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BODYCOMBAT 40 filming – this Monday

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Hey guys! Just a brief update, the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming is this coming Monday (Feb 2) at 8pm at LM Auckland city (where else!). As I’ve already discussed it’s Combat’s 10th birthday so I expect to see a few changes in format, but I guess we’ll find out in a few days!

Funny thing is (as you’ll see from the invite below) is that after the class they’re offering free pizza and beer (hmm thanks guys – but no thanks…)

As you may or may not know I live about 2 hours south of Auckland, so it’ll be a pretty late night for me – especially considering I’m teaching a class at 6am the next morning! Nevermind, no doubt I’ll be in post BODYCOMBAT-filming bliss and not be able to sleep anyway! I’ll post a full report and pics here on the Tuesday so stay tuned, and if you’re in Auckland and you see me do come say hi!!

BODYCOMBAT 40 filming invite

BODYCOMBAT 40 filming invite

9 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 40 filming – this Monday"

Yay so glad you’re coming!

Mind you, you’ve probably already done this release with D&R I’ll bet!?

I haven’t done all of it yet, but I’m going to check out the full release today 🙂

Haha now you’re just showing off! Be interested in your feedback, and remember “low options” when you’re injured babe. x

I’m curious for the new BC 40. I hope and I expect a very good release for the 10th birthday of BodyCombat. I’m looking forward to read your remarks and see the pictures. Good Luck

I’ll be very curious as to what ‘new’ things (if any) they come up with in BC40…
Please do tell – I’ll promise I’ll keep it a secret *LOL*

here’s a tip Glen – after the filming just get in the car and drive 2hrs to your gym and park outside the front blocking the entrance (if possible).
Put the seat down and get a few hours rest – then the person coming in to open the gym in the morning will have to get you to move the car to open the gym – thus waking you up, and you will still be in combat gear from the night before, so no need to get changed! *L*

Hey Glen how did it go?

Pics and feeback asap


Hey Laurie – I’ve posted pics and a review up now – enjoy! 🙂

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