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GFX madness!

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Well the big weekend is over, and what a weekend it was! For those that aren’t aware (how could that be?!) the GFX is the biggest Les Mills group fitness event of the year – 2 FULL days of programme releases, DVD filmings and fitness seminars attended by, well, seemingly everyone! Every single class from BODYVIVE to BODYCOMBAT was packed to capacity – if anything the classes were almost too full! There were deep deep queues of peeps waiting desperately to get a space, and although I managed to get there early enough to make every class I planned to I know of many that didn’t. In 48 hours I hit 9 classes, including BODYPUMP 70 and 71, and BODYCOMBAT 40 and 41. I also went to the latest BODYBALANCE and BODYVIVE (I’ve only ever done those classes once before!) – it was an absolutely awesome weekend and I had a fricken blast!

Tell you what it’s Monday morning here now and I’m bloody sore though! (Darn you BODYPUMP!!) 😀

Now I know that you’re all waiting for info on BODYCOMBAT 41 and BODYPUMP 71. Well, as this was the GFX we all got notified that there were no cameras allowed in the filmings (in fact the email sent out said the camera would be confiscated and images deleted). So, I’ve got no pics! (I know – but I have to play by the rules!) However, PJ (God bless him) managed to take a few from the BC41 filming which you can view here.

As for a full update on BC41? Well it’s coming but you will have a to wait a little bit! I will be keeping this blog as updated as I can but details of BC41 will have to remain under wraps (just for now) for reasons that I’m sure you’ll discover in due course. I know I’m a tease!!

As well as that I’ve got loads of other updates to write about including a full review of BC40 as well as BP70 and local releases… but before that maybe I should concentrate on trying to walk properly again! 😉

16 Responses to "GFX madness!"

so nice glenn…u always make me feel so jealous…i hope u really enjoyed it;)

Thanks Angelica… It’s an awesome release!

I completely agree with class being TOO full. Especially the combat filming, I’m pretty sure some people would have been kicked during that class. I could only join in down the back because it was too packed and didn’t want to push my way in between everyone.

I can support Glen when he says it’s awesome. That applies to both BC 40 and 41.

I arrive into auckland too late to see the Bodypump 71 filming, and missed seeing both the BP70 workshops, once again very full rooms and not much room for people to stand and watch.

Oh, too add to the Blog. The Carnival Party at the end of Saturday was awesome too. A great DJ with some great music, some great costumes and lots of very happy people.

I think the dancing was what pushed my body into that sore zone.

Yeah it was crazy – I guess I was kinda lucky in the 41 filming as a friend “dragged” me right to the front (well it’s not like I was kicking and screaming not to go haha) and I think there may have actually been more room there than at the back!

Good to see your smiling face there though my friend! 🙂

Sounds like this was the place to be…(I wish!)
Can’t believe you didn’t make it to Bodystep 😉
Really looking forward to the BC updates though…thanks in advance!

Kati: Body Step was amazing! I didn’t participate in the filming but I watched it; a very inspirational release 🙂

Last filming in februari you told us everything!
that’s why i read your blog and i think that’s why the blog has so much visiters because you spoil all the details we want to know.
And now nothing……………
Why?? les mills told you so or is there a nother reason?

Thanks Raina, that sounds promising.
We all like a bit of inspiration, don’t we?
Hope you are feeling better…:)

Andy – I know – I do apologise and I wish I could tell you more but it’s kinda outta my hands. I did have a full update written and I’ve had to pull it (just for now…)

What a shame there were no pics allowed. Oh well, sounds like you had an amazing time, I am so, so jealous!

Looking forward to your updates on 41 (tease!!) I’m sure it will be worth the wait!!

Hello Glen … this blog is wonderful, always bringing new products since the BC40 arrives in Brazil which comes only months … imagine that there was already shot the 41!
You know how I can get the movies of BC40, BP70?

Andy – I understand that you’re eager to know about the releases; and Glen has been a very generous blogger in sharing a lot of information with everyone. Though with the nature of GFX, Les Mills is naturally being very protective over what info is being released about the filmings, so much that noone was even allowed to bring a camera into the filming studio this time around.

I’m having to be even more careful than normal about what I’m writing on my blog as well, and I’m sure that Glen is doing the same thing.

You’ll all see the choreography in due course 🙂

Thanks for the updates Glen… all I’ve heard about BC41 is that the ESK makes a comeback. – but that hasn’t been verified
We launch all the new releases this Saturday. at the moment I plan to do BC40 at 9am, Attack at 11am, Pump at 12pm and the wife wants to do Jam at 1pm – plus my band is playing Saturday night.
Sunday might be ‘Body Rest’ day *L*

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