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July 2009 filming dates

Posted on: June 9, 2009

Hey guys, here’s the filming dates for the Q4 2009 releases (Q3 were filmed last month at the GFX). As per these will be filmed in Studio 1 at Les Mills Auckland (exception is RPM of course which will be in the RPM studio… funny that! πŸ˜‰ ) If any of you are planning on coming do let me know as I’ll be there with bells on!

Thursday July 30th 2009


Monday 3rd August 2009

  • RPM 45
  • BODYJAM 51

Wednesday 5th August 2009

  • BODYJAM+ 51

I’ll let you know the exact times as soon as I have them – until then these dates could be subject to change (though it’s a fairly safe bet they won’t be)

If you’re really organised it also looks like the dates for Q1 2010 releases will be filmed on Thursday 29th October 2009 & Monday 2nd November 2009 – but again I’ll confirm that MUCH closer to the actual dates (good grief no one needs that much notice surely!! πŸ˜› ) As for the July filmings – really hope to see you there!!!

19 Responses to "July 2009 filming dates"

Oh man….! I’ll be there in spirit!!

Hey Aussie ain’t that far away Gill! πŸ˜‰

See you there, Glen! πŸ˜€

I’d love to go to the LM ‘Mecca’ and partake in a BC filming, but until I get a job I ain’t going anywhere!

Hi Glen,

I’ve actually gotten some dates from Carla on June 9 as follows :

4/2009 – July/August 2009:
Thursday 30th July 2009

Monday 3rd August 2009

There seemed to have some variation from your’s. So which is which now? I’ve intention to attend the upcoming filming with 3 other friends. I’m from Singapore by the way…


Hi Lawrence

I actually got those dates directly from the filming company but just to be sure just emailed Carla myself. They must’ve changed since June 9 as she confirmed them as correct (and gave me the date for BJ+ which I’ve added now too)

So the ones above are correct – hope that helps!


@Glen – I thought you had to be an instructor to attend??? I would be there in a heartbeat! πŸ˜€

To attend the filmings? No way! They’re open to anyone!

You’ve got no excuse now hehe πŸ™‚

What time are they normally?

Tempted to find an excuse to be in Auckland….

Scott most likely they’ll be running right throughout the day. We probably won’t get the exact times to a lot closer to the date. I’ll update as soon as I know more πŸ™‚

Hmmmmmm this is very tempting….might have to clear my schedule…!

Do it, Gillian! It’s an incredible experience, one you will never forget! πŸ˜€

Hope to catch you at the filmings Glen, I can’t take leave for the day of Pump & Combat (taking it for Jam and Jam+), so fingers crossed the timing will work in my favour πŸ™‚

great Glen! thank you very much

Although you haven’t got the times yet, how early do filming normally start and how late do they normally finish?
(am wondering if can fly up and back in a day, and make of some of my airpoints that expire soon)…

Scott I’m not sure if there’s any hard and fast rules here. The last filming was at the GFX and as such wrapped up fairly early in the day (on the Saturday) – the Friday went till maybe 9pm from memory?

The filming before finished reasonably late – I think I headed out around 9:30 or 10 o’clock (it was the filming of BC40 and there was a mini party afterwards…)

So yeah – planning to be out by a certain time may be tough as they almost always run late for one reason or another.

I will let ya know when I know more though…

GFX was different though, because they had filming plus quarterly launch classes each day.

Pretty much impossible to plan around the filming sessions as they have no idea how many times they have to reshoot tracks or sections of tracks, but i think they usually allow 1.5 hours for a filming session. But there’s no reason you have to stay for the entire filming session either.

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