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Merry Christmas Fighters!!!

Posted on: December 23, 2008

Santa doing COMBAT!!!

Santa doing COMBAT!!!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting for the last few days – spent them in Auckland doing the usual pre-Christmas thing; shopping, socialising and of course the compulsory round of combat various combat classes! Some were great, and truth be told some weren’t (I’ll dedicate my entire next post to that subject actually – let’s just say one class in particular was ummm… “interesting!”). But, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holidays wherever you may be! (Here we’re in summer so I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks on the beach relaxing… ahh bliss!)

Traditionally the ol’ calorie intake takes a hefty rise into the stratosphere for all of us this time of year, and rightly so – heck we all work our butts off so relax, enjoy time with friends and family and use the holiday period to get refreshed and renewed! On that note my posting will be a tad sporadic (or perhaps even non-existent) for the next week or two as I’m on vacation – so if I don’t get a chance to say it again as well as having an awesome Xmas please have a tremendous new years and get ready for a massive 2009 that includes BODYCOMBAT’s 10 year anniversary!! It’s gonna be HUUUUGE!!!!


4 Responses to "Merry Christmas Fighters!!!"

Merry Christmas to you too.

Be careful of what your opinion is about those classes though – It seems you’re not allowed to state your opinion anymore in this (was) free world. :O

Was lovely to meet you while you were up in Auckland! Maybe next time you’re up here I won’t be oscillating between zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and OMG I GOTTA GO TO BODYJAM!@#$@!$!@#$% and we can have a proper meetup 😀 And bring PJ along, for added zaniness! 😀

Merry Christmas!

Hi Glen,

I spent Xmas in Aucks too….. all my family are still up there… (I emmigrated south with the wife 5 yrs ago).

Everywhere we went people shoved food in front of us, so we couldn’t turn it down *L* I never want to see another Pavlova again!!

been to combat twice since Xmas and my legs are aching!! – doesn’t help that the instructors keep playing the 2 Esquiva tracks!

I did the ‘pre-xmas’ combat class with a santa hat on, and it lasted until the ab track – didn’t fall off once!

my goal for 2008 – get from 90 something kgs to low 80 kgs!

[…] Hey team! You may or may not recall at the end of December I wrote a post stating that I’d done several classes as a participant in Auckland over the holiday period – […]

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