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BODYCOMBAT and fat loss – PART II

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken exactly a month apart following diet below with BODYCOMBAT

Ever since I published this post detailing the results of my diet and loads of BODYCOMBAT I’ve had a tonne of messages asking me exactly what my diet entailed. (Almost all of these were via facebook so if you are on the site and you haven’t already please add me as a friend).

Before I begin let me say I’m the kinda person that doesn’t really do things by halves. So when I decided to drop my bodyfat the programme I set out on was fairly hardcore. In fact if you’re looking for an exciting, interesting nutrition plan that keeps you satisfied you’re probably not going to find it here! I’d also like to say that the programme I followed is  not one I’d recommend anyone follow long term. It was a targeted short term solution that I set out to follow for 4-6 weeks with the specific goal of getting my bodyfat down to single digits in the quickest possible time. My other goal was to maintain energy levels so I wasn’t collapsing on stage when teaching! And it worked, I dropped over 11 lbs in 4 weeks… but – this diet definitely aint for everyone that’s for sure! So, what did I do?

Effectively I ate the same thing every day (told you it wasn’t exciting!)

  • Breakfast: 4 egg omelet with mushrooms, spring onion, tomato and cheese (yes cheese! More on that below)
  • Lunch: One – two skinless/boneless chicken breasts (grilled with various spices) with a lot of broccoli
  • Dinner: Chicken (or a lean red meat) with a tonne of salad (lettuce, tomato etc) and low carb balsamic vinigrette
  • Snacks: Low carb protein shakes or bars (up to two a day as required)

Okay, so – the first thing you’ll probably notice is the distinct lack of carbohydrates. Yes, this is effectively a very low carb (or ketogenic) diet. Although there’s a lot of debate about low carb diets I’ve tried almost everything and (for me personally) they are definitely the best way to lean up quickly. Without being bogged down in the science of it all when you eat very low carb on or around day 3 of your diet your body goes into a state called ketosis whereby it burns ketones as its primary energy source. And the best news is ketones are produced exclusively via the metabolism of fat.

What this means is that once you’re in a ketogenic state you literally give your body no option but to burn fat as its primary fuel. It works, and it works well – especially when combined with effectively exercise!

While on the subject of exercise I’m sure some of you would be concerned about having low energy due to a low carb intake. The thing is, yes, on day 2 and 3 you do feel tired, and your energy levels do suffer. However, once your body goes into ketosis your energy levels return to normal – in fact some people actually find they have more energy on a low carb diet. If you are wondering if your body is in a ketogenic state you can test for it using ketostix (they’re cheap as chips and available at almost any pharmacy or drug store).

There’s loads on the net about low carb diets, probably the best known is the Atkins Diet – however unlike the Atkins diet the diet plan above is not high fat. It’s all the fat (saturated especially) that gave the Atkins diet a bad wrap, and because we’re all doing this to look and feel healthy high fat is not the way to go. However… because your body is in a fat burning state some fat is okay (hence the cheese in my omelet!) – the trick is not to eat more than 20 grams of carbs per day (if you can’t be bothered counting carbs then just don’t eat any!)

So there you have it. I never said it was exciting – and I’m sure it’s not for most people but lemme tell you it works!

On a lighter note the GFX is coming up exactly two weeks so I’ll have loads to report including the latest on BODYCOMBAT 41, and BODYPUMP 71 (as well as more on BC40 and BP70). Any questions or comments just fire away! 🙂

26 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT and fat loss – PART II"

Ketosis can also occur from the body using protein as a fuel source as well.

As much as i’d love to get my body that ripped, there’s also the downside of actually having to give up all the wonderful food 😦

One day i might get my diet controlled and actually stick to something more stringent… day…..maybe……

That is definitely the downside!! Only temporary though.

I’ve not read of ketones being produced via the burning of proteins – in fact I’m not actually sure how that would work on a chemical level…

Hey you coming to GFX??

Finally, your abs line clearly than last month. Congratulation!
It’s that really just do GX only, not any weight training involved?

I’ve tried the program called Healthpointe 2.0 it’s similar to Atkins diet. Each day you have to keep your carbs intake under 100g for 4 weeks and it works for me. I’ve dropped 5kg and lose 4% of body fat percentage.

Hi Glen…
Didn’t the diet work a treat…
Sounds kinda similar to the non-exciting diet we’ve mostly got ourselves into…
Mainly ’cause Wendi was a bodybuilder, and kinda got used to it and is “very” fussy.
But also because it’s easy, and when you’re on the go, it’s simple and straight forward just to throw together.

But, I do make up for it. The weekends are a great to mix it up a bit with something a little more exciting.

Helps keep the fitness up, along with the energy levels.

Would’ve been great to be able to come along to GFX09, but can’t make it this time… We’ve now got an old late Victorian house, just screaming for attention… and money.
Have a great time, and def looking forward to the updates on 41…


break down of amino acids results in ketone production as well. Actually something i remember from a Biochemisty class, I must have been awake for that class.

Looking forward to GFX, will miss out on the BP filming as i fly into Akl that morning. Will have to catch up with you during the weekend though.

Check out for Venum shorts. I bought the green ones and just now bought the silver ones.

Too hard core for me G

Oi vey, talk about hardcore. Must take serious willpower to keep it up. I can vouch for the low-carb thing too, but heck I don’t think I could keep up with it for up to 6 weeks LOL I’d die! Great work though…..!

Well I’m heading out the door to get me some chicken, brocoli and ketostiks, but not before I get a friday night pump class in 😉

It is awesome. I would love to have the shape of your first photo.
Help !!!!!!

Awesome… please help I would loved to be as in the left picture!!!!

Hi Glen,,, thanks for the info,, but i have a question?!….

you said that you do ate the same thing every day,,, but when you go out for a dinner?! or a party?! or somewhere where you can’t eat the planned meal?! is there some alternative?! or do i have to stick to the plan?!…

take care man,,,

that’s my problem – CARBS… I love them too much… (he says after eating a smoked chicken cranberry & brie pizza for dinner! *L*)

Seriously though – did you have shares in a chicken farm?? 4 eggs a day = a dozen eggs every 3 days….

not as impresses as I was with 69……………………. pump that is

Hey Juan

When eating out it can be tricky but normally there’s something on the menu that’ll do the trick. Chicken salads, steak and salad (hold the fries and potatoes! – and also be aware that most salad dressings need to be avoided too).

One thing I normally do is take one day off a week to go off the diet. However to get the results above I didn’t do that – I stayed the course entire time.

Obviously when you eat out some allmowances need to be made- but we’re not robots so if you’re gonna have a night off put the guilt to the side and just do it. It won’t kill ya and normally you wake up the next day even more motivated to get back on the horse! 🙂

How about the fat fast from atkins?

ques! how often do u teach a week? i only get to go for class only during the weekends… wondering how should i plan my time for gym if i wanna give ur diet programme a shot! thanks~!

Hi Carmen,

I teach or particpate in a class every day except Friday (my day off). Tuesdays I teach 2 classes – so 7 per week at the moment (sometimes more if I cover other instructors)

Hope this helps!

[…] Ever since my “BODYCOMBAT and fat loss” series (part one and part two) I’ve had a lot of questions as to what my exact training programme entails. Most are very […]

Hey! I really want to try the challenge of your diet! I have a question dough in the mornings you mention 4 eggs are you talking about egg whites or just the whole thing?
Wish me luck I will start now!
You’re a great inspiration!! Even in Mexico!!!

Hi rebeca, yes I eat the whole egg. Egg whites work too though! Good luck! 🙂

Hello Glen

I started 3 days ago with this diet. Admittedly I didn’t instantly switch and continued eating fruits, which I still had. Now that they’re gone I will stick to this diet for at least 4 weeks.

I’m actually writing this because I wanted to thank you for the inspiration and information.

(from Germany)

Awesome work Andre! Let me know how you go!

I’m gonna give this a try for at least the next week. I got some serious weight to lose and the BC51 launch only highlighted this.

And, if I like the results after a week, I may try it for another week. 🙂

Good luck brother! It aint the easiest plan in the world but it works!

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