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Posted on: May 21, 2009

Well it’s that time, I finally feel like I know BODYCOMBAT 40 well enough to write my opinion on it. Apologies for the delay in writing this – I actually went to write it two weeks ago… BUT, I held off a little as like every release it’s definitely grown on me a lot; although I did love the filming (heaps!) my enthusiasm actually waned slightly at first – but now it’s right back up there again (phew!).

Being that this release is the tenth birthday of combat D&R have tried to include a wider range of strikes and blocks – and that’s definitely the case. There’s lower blocks, mid-blocks, outer leg blocks, knife strikes, open palm blocks… the list goes on. This release also features the return of the esquiva, and the jump kick (in the same track even!)

Anyway, here’s a play by play (note this is only my personal opinion – feel free to disagree!)

Upper body warmup: Layla (Caribbean Mix) – DJ U Hey vs DJ Minagawa

Great start to the release. Uplifting track – a dance remix of Eric Clapton’s original track with the backing vocals “put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air!”. Unusually the upper body warmup features the outer leg block, and is done entirely in front stance (meaning no left right changes with the jabs/uppers/hooks). Loads of performance opportunities with the air guitar (of course!) – really like this track.

Lower body warmup: Hot n Cold – Katy Perry

As much as I hate to admit it I like this track too! Mega cheesy pop song but again loads of performance opportunities and a chance to have some fun with the entire class. Truth be told I’m just happy we have a release with no Rogue Traders!

Combat 1: I Know Kung Fu – Shitdisco

I couldn’t stand this track when I first did it but it’s really grown on me. Loads of knees and knife strikes, as well as the roundhouse challenge (low kick then high without touching your foot to the ground) – great for the ol’ leg conditioning. If you’ve seen the DVD you’ll see what a great job Hernan does in presenting it. I’ve tried his Bruce Lee impressions “waaaaaaaaaa!!!” and I just can’t pull it off – the class look at me like I’m mental!

Power training 1: Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix) – Rezonance-Q

LOOOOVE this track! Was a real stand out for me right from the start. The chorey and level changes match the music perfectly. The entire track builds into a huge final combo (double upper – speed ball) where you can really drive your “opponent” through the ceiling and hit maximum cardio output. This is one of those tracks that gets a round of applause every time it’s taught. Possibly my favourite track 3 ever!!! Highlight of the release.

Combat 2:
4a. Power Of The Mind – Headhunterz

Quite a dark track (similar in feel to We Will Survive from BC37). Super simple chorey (two side kicks, outer knee block, front kick all same leg) and to be honest possibly goes on a tad too long.  The timing is a little odd to get off the bat but probably only the first couple times you try it. Really not much more to it! Track 4 actually starts with this track right hand side (RHS), then goes to 4b RHS, then 4b LHS then back to this track LHS.

4b. Tubthumping (Everybody Handz Up In Japan Remix) – Hi End Attack

Tubthumping is back! (well it was in BC6!) This track features both the esquiva and then the jump kick. Basically prepare for pain!! Hammers the legs – especially if you concentrate on really lengthening your esquivas right out and pulsing on each one. Hammers one side before restarting and hammering the other and then going back to track 4a. Again, quite repetitive – and not my favourite track. As a side note for those of you that are big esquiva fans as the esquiva is in track 4 you could actually have two esquiva tracks in the same class if you wanted to! (but seriously are you fricken crazy?!)

Power training 2: Tutti Frutti – Mike Hardy & The KooladeSingers

Hmmm… not sure I’m loving this 50’s revival trend in the last couple combat releases. Structurally very similar to Johnny B. Goode from BC39 – effectively lots of identical rounds of chorey. Loads of performance opportunities with the “ooooo”.  I enjoyed this track at the filming but I think it could possibly be one of the first to be subbed out when instructors start mixing. Others may feel differently perhaps?

Combat 3: Burn It To The Ground – Nickelback

Well, track 6 aint a recovery in this release that’s for sure! As per usual we have the back kick – however it’s not the “feature move” of the track as we’ve had in the past. This is another track that’s really grown on me. The combos flow really well and fit the music – I especially like the last hook-knee combo – if you really drive the knee and hip you can burn a monstrous amount of calories with this one.

Muay Thai: Speed – Atari Teenage Riot

In general the muay thai for the me is the climax of the class. It’s where my heart rate peaks and I really go balls to the wall knowing that there’s no kicks in the last cardio track. However this muay thai for me disappoints. The chorey is okay – you can really launch your entire body on the rear descending elbows – but the music. Uggg… I can’t stand it. And it definitely lacks the intensity of the muay thai’s of the past. I haven’t had a chance to wear my heart rate monitor to grab a fair comparison to previous releases but I suspect my heart rate/caloric expenditure doesn’t reach anywhere near that of most other muay thai tracks. HOWEVER… as I pointed out this release doesn’t really have a recovery track – so perhaps this was intentional? That is if we did have a Party non stop or Hardcore paradise type muay thai we may see members keeling over from exhaustion! Guess we’ll find out when we start mixing (he says in his evilest voice!!)

Power training 3: Set you free (Hixxy Remix) – N-trance

LOVE it. Fantastic end to the cardio portion of the release. Every class has wooped and cheered during this track. Work the levels and send your fitness levels sky high. What the muay thai lacked this track makes up for!

Conditioning: Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne

Second release in a row we’ve had no crunches – but we do have the plank and the “komodo dragon” (simple move bringing your knee to elbow working the core). First half of the track has loads of pressups – including the challenge portions on your toes. Decent conditioning track and decent song. 🙂

Cooldown: Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

Love the music and love the chorey. Nice simple soft kata that doesn’t require much thought or co-ordination for participants (unlike the kata from 39 which did take some a couple classes to get right). Beautiful end to the release.

So… all and all a solid release and one that rates a solid 8 out of 10 in my books. To my mind not quite a BC38 in terms of fun but a decent length (56 minutes I believe off the top of my head) and given there’s no real recovery tracks you’ll definitely get a decent workout! I’ll post some pics from our big local release later in the week – it’ll be a blast! If you haven’t done it yet then it’s certainly something to be excited about. Enjoy!

13 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 40 Review"

Ohhh…can’t wait for our workshop this Sunday!! Thanks for the heads-up 😀

Pleasure! 😉

cant wait for the bc 40 release in manila!

Nice tracks. Can’t wait for the release here in Manila.

All I can say is bring it on! Can’t wait for next Friday, thanks for the heads up (and now I finally know what the “komodo dragon” is – tx!)

Ok, I’ve still got a few weeks until my workshop……can’t wait. I reckon I got to see some of these tracks back in Auckland in March and the warm up was good, very, very good (and the komodo dragon hurt).

Do I learn pump 65 or an old combat release in the meantime to keep myself out of trouble and off the streets until then though? Hmmmmm.

Thanks as always for the review Glen, don’t know where you get the time, but, its fab that you do it 🙂

I love love love love the Hixxy version of Set U Free. *SO* excited.

The komodo dragon sounds like a move I often include in my abs classes. Definitely not a fun one.

Ooooooooow this looks like it might be a killer!

Not looking forward to track 5 since I don’t like BC39’s track 5… Track 8 looks like a good one though!

Think this will be an interesting release…

WOOOOW !!! it’s heavy and it rocks!

Legs are getting very warm from track 2, music not so great, but choreo is.
Track 3 is a super song and huuuuurts the shoulders!
LOOOOOVE the beat in track 4, it’s awesome!!!
Don’t like the music in track 5 so much, but the rocksong of track 6 makes everything alright.
Muay thai is a bit disappointing, maybe it get’s better after doing it several times.
Track 8 gives you the opportunity to let that last bit of energy out!
Aaaaauwch that komodo dragon hurts afther all the push ups 🙂 but nice move.

I am ready for more!

Hi! We just released yesterday where I’m from. Overall I thought it was okay, but was very disappointed by track 5 and 7. The music in track 5 is just too corny! And track 7 was a major let down; I was hoping for something like a Muay Thai from 39, because it was AWESOME!!! Overall, it was good, I loved the upper-body warm up, I was just expecting more from this release as it marks 10 YEARS OF BODY COMBAT! WHOOOO!

Yeah I’ve done the release about 4 -5 times now and it has definitly grown on me.
Love the upper body warmup, T2, T3… & T6 is probably my favourite BC track ever at the moment
I like the first half of T4, but not the awful tubthumping remix in the middle!
T5 – I’m with you on this 1950’s music… not sure it is totally suited to BC, but the chorry is good and you can have some fun with the track
T7 is ok… totally weird music, but I love the rear decending elbow
T8 is a Body Attack track, and I will always think of it as such… but the chorry works well
T9 – love the song, but for some reason our instructors have only played the track once on release day – don’t know why?
T10 – finally a cooldown song I like! *L*

BC40 just had its launched here in BKK last weekend…and i don’t quite like it namely the tracks are too ‘rock-ish’ and it’s not as crazy as BC39 where it really raised our heartbeat to its max during the Muay Thai then followed by the final power track.

Maybe i just need to get used to it. Did not recall every trying to esk throughout my 4+ years in BC…or i totally forgot about it…well, will have to wait for BC41 in 3 mths time.

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