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Posted on: February 3, 2009

Right, before I begin let me start by saying I had a fricken fantastic night. I really enjoyed this class – now, slight disclaimer here: This may be because I am probably in the best place personally I’ve ever been in my life and I’m so deliriously happy that it would probably be impossible for me not to have had fun. So – I’ll try and write about the release objectively – but bear in mind I may have slightly rose tinted glasses on! Review follows:

What a night! Finally got home last night about half midnight (the filmings were all running late) so I’m pretty shattered today – but I promised you guys an update and some pics so here ya go (by the way – I tend to upload more pics and get them up slightly faster to facebook so if you’re not on join and add me as friend)

We were never actually specifically told what the official “theme” for this release was – but since this is the 10th birthday of BODYCOMBAT it’s a fairly safe bet that that is the theme. There was a heavy push on the international flavour of BC so perhaps that was it… regardless it was obvious from the start that this release was all about one big combat party! Presenters were D&R, Hernan and Tanya Walker from the UK (she looked fricken AMAZING!!!! Her abs were literally the star of the show! – see pics)

Okay, so important stuff first: Overall I really enjoyed this release – a lot more than BODYCOMBAT 39 actually. It’s complexity is a little higher than 39 (well, that wouldn’t be hard at all!), but again we have no evasive side kicks, no jump knees and no gingas. The esquiva is back – and unusually it’s in track 4 (which means all you esquiva fans could do two esquiva tracks per class when you start mixing if you really wanted too! – let me say you won’t see that happening in my classes – ouch!). Track 4 sees the jump kick as well – it’s a pretty cool esquiva – lunge – knee (or was it a outer knee block?) – jump kick combo which was hard but no where near as hard as the lunge kick combo from No Good in BC38.

Okay so music wise (and yay I’ve done A LOT better job at remembering the tracks from last night than I did at the 39 filming – again that wouldn’t be hard I only remembered 2 after that one!) – let’s see (I’ll link to these on youtube a bit later right now I wanna get this thing published before I have to race off and teach another class in half an hour…)

Bear in mind these are from memory so I may be wrong but at this stage this is what I can remember right off the bat (note this has been updated since and is current to March 30 2009) :

1a. Layla (Caribbean Mix) – DJ U Hey vs DJ Minagawa
1b: Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
2. I Know Kung Fu – Shitdisco
3. Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix) – Rezonance-Q
4a. –
4b. Tubthumping – Chumbawamba
5. Tutti Frutti – Little Richard
6. Burn It To The Ground – Nickelback
7. Speed –
8: Set you free (Hixxy Remix) – N-trance
9: Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf
10. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

Hey I didn’t do too badly!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t recall track 2 (yay got track 2 now thanks to Raina’s help!), 3 or 6 at this stage – can anyone help?? Again thanks to Raina’s fantastic memory we can recall that track 3 had the words โ€˜You can be my sweet heartโ€™ – Tanya said Hernan thought it was ‘You can be my sweetcorn’ – and to be fair it did sound like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

Highlight for me was track 6 (and that’s odd because track 6 is usually one of my least favs).ย  Track 5 was great too – TONNES of performance opportunities with the Tutti Fruittiย  “a-whap-bap-ba-loo-bap a-whap-bam-boo!” (with everyone in the room throwing their arms up on the “WHOOOO!”) – felt a little like BODYATTACK but heck that’s forgivable in a track 5. It had loads of jump jabs going forward and shuffling back.ย  As I mentioned above track 4 is a rock track with an esquivas/lunge/jump kick combo on the right hand side, which then goes into tubthumping in the middle – before going back into the rock track for the esquiva combo on the left (think a la We Will Survive from BC37).

The Muay Thai was probably the only track that perhaps was a little disappointing, the song was good (“Speed” – no idea who it was by but could be Nick Skitz or similar) but the chorry/music simply did not hold a candle to BC39’s muay thai. It was literally just knees and descending elbows (addition – there were some streetbrawler downward punches in there too actually now I think about it). I found it one of the easiest Muay Thais I’ve done (if not THE easiest). Track 8 was a blast (in fact I’d have to say out of the last 5 or 6 releases the only track 8 I haven’t liked is Good to me – they are always a climatic end to the workout)!

No crunches in the conditioning track again (weird two releases in a row) but again we have the hover and a new move the “komodo dragon” (think press up position bringing your knee to elbow). Cool down was beautiful (love the song “Use Somebody”) and has a lovely soft kata to lower the heartrate. Fantastic end to the workout.

Tracks 2 and 3 have completely slipped my mind at this stage (which probably means they weren’t bad nor fantastic) – I recall thinking they were both solid tracks.

As for my theories? Well, they were all waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off base! There was no gingas at all (let alone a change in technique!), no switch roundhouses and no circuit track addition. But, let me qualify that by saying I did say we could expect those changes at release 40 or 41 – so luckily I have bought myself 3 more months before I’m eating my own words ๐Ÿ˜‰

The filming itself (although running late) went without a hitch. They had a cool overhead camera present that swept across the heads of all the participants and will look awesome on the DVD itself. The only, ahem, “hiccup” came during the conditioning when the track had to be restarted from the top…ย  ouch! You may or may not see in the DVD (depending on how cunning the editing is) Rach actually stopping early – but bear in mind they’d literally done the track twice so you can hardly blame her! Tanya took this track and powered through – it’s just testimony to what a fantastic job she did – in my mind she really stole the show!

Overall, a great release. Nothing new (save the “komodo dragon” I guess), nothing revolutionary but a decent workout and not totally basic chorry as was the case with 39. IMO the release is definitely not as hard as 38 nor 37 for example – no killer kick katas with 200 or more kicks but I think a solid release.ย  I’ll add more to this as it occurs to me – look forward to your comments! Pics follow!

Me, PJ and Raina

Me, PJ and Raina




Check out the abs!

Check out the abs!


38 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 40 DVD filming"

Great review! I’m so jealous of two of my friends from one of the gyms who were there – you can see one of them in that group picture, she stands to the left of the big guy in the black top, to the right of the middle. ;P

Restart cause she did too many on her toes?? What???

I know track 3, but out of respect for Les Mills I won’t tell you. If you don’t find it, I’ll reveal it sometime after BC39 is released. Oh, and I do believe your track 1a is wrong – but I’m not sure, but I think it’s wrong. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for the review!

Hmmm good point I don’t of course know for certain it was Danzel but I am pretty sure it was Put your hands up in the air…

Yeah I think the chorry called for knees first but she was obviously too darn hardcore ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m pretty sure that track 1a was ‘Put your hands up in the air’ as well. There was one track in there with the lyrics ‘You can be my sweet heart’ in there either (or ‘You can be my sweetcorn’ as Hernan puts it, HAAA!)

I’m glad that you thought the Muay Thai wasn’t all that flash, far too many descending elbows and not much else – I was wondering whether it was just me that thought that. Just as well there’s a super awesome track directly after to let loose with ๐Ÿ˜€

The painful mistakes are in Bodypump, having to repeat tracks in that class is just nasty. I remember the first GFX, i think we had to restart the bicep track 3 times, but at least the mistakes were at the start of that track.

Komodo dragon sounds a lot like some moves they’ve done in Attack and Step a couple years ago.

gggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i’m jealous!!! i should move to NZ…

Glen! This is the mix of Set You Free that they used, yes?

I just realized.

If p3 is really “Set You Free”, then it would be the same song but different mix as p1 in BC20.

Thank u mate for the review on bc40…looking forward for the fully track list ๐Ÿ™‚

Whoa, really nice review! Thanks, Glen ๐Ÿ™‚

Glen, did the lyrics of track 2 have “I know Kung Fu” repeated quite often? (heheh, as I’m writing my own filming post, it’s all coming back to me!)

You’re welcome guys!

Raina that sounds about right to me! Have updated the link – thanks for that!

Aric it definitely is Set you Free so yes you are correct. Odd that they’d reuse the same track (albeit a different mix)

Raina – yeah you’re right!!!

Hmmm – ???

AHHHHHHHH that’s the one, Glen! Though man, they must have gotten a real clean version to use for the release, I ROFL’ed at “I try to hide my erection” in the lyrics

Nice work!

That was the track 2 I’d be guessing. We rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think that means the ‘You can be my sweetheart/sweetcorn” one is track 3, and then that leaves track 6 (which has been driving me bonkers, since I remember the guitar loop but no lyrics – if only Google and YouTube had voice recognition speech engines *headdesk*)

Once again great minds think alike! That’s exactly as I just finished writing it above. I did have a moment of recollection for track 6 in the shower this morning but as quickly as it came – it went!

I loved that track as well so hopefully it comes back to us! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for your help!

Hey Glen,
They eased up on track 9… initially the elbow to knee thing co-incided with a pushup… now that was fricken hard!!!

It was kinda like Thank God they made it a little easier, esp after restarting track 9 for the filming… by late monday night my chest/shoulders were spent and had nothing left in the tank.

Needless to say,
What a fantastic night eh!
(The Pizza and Beer went down a treat!)

track 6
Karate is back!
Down block-mid block, elvolving to a front kick in there somewhere too.

does it then travel fwd down block mid block, travel back, back kick front knee.

Then the double jab back-kick…
then continous jab-back kick.

The cockey cockney swagger forward with a front hook, rear knee.
with the knee elvolving to a kick…
Quite a brilliant track!

almost thought I heard Dan reving up his engine again!

Hey Ray

Yep was an awesome night! I didn’t partake of the pizza/beer – decided I better leave before I was tempted! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I agree track 6 rocked – really enjoyed that… just wish I could remember the bloody track name! Oh well, I’m sure it’ll pop into one of our heads at some stage!


Hey Glen – I’ve written up my post about the filming; quite different to yours since I’m throttled as far as choreo/content goes, but I hope I captured the essence of the filming with what I wrote ๐Ÿ˜€

The komodo dragon move sounds a bit like what is done in BC18 (Tatu – Not going to get us)…

Free beer & Pizza?!?! Hell I’ll fly up from Christchurch for that!! *LOL* Hope you got some sleep the next day….
Our instructors have been ‘previewing’ some tracks from BC39 – I can’t wait to do the whole release next Saturday…
At the last new release they had some ‘protien’ type chocolate bars as free samples, but no pizza or beer – still it was 9am in the morning!

I clicked on the link for track 8 and 3 words came to mind – AAARRRGGGHHHH Body Attack!!!!!
that is my one gripe with Les Mills – using the same song in different programs, even if it is a remixed version it’s still the same song – do LM think that people only ever do 1 program??

Oh well that’s my rant for the day *L* Time for me to have a cup of tea and a lie down…

we haven’t even released
BC 38 here in mexico LOL
& u r already going on 40!

our release date is on feb 10..
just sucks to wait
knowing there’s a lot more ๐Ÿ˜›

lovee BC!
been doing it for 3 years now
& i’m soon gonna be an
instructor too (hope so)
nerve craking!!! grrrr…

good luck!
hope you can get the hole
track list ๐Ÿ˜‰

Heya Nick from Christchurch,
Faron from Christchurch did fly up esp for the filming…
He’s an ex Welli LM (terrace) instructor.
Kinda think he’ll prlly be up for it again!

Ended up doing Mark Sinclairs class in the morning before racing off to the a/p to come back to syd. Was absolutely shagged for the class Wen and I taught when I got back in. That might’ve had something to do with the champer’s the flighties kept trying to feed me though.

Gotta agree about the sharing of tracks amongst the programs, hard enough when they re-use tracks between diff releases of the same program… It makes a talking point though *grin*

Man Tanya looks awesome in the release outfit…

Well done, great review Glen, am soooo jealous!!! The fotos are fabulous, what about Tanya though, she is solid, and all those press ups, serves her right having to restart haha!!!

Thanks for continued updates, luv reading your blog!!


WOW. I cannot believe how much I love this tracklist.

hey hey hey!
track1a in not “Put your hands up in the air” but “Layla”!!

When they are shooting for a movie.
Don’t take a picture. Move! Move! Move!

Hi Lein

Hmmm… odd. Andreas said the same thing (that track 1a was wrong) but I’m pretty sure it was put your hands up in the air…. And Layla is so completely different I’m not sure how I could make that mistake!

Are you sure?

[…] esquiva in this release before we have it again in BODYCOMBAT 40 (if you didn’t know that you read about it here). My first impressions of this track stand. After the filming I wrote: “Track 6 (So What by […]

Layla(Caribbean Mix)

check my blog.

Hi Dan

Thanks for the info – I’ve popped you through an email so gimme a bell when you get a chance. Thanks!

Back in London after a trip to Australia and NZ and yeah, I snuck in a few classes at Les Mills city.

Just looking at the pics makes me miss the place – did some great classes with Dan and Hernan there. I’d go back in a second if I could……

Thanks for that review! Can’t wait for this release ๐Ÿ™‚ Took me a while to work out that ‘chorry’ was choreography! LOL

Wah…that’s amazing.
That’s seems just last day released the 39.
So quick…. My brain must work hard to memories that again…
But welcome BC 40 !!!!!!!!!

You rock!

Thanks for the awsome pictures.

Love them!

[…] here as well (there are more on fb too). For this BODYCOMBAT 40 release we followed the example set at the filming and went with the martial arts gi. Although I’ve achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and […]

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