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BODYCOMBAT 39 tracklist

Posted on: January 13, 2009



Hey guys, well here we have it! The tracks that look to make up BODY COMBAT 39.

Some of the tracks are not a surprise at all (So What as a track 6 was a given obviously!) – Rogue Traders as lower body warmup – we’ve been there recently, as with Nick Skitz for the Muay Thai.

Anyway, enough from me – here’s the list (and all the youtube links I could find – note that the exact mixes of each track itself used in the actual release may differ from the mix but you’ll get the idea). Let me know your thoughts… Enjoy!!!

BODY COMBAT 39 track listing

01a. The One & Only (Topmodelz Radio Cut) – Mario Lopez
01b. Calling All Lovers – Rogue Traders
02. Cum On Feel The Noise – Group X
03. Come With Me (Unique Mix) – Styles & Breeze
04. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) – Scooter vs. Status Quo
05. Johnny B. Goode – The Undertow
06. So What – Pink
07. Hardcore Angel – Nick Skitz
08. Cry For You (Weaver Remix) – September
09. I Won’t Be Crying – Infernal
10. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Meat Loaf feat. Marion Raven

Special thanks to Andreas & Raina for their help! 🙂

27 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 39 tracklist"

I believe that Track 2 was ‘Calling all Lovers’ by the Rogue Traders

Wicked thanks babe! Have updated 🙂

[my bad, it’s track 1b that’s Calling All Lovers, not track 2]

Haha – that does make more sense!! 🙂

Thanks for the update

1b sounds quite good. 😀

Cant believe cheesey Chesney Hawkes has made it into Combat as the upper body warm up OMG whats that all about, lol. Loving some of the other tracks though, esp T4 Scooooooooooooooooter

Oh No!!! – not Meat Loaf…. lucky it’s only the cool down… I couldn’t imagine a Meat Loaf Muay Thai track *LOL*

How could you not find this? lol

I’ve uploaded their whole both albums there! 😀

Nice work! Thanks for that mate, I did search for Cum on feel the noize but quite clearly I’m blind as a bat! 😉

Hmmm as for the song itself… Yeah not too sure about that though haha!

Thanks Glen!!! This will be a great mix, i love de music selection…

I can`t wait…Combat is my addiction!!!

Big Kiss from Buenos Aires, Argentina

You’re very very welcome! The only tracks I’m not too fussed on at the moment are tracks 2 and 5 – but hopefully once I’ve learnt the chorry they’ll grow on me (that’s usually the way!)

so u r not doing rpm, aye?

Ooh cannot wait for this to hit my gym in Jakarta!!!

Hi Glen,

Nice songs. I like September and Infernal. As I told Pink and Nick Skitz are always in. I´v got poisoning from Pink.They get good money for that I think.
Regards from Estonia

yeah – we did Tracks 1 – 4 from BC39 last night… I liked T2 & 4, but didn’t think much of the warmup music….
we launch BC39 on Feb 14 (Valentines day) 9am!

track 6!!!!
I can see me going already :p can’t wait to give it all!

lol.. everyone talking
about the tracks
& here in mexico we haven’t
even launched
hate that we’re so behind!!

hopee i’ll do it soon
u should put some videos
give some headups 😉

patti ((:

[…] so here ya go – the complete list for the latest batch of releases (use the following links for BODYCOMBAT 39 and BODYPUMP 69 – all other programmes […]

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW!!!!! Awesome!!! thank you!! i really wanted 39 tacklist!!!
I cant wait to do it!

BC39 launching in Malaysia’s California Fitness this week!

Hi greetings from sweden, this monday i trained the BC 39..really good..nice kicks, the jumpkicks is them. and some nice stretchsong and awsome kata-moves. Keep up the spirit…Bodycombat for live..

I found Body Combat 39 – The Undertow – Johnny B Goode for your playlist: url

I’m totally addicted to BC !
I really love it ! It’s cool to know that so many people love it too.
Just posted to say hi and to congratulate you all for your great taste :P*

track 7 rules…i love it and i love Body Combat

soy mas q fanatica soy instructora combat for ever¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

I miss this great release 😦

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