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Blog tops 100,000 visitors

Posted on: February 18, 2009


100,000+ and counting!

Hi guys, well today officially marks the day this blog hit 100,000 visitors in just a few short months. Just goes to show how much interest there is in the Les Mills programmes – it’s awesome! Seems like a few days ago I was saying we hit 50,000! (well actually it was about a month ago but who’s counting – oh yeah – it seems that would be me…) Thanks for your support – I’ll be sure to keep as much info coming as I can.

On that note I’ve got a really busy couple weeks coming up so they’ll be a lot to report on. Have workshop this weekend so I’ll be able to give my full appraisal of BODYCOMBAT 39 and BODYPUMP 69 – received both DVDs a couple days ago and I’m especially excited about Pump – the release looks awesome! (and if you look closely you can see me in the Combat DVD so yay!… though I admit you do have to look really closely!) I’ll be sure to take pics at the quarterly as well.

Following that we’ll have the local releases at gyms here, possibly not all that exciting for you guys but a lot of fun for me haha. And then in mid March I’m off to the BODYPUMP Module – really looking forward to that! In the midst of all this I’ll be teaching about 11 Combat classes per week at 3 gyms on top of a full time job so there goes my life! Ah, who needs a life when you’ve got Group Fitness right?? 😉

5 Responses to "Blog tops 100,000 visitors"

Ah, who needs a life when you’ve got Group Fitness right??

Damn straight! 😀

Congrats on the 100,000! That’s AMAZING! 😀

Yep! My day today is wake up, combat, work, combat, sleep!

Life schmife I say! 😉

Ah, who needs a life when you’ve got Group Fitness right?? *LOL* this is too true….. actually my wife got annoyed at me the other night because I was spending too much time on the site!!
100,000 – that’s pretty cool 🙂

Awesome site! I am sure you will be at 200 000 in no time!!
Ahhhhh, Body Combat, the stress release, the adrenalin, I’m so addicted! Considering doing the Les Mills training but you super fit Combat super heroes bring out my inferiority complex! LOL!

[…] Well seems like only last week I wrote this post about the blog hitting 100,000 visitors (in reality it was 2 months ago) – and yesterday without […]

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