) so although I’m sure some instructors will go back into old habits and fly into the air I think the idea is to try to keep the level a little lower. Will be interesting to see how it pans out…

Track  5 is Ballroom Blitz (or a remix of the same) which was one of my least favourite tracks of the release. If you listen to the song you can almost picture the chorey – while we were waiting for class to start this track was playing and I said to my friend ‘I can pretty much guess how this track will go’ – and my guess was bang on. I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same (hint there’s a tonne of running forward and back across the room!!). Bit of useless trivia for ya: Funnily enough Ballroom Blitz was also in BODYCOMBAT 6 – which means this is the second release in a row in which a track from BC6 has been reused (the last one was Tubthumping in BC40)

A remix of Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams is track 6, think a kick kata very similar to Shut Up and Drive from BC34 but instead of side kick, knee, back kick this time there’s another knee.

Muay Thai which is normally my fav track I didn’t enjoy too much and the track itself has escaped my memory – however I recall being surprised as it seemed more of a rock track than the usual techno tracks we’ve come to expect as track 7.

Track 8 was Cascada’s What Do You Want From Me… A hugely climatic track 8 that just WENT OFF and was one of the highlights of the release!

Right Round by Flo Rider was the conditioning (aptly featuring a lot of circular crunches) and Halo by Beyonce was the cooldown.

In terms do chorey there’s no esquivas but they do seemed to have taken the complexity up. There’s an emphasis on the ‘push kick’ which is a modified front kick and of course the evasive side kick returns.

Traditional ginga tech

Traditional ginga tech

You may recall months and months ago I wrote about some theories I had about changes we could expect in BC40 or 41. Now I was off the mark in a couple of aspects (okay – more than off the mark!) but I did write about some changes I thought we’d see to the ginga technique: “There’s no gingas in BC39 so I’m picking from BC40 we see it back, and with some changes. Dan did hint that this could be the case. As far as I can guess they’ll be no lifting of the toe, less wrapping of the arm around the back of the body and it will be much truer to authentic capoeira form.” Okay so it didn’t come back in 40 after all but it is in 41 and from watching the way Dan and Rach are performing the ginga in this release my guess wasn’t too far off.

So, how did I feel about BC41? Well, critiquing a release after only having done it twice is difficult as I almost always find the releases grow on me the more I do them. I will say this, it has a lot more innovation than any release of late and I think it may be one of those releases that people either love or hate. For me personally the music isn’t totally my thing, I’m not a fan of Metallica or Robbie Williams (though music is such a personal thing there’s no way D&R can be expected to please all of the people all of the time); regardless there’s so much happening in the choreography that I don’t think that will matter at all. In closing definitely BODYCOMBAT 41 is something you look forward to learning and teaching, and I can guarantee you this much; they’ll be no complaints of this release being boring that’s for sure!

38 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 41 filming"

Awesome, fab and yahoooooo! LOL Thanks for posting. LOVED the e-kick, so I’m one of those thrilled to have it back 😀 Not sure how easy I’ll find the push-kick, but will see how the release grows on me. Can’t wait for our launch! Thanks for posting 😀

Yeah the push kick is kinda tricky at first. It’s all about the hips and leaning into the kick as you do it. And you’re very welcome! 😀

BRILLIANT Glen!!! Thanks for putting us out of our misery!! 😉

VERY excited to see the e-kick back!! YAY!!

Cascada last power track 8 was one of my favourite tracks ever, so can’t wait!!

Thanks again!! You’re the BEST!!


You’re welcome! Yeah I loved what hurts the most too – took in again in both my classes yesterday, never gets old! 😀

thanks glenn u r the best;)

Great post, Glen 🙂 Was great to read especially since I wasn’t able to attend the filming this time around. (Hopefully I can make it for 42, timetabling better work in my favour, RAWR!).

I liked the warm up, the Faith Hill track (whichever one that was) and the Cascada track (conditioning is great as well, and Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ is Mah Sowng!), so I reckon it’s a good, balanced release musically – though choreographically people will either love it or hate it, like you said 🙂

Again, great post!

Thanks Raina! Actually you’ve reminded me about the Faith Hill track, I’m not familiar with the song which is why I wouldn’t have recognised it (wow amazing logic huh?!) but I’m picking it must’ve been track 3?

Might see if I can find the remix and hopefully it jolts my memory! Thanks heaps!



Also, T8 is . 😀

Great post, Glen. Thank you. 🙂

Wow Andreas thanks heaps!

I’m in bed replying from my phone as i’ve got a class at 6am but will check the links out first thing tomorrow!

Thanks again! 😀

Thanks Glen! Being a huge ESK-fan, really can’t wait for this release, I have heard the rumors before, so thanks for the confirmation. I better start practising…
Great post as usual, must go and pass it on to my instructors. Though on second thoughts, maybe I shouldn’t, it might confuse them as they are just learning BC40 now 😉 We still have a couple of weeks before that’s launched, so a LOT to look forward to!

Watered down e-kick? Does it look cool still??

Thanks for the updates!


Thanx for all the updates! I ove reading them!!

Next year August I will be there for filmings too:) WHoooooooo
X Hannah

hi glen thanks for the updates, brought back many of the memories during filming for BC41. Could relate to them having been there.

i got a glimpse of you but you were with some companions so I didn’t want to interrupt.

will definitely be going to nz again, but not sure when, hope to say a proper hello to you.

hi glen!
i’m from sg and i was at the filming.
trk 4b is “BOOM” by P.O.D

Bless you Glen! We are behind here in the US on release dates and I hang on every word that comes out of NZ about what’s next. The waiting used to be torture!! Only problem now I must know about 42, 43…..! Seems like soon as we know what the last one is, we can’t wait for the next one! I love the internet! Be doing Combat since release 26! Deb

Awww you guys are all just the best! It’s so amazing being part of such a close knit, happy, healthy and uplifting community! Andreas, JW thanks so much for the track info – I’ve updated the post… God that’s almost every track now! Awesome work!

Appreciate all your feedback everyone, bring on BC42!! 😀

Hi! just wanted to thank you for all the juicy information about 41:) I’ve been practicing body combat since 32 and love all the excitement about a new release, so here I am sitting in front of my computer in Sweden jumping up and down of joy reading about the next release. Sounds like a great release to me 🙂
Thanks a lot! 😀

Cool – I like the sound of some of the tracks…. particularly the rock tracks. Glad they didn’t opt for a 50’s tutti fruitti or JBG in the mix… my wife loves that flo rider track, and Í will wait to see what remix they have done on Ballroom Blitz.
That T8 souds just insane – can’t wait to see what they do with it…
Thanks Glen!

track 02 could be Nick Skitz-Make Some Noise…..
from Skitzmix 31.

OMW Ira, if that’s the mix, then we’ll be kickin’, it won’t we? I’m already bouncing…! LOL

Thanks for that Glen

As a rock chick at heart, good to see Metallica in there, woohoo and good to see the esk back again, not before time, lol

Hi Glen. Thanx sooooooo much for all the info. We are just about to launch BC40 in our club…. Love this release. So now… just wait to 41…

Big hug from Argentina

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[…] you read my post on the BODYCOMBAT 41 filming you’ll note that this is an interesting release (new moves, e-kick coming back, and varied […]

I think bc40 was a start of a new les.
Mutch heavyer

Thanks for the “headsup” on the new releases.
Hey, whats the pos of putting some props up for Teresa’s Combat classes at Les Mills New Lynn.
Man she is hard core, pushes new levels every class and the class is NON STOP, all breaks are incresed push ups, or jump lunges. Jump knees are encourages on all knees (some do) extended chain punching and she is SOOOOO fit.

Certainly the classes seems a higher level than other branches. Either way, I have never been any fitter in my life than at any other after 14 months of her class levels

Just wanted to give her some props.

Yep Rob I’ve done Teresa’s classes before and you’re right – she is HARDCORE!! Loved her energy.

It was actually after a full day of my Pump module (Friday night I think? does she have a class then?) and I was completely shattered – and she rarked it right up! 😀

For some reason, they gave friday to Fabio, Thursday 5.30 and Monday 6.30 seems her hardest, and the crowds hypo. Maybe destressing from work?
Saturday 8.00 just seems just hard because to me its too early for me to “wake up” Have to carbo breakfast up, at least at 6.00 or knee jumps can be hazardous to the stomach. Saturday seems to be the girls crowd favourite.

Yeah this was about 4 months ago; I did the Saturday morning class as well before module but it wasn’t her that took it. Can’t recall the guys name but he did reallly old tracks which were a bit easier than the latest releases but nice for a change.

Just looked at Fabio’s pic on – he looks crazy!! 🙂

Fabio, hes hardcase and everyone takes the piss out on him. Hes a FUN guys and hes always got a grin on his face. Mixes it up in varied classes and is a real hoot. Seems to have brazilian moves, he could be Brazilian?

You say the E Kick is back, hmmm seems some rumblings and grumblings about that one making a reapperance.
Personally, tried a bit TOO hard on that, jumped way to high and kicked strait side out, instead of slightly behind and tore ligaments in my lower back. Bugger.
Looks like I’ll have to learn it properly before it hits the classes.
Appreciate the info Glen.

[…] also had the pleasure of running through BODYCOMBAT 41 in Hernan’s class the day after and that was fantastic. We haven’t […]

hi Glen,

GREAT to see your posting and news! thanks for sharing and also keeping us fans, fanatics etc on the edge of our seats!

I am also a huge fan here in Penang…btw, when is the launch date in NZ for body combat 41?

Best rgds

Hi Reggie! Thank you for you kind words! We release 41 next weekend actually at the quarterly. Should be awesome! I’ll post a full review shortly after 🙂

Thanks again!


wow, thanks really! Thinking that you’re at the gym doing some BC or BP classess…that was fast man!

ha ha, you know what! BC keeps me in the momentum…i saw your previous posting on the hottest or rather the longest/toughest tracks in 2008…..I told my instructor about it.

He tried to do once in the class…and he was so tired…that amazed me….because he is a body building champ, a karate and taekwando black belt…ha ha…

I also agree with you that there are a few types of BC instructors…I prefer to go to one who really teaches (the energetic way) and also showing us the real right technique…and not to be left out, some hottest tracks too…

For muay thai, I love the 6th gate and hardcore paradise (bcoz they are fast, energetic..simply awesome..the music was the tip top!)..and also the recent hardcore angel….and also we rock in BC31!


hi Glen,

Pls allow me to share my hottest favorite BC tracks with all our BC friends here….

The tracks are picked based on the energy of the track, moves…beginning and also ending of the track!

Track 1a: Summer of 69 Track1 1b: Rock this party
Track 2: The united vibe
Track 3: Sweet heart
Track 4a: We will survive Track 4b: The great bouzouki
Track 5: Hymn
Track 6: Burn it to the ground
Track 7: The 6th gate
Track 8: Sea of love
Track 10: Red warrior

If you can, try it guys! You will burn to the ground…..or set the ground blazing all the way!

Best rgds

hi all,

Btw, my instructor has tried to do Muay Thai tracks in the class. For me, I just love it! I don’t know about the rest… He replace track 4 with another Muay Thai….:)

It’s like the fight do…..from radical fitness…which I am also a fan…looks superb to me especially the ending with huge UMMPH!!


Hola, soy una fanatica de Body Combat, pero tengo una duda grande… en que brazo tiene el tatuaje Dan?

looking forward for this to be released in the Philippines..
currently we are doing BC 40..

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