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New release posters

Posted on: April 7, 2009


Hernan in the latest BC poster

Hey guys;

I’ve added the new batch of posters to the various sizzlers below – unlike the last batch as far as I can tell these aren’t old recycled images – they’re all new!

The ribbon effect definitely works for the likes of Balance and Vive, not sure if it really works that well for Attack, and you’d think it definitely wouldn’t work for Combat but Hernan looks so fricken cool I think it does! He looks awesome!

Take a look and let me know… Whaddya think??


5 Responses to "New release posters"

I love the idea, and on most of the posters I think they look great – with the exception of Step (is that Georgina Clark on the cover? I freaking love her!) and Attack (Grant Goes! Love him too, would be awesome if he presented on a Combat DVD). And Jam looks a bit weird too.

However, I now expect to have luscious blue ribbons fluttering around me every time I do RPM. I EXPECT IT!!! 😀

Also, I don’t know if anyone can confirm this – though most of the people featured in the posters present on the DVD for that release? Hernan presents in Combat, Grant in Attack, Cathy in Vive, etc… though I’m not sure who they’ve got on the BJ49 DVD since the presenting team is all male? Just a little thing that I noticed, it’s no big deal 😀

Yeah, that looks excellent. I don’t have too good comments for the bodypump 69 poster, so this is much better!

Combat, Vive, RPM and Balance look awesome! Jam also looks quite good, but Step, Attack and Pump are all a bit iffy. I think Step could look awesome if the ribbon came around from Georgina’s abdomen instead of her shin. But all in all, they look fantastic. An awesome idea!

Love Love LOVE the ribbon effect!

I really did laugh out loud when I saw RPM tho – I just imagine the ribbon getting caught in the spokes… #FAIL

I’m really looking forward to BODYSTEP 76 – Put a ring on it is gonna be such a great party step 🙂

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