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Celebrating 10 years of BODYCOMBAT

Posted on: May 12, 2009

The video above is the promo vid shown at the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming. It starts with the original choreographers (Nathan and Gaby) who did the first 20 releases, followed by the legendary D&R. The soundtrack has been changed as youtube keeps removing it due to licensing concerns (not quite sure how that works!) – but it’s still a great vid. My review of BC40 will follow in the coming days – in the meantime enjoy!


Celebrate 10 years of your favorite Martial Arts-inspired program with BODYCOMBAT® 40! A great mix of Martial Arts disciplines will ensure you’re challenged both physically and mentally with a larger variety of Strikes and Blocks to really keep you on your toes. There’s a great mix of old and new styles of music with a couple of bring-backs, a nod to the past and a hint of the future.

By the time you reach Track 2, you’ll have experienced Kick-boxing, Karate and Tae Kwon Do, and you’ll be ready to pull out your best Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan impersonations to I Know Kung-Fu. The Boxing ring reckons in Track 3 before your legs are challenged in Track 4 with three conditioning blocks – first the Kick KATA followed by the Esquiva, then the Jump Kick is unleashed. Let loose and have fun in Track 5 with Tutti Frutti but don’t be fooled by the sing along nature of the song – you’ll be firing up the energy and throwing some power shots.

Refocus your technique and re-center in Track 6 to Nickelback’s Burn It To The Ground before the onslaught that is Track 7. Speed by name, speed by nature – you’ll be unleashed in the Descending Elbow Sequence. There’s one goal in Track 8 and that’s to completely empty the tank – you’ll punch until you can’t punch any more. In Track 9 there’s a new move – the Komodo Dragon. It’ll challenge your core to the max but fear not – recovery is near with soft KATAs to Kings Of Leon’s hit Use Somebody. Stay with the fight!

6 Responses to "Celebrating 10 years of BODYCOMBAT"

i absolutely love bc 40;) it’s sooooo cool!

you’ll be ready to pull out your best Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan impersonations

So THAT explains why Hernan brought on the super crazy HAIIIIIIIIYAH-ness at that filming! (and has since then gone even MORE mad when teaching this track :-D)

Oooooo, and now that I watch the vid, I see that they’ve added a bit of BC40 on the end of it, I likey! 😀


Maybe I should just move to Auckland……

And yeah, it was nice to get a sneak preview of 40 in there as well – still got a month to go until my quarterly 😦

Funny, I just added this you tube vid to my favourites two days ago! It inspires me no end – I can’t stop watching it and that soundtrack is DA BOM!!! Thanks for sharing – we’re only launching BC40 in two weeks *groan*

Glen, u rock!

Thanks for sharing the Video 🙂
Can’t wait!!!!

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