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I’m back! :)

Posted on: January 12, 2009

Hey guys, a bit late I know but HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is just a quick note to let you know I’m officially back from my vacation and will begin posting regularly again. Had a great break, spent Xmas with family and did the obligatory partying for New Years/my birthday… still managed to continue all my training which is great because I ate far too much! (as you do!)

Got a lot going in the coming weeks – the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming is just around the corner so will be very interesting to see if my theories there are close to the mark or not… plus the release of BODYCOMBAT 39 is just after that! And I’ve almost completed the track listing for BODYCOMBAT 39 so if you’re looking for that please check back soon!

On another note it’s great to see the blog hit 50,000 visitors today… yay! Thanks for helping make this a formidable source of BC info online. You guys rock!

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Great to have you back, Glen 🙂

Apparently D&R have started showing some of BC40 in their classes; I’m gutted that this ankle injury has come on since I’m missing out on seeing it (argh!)

Fingers crossed it’ll be right for the filming *crosses fingers*

Hey Raina!

Was actually catching up on your blog this morning… boy was I behind!!! Sorry to hear you’ve done yourself an injury… I injured my archilles last year so I know exactly what it’s like – stuffs up everything! The only remedy is rest (unfortunately)

OMG I tell you missing out on the D&R “previews” almost gives me reason to move back to Auckland – and I only left in ’07!

Can’t wait for BC40 – I expect big things! 😉

Get better soon babe!

Hi Glen,,, welcome back mr. =),

yes now we’re officially starting 2009,,, i was sick all past week but i’m feel better now and baby it’s time to get busy XD

this week i’m planning a flashback classes…

BC 18, BC 20 and BC 31
BP 53

can’t wait …

take care master!

[…] – it’s awesome! Seems like a few days ago I was saying we hit 50,000! (well actually it was about a month ago but who’s counting – oh yeah – it seems that would be me…) Thanks for your support – […]

Hi Glenn,

Have a word with the powers that be…

Can we do special releases to suit us older folks…who remember way back when? Let’s get sexy and retro with Combat!

For example, here is a suggested version titled ‘The Eighties Revisted….’

I have worked the tracks in based on the current Body Combat 39 BPM (beats per minute) and time signatures….

It’s now up to you guys to put the moves together…it will fit in with the current collection of tracks on BC39.

Tracks are as follows:

1a. Choose from Dollar – Mirror, Mirror or Depeche mode – Just Can’t Get Enough

1b. Queen – Crazy Little thing Called Love

2. Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

3. Elton John – I’m Still Standing

4. Blondie – Call Me

5. Pointer Sisters – I’m So Excited

6. Liips Inc – Funky Town or Tight Fit – Fantasy Island

7. Wham – Wake Me Up Before you Go Go

8. Aha – Take On Me

9. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall

10. Roxy Music – Avalon

Look forward to your comments.

Johnny Mac

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